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Swirling Currents Create Challenges, Dirty Water in Some Areas, Sailfish at Punta Mita

Written by Stan Gabruk

Every year about this time we see tourism just come to a grinding halt as we fall into the gap between spring and summer.  I guess it´s for the best as we move into high season for fishing to be slow in May for tourism and fishing as well. May is still early for Dorado, yet they are coming in but on the small side. As is normal at this time of the year swirling currents can bring in fish or it can chase them away. What does this mean, find warm currents if you can, but there are still cold water fish in the area of Cabo Corrientes like Jack Crevalls. With these currents we´re seeing some dirty water swirling in the bay as well. So once more your chances of running into dirty water at the fishing grounds is more likely than not. But fear not, there is still good fishing out there,  you´ll just have to target the location and roll the dice.

Bulls like this can be found at El Banco

This week inside the bay we´re seeing Skippies or Football Yellowfin Tuna in front of Yelapa out to the point of Cabo Corrientes. Pompano are also schooling in this area as well and will hit a Rapalla, Popper or even a feather. Jack Crevalls are still in the cooler water swirls and running fair size of about 25lbs., but to be frank I am surprised they are still in the bay. For now keep your ears open, bay fishing will gradually improve as the days march on. One indicator is when Needle Fish move in, they don´t like cold water and when we see them move into the bay, you´ll know the water has warmed up and then the possibilities in the bay will increase.

At the Marietta Islands this week is much the same as last week. Dirty water has been in the area all of the week, but each day is different. You will still find baby Dorado, Rooster fish, Snappers,  Skip Jack Tuna, Sailfish and the list goes on. It seems like the points are of the Marietta Islands and Punta Mita are the dividing line where the clean water meets the dirty café colored waters. Keep in the clean and you´ll do fine!

El Banco and Corbeteña are seeing Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Cubera Snappers to 65 lbs, Dorado, Rainbow Runners, smaller Yellowfin Tuna to 60lbs. Blue Marlin Sightings are kinda sparse, but it looks like they are trickling in. June should bring a wave of Black and Blue Marlin if things go according as ¨normal¨ can be when it comes to fishing. All and all not many folks heading out this way since Punta Mita is doing very well and it´s closer. With fuel prices distance becomes an issue for everyone.

Those heading towards the Tres Maria Islands have been  disjointed as late with less than favorable conditions and fishing. Straight up those spending the time and heavy fuel expense for now are mostly coming in empty handed. Make sure you hear some news before heading out to this distant location. Let a fanatic on vacation be your guide with his experience or lack of experience.

Punta Mita and the area north are still your best bet for hitting decent sized game fish in decent numbers. Of course there is clean water here so of course this is a logical alternative to the Marietta Islands where it could be ¨iffy¨ at best.  Andelé, our 34 ft Luhrs Convertible came in from this area with 20 boating’s of Dorado (most, especially the females were released). If you can find some natural debris like a log or dead whale for example there are always Dorado around it. Such was the case with Andelé where Capt. Kawie came across a barrel and it was just loaded with Dorado in the 30 to45 lb range. Large for this time of year and very welcome indeed.

Dorado for Dinner Tonight

In conclusion we have good days and we have bad days. Fishing is fishing and this time of the year is always in flux. Normally around the second week of June have what seems to be an annual ¨Streak¨ of large Marlin then things have stepped back after. So keep an eye open for news or just subscribe to my blog and get it in your inbox!

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That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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