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Striped Marlin Numbers Increas, Spinners and Football Tuna

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Jack Crevalls caught on Buddy our 26 ft super panga...
Jack Crevalls caught on Buddy our 26 ft super panga…

Before we get to the fishing report this week, many have been asking me why the fishing reports have been lacking, not posted.   Well the reports have been cookie cutter reports and frankly it´s kinda boring writing about nothing. But after three weeks of no report i was contacted and made to understand that there are those addicted to my writing, for some reason…. ha ha. We will always make sure you have accurate information, even if it´s kinda dated. For now we´re seeing some slight changes. As we begin to move into spring we´re looking at what´s shaping up with increases in water temperatures, four degrees this week which is significant. Because of this increase and the sun being higher in out tropical sky daily we´re on the verge of summer. We never really transitioned into winter fishing with Sierra Mackerals, Needle fish and abundant Snappers this year. We´ve seen Jack Crevalls hang around in warmer waters as is not what I´m used to seeing. Sailfish have been in the bay year round, used to be a complete oddity. We always have a weird transition after an El Nino or La Nina year. For now we should shift nicely into summer waters as it already is starting to warm up a bit. So on to the report….

Snook or Robalo in Spanih around the rivers mouths, shoreline and structure...
Snook or Robalo in Spanih around the rivers mouths, shoreline and structure…

I have to say, this last winter has been a strange season. Now you can point a finger in several different directions, blame global warming, Long Liners, Over Fishing and the list continues. What the deal ¨is¨ I haven´t a clue, but I do know this we´re starting to see some small changes that hopefully will turn into big changes. The bottom line is after an El Nino year it takes it takes time for currents and water temperatures to settle down, things don´t just snap back. We may lag a little coming into spring fishing but water temps are inching up a bit and except for Skippies, we have plenty of bait in the area. There is still plenty of action to be had in the bay and for those looking for a Striped Marlin, well it´s possible if not likely.

Sea Bass !!
Sea Bass !!

For the last four weeks you could pretty much copy and paste the conditions at Corbeteña and El Banco. The good news is water temperatures in this area are up slightly from 68 degrees to 72 degrees. Now that could be the sun higher in the sky as spring is in the air. But more likely it s a hint of warmer currents. I would say Corbeteña is not a great options, even Cubera Snappers, a stable are not taking baits at all. But if you head out past Punta Mita on a heading of 290 to 320 head out about ten miles and look for Striped Marlin, that´s right, Striped Marlin. There is also massive amounts of smaller Squids of 3 to 5 inches. We´re also seeing Spinner Dolphin with Football Tuna, very spotty, but there you are. A little secret, there are no Skip Jack Tuna or Skippies in this area. If you make bait, Skippie bait, then your chances increase by a factor of three. Feeling lucky?

In the area of El Morro / Punta Mita / Marietta Islands are once again on par as for the last few weeks. We´re still seeing Pompano averaging 20 lbs, Jack Crevalls are everywhere, but they´re full of eggs. They´ve been finicky and will only ¨bite¨ when the Sardines are up in bait balls. Good thing we have super abundant Sardine Bait balls. The Sardines are in the 3 inch size and birds are having a field day. Find the birds, find fish, that easy. Bonito in the 12 inch variety make great bait. I´ve heard of some Amber Jacks being boated in the 30 lb range. Wahoo could be in the area of El Morro and I´m still super surprised we don´t have Rooster fish in the area, strange for sure.

We are the ony real fishing company now in Puerto Vallarta, soon we´ll be back in our branded Master Baiter´s Tackle
We are the ony real fishing company now in Puerto Vallarta, soon we´ll be back in our branded Master Baiter´s Tackle

Inside the bay, you once again can cut and paste last weeks report, it´s just stagnant conditions. Sailfish are still around Los Arcos, boated four this week. Dorado are possible, one boated, many sightings. Bonito to 30 lbs, Jack Crevalls everywhere and they´re in the 40 inch length sizes. Sea Bass are still in the area around the Rivers and shoreline with structure. Some Football tuna possible around Yelapa and a host of others like Sierra Mackerals. The bay for now is still your best bang for your fishing buck amigo.

The Bite is still around 10:00 to 11:30, just keep an eye out for birds, when the Sardines come up, the bite is on. But remember we´re in the spring fling period when a fish’s eye can turn to the ladies. Don´t be surprised in the next weeks that most of the species will be ignoring baits, even if they´re thick as molasses. Water temperatures this week have inched up a bit at the deep water locations to 72 degrees, a dramatic increase of close to four degrees. Currents could be changing or surface water temps are better as the sun is higher in the sky. Baits this week are the same, live bait is king, but they´ll take a dead Goggle eyes or Rapalla or Yellow, green and black.

As we come into the Easter Season we see another transition period coming shortly. Once we get through breeding season we´ll find better conditions, more species moving in and fewer people at the fishing grounds as temperature will soon increase and we should start seeing Striped Marlin numbers begin to increase. So Stay tuned for the latest and greatest. Don´t be afraid to contact me with any questions you may have amigos, I´m here to help.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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