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Strong Currents, Green Water and Passing Hurricanes  

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Black Marlin Moving In!

It’s been a real rollercoaster week at or world famous fishing grounds. We’ve seen no less than three Hurricanes in ten days. We didn’t see much “foul” weather in Puerto Vallarta per se. We did see some swells in the bay and waves on the beaches. We all know what Hurricanes do to the fishing, it pushes away. Now they can be pushed into the area or out of the area. That’s where we’re at right now. Hurricane aftermath. The water is “green” from the storms and the trash of all kinds in the water. Sounds ugly I know, just remember I’m talking about what happened the last week or so. The good news is everything changes in just a few days and we’re situated perfectly for a wonderful high season for fishing.

Corbetena was doing ok, Sailfish, Black Marlin, and Yellowfin Tuna, then the Hurricanes. Pushed fish out and with few boats heading out it’s hard to say if things have changed fishing wise. So more or less the fishing report this week is just the same all over the Bay of Banderas. So we’re going to put things a little differently this week.

As the hurricanes walked through the area, the current activity kicked up and that’s the main issue right now, strong currents have taken its toll. So Looking at Corbetena and El Banco, the furthest of our fishing grounds, well they’re still with green water and strong currents. Punta Mita has the same green water and several young trash lines, but they’re not working yet. Inside the bay is much the same with green water just flowing into the bay from the rivers. With heavy rain at times there is plenty of debris floating all around the area. When the currents settle these Trash lines and floating debris clusters will be heaven. But for now it’s not exactly the best.

If we’re going to have some down days, these past day would be the best to be down with tourism at its seasonal lows and with the Covid19 on the downhill side, things will improve quickly.  

The good news is hotels are opening from 25% to 50% ramping up to our high season which officially begins October first. Bars are open now, Movie theaters and Gyms are all open now in Jalisco. You hear a lot of “doom and gloom” on Facebook, but much of this is fear mongering and the real date is removed from Facebook because the actual local facts can’t be reported on the Facebook pages because it’s not coming from the World Health Organization (WHO). So don’t pay much attention the fear mongers. There are actually several people telling people not to come to Puerto Vallarta because they just plain don’t want people coming to Puerto Vallarta. So pay attention to what’s happening in the area, not what people’s opinions are. Just saying.

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We’re still seeing some rain three days after the last Hurricane past so we are still having tropical disturbances but this is more in line with normal. So while there isn’t much to report, the fishing grounds haven’t changed. The fish will be back in a few days and as we move into fishing’s high season we will soon be seeing world class fishing return to PV quickly.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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