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                              It´s the same Story, Same Conditions /Frustrations

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Not many, but there are a few Sailfish in the area...lucky guy!
Not many, but there are a few Sailfish in the area…lucky guy!

Fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is little changed from Last week with some small differences.Water is a clear green until you get about five miles past Punta Mita point where it´s a high visibility blue. Water Temps are up drastically from the 79 degrees it was last week to 81 degrees and climbing. Bait conditions are still superior with plenty of Flying fish around six inches, Plenty of Bullet Bonito and Skip jack tuna, Goggle Eyes, Sardines and the list goes on, it´s  a fish smorgasbord out there bait wise!

Magnifico circling Corbeteña Rock looking for Marlin and more!
Magnifico circling Corbeteña Rock looking for Marlin and more!

At Corbeteña and El Banco we´re seeing Blue and Black Marlin running between 500 and 600 lbs moving in gradually. We also began seeing Sailfish moving in on Wednesday, but it was just a tease. For now if you want to see Sailfish you need to go to Guyavitos north of San Pancho so you need to figure on a ten hour day for a species that may or may not be there. Fishing is always about rolling the dice at this time of the year! Still there are the regular players here, Jack Crevalls over 40 lbs, Bonito to 45 lbs, occasional Wahoo to 60 lbs with the average if you boat one at 40 lbs. Cubera Snappers to 50 lbs but you may need to jig for them. Unless you´re targeting Marlin at about a 50 / 50 chance then your fuel dollar would be better spent closer in. I will say this, there were a few days were we started to see Striped Marlin move in, but now they´re MIA again. To be frank, the area between the Rock and El Banco have been the most productive areas so don´t be afraid to wander a bit. With all the bait in the area it´s hard to imagine conditions wouldn´t change for the better soon.UpDate 6/7/2016: Well things seem to be changing already as Striped Marlin are migrating into Corbeteña and El Banco, which means they´ll be by Punta Mita soon. Blue and Black marlin are also picking up in numbers around both these locations and areas in between! No Yellowfin tuna as yet but this could happen any day now as the water temps are rising aided by longer days. Sailfish are picking up in numbers as well at these famous locations. Sailfish should be showing up at the Marietta Islands, Punta mita and El Morro areas. Last minute information, use it wisely!!

Red Snapper Frenzy!
Red Snapper Frenzy!

At the Marietta Islands, Punta Mita and el Morro, lets just say it´s the same as last week, no better or worse! Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Sierra Mackerals are dropping in numbers but still at 15 lbs. The off possibility of a Sailfish and it´s happened this week a few times.  Bonito to 40 lbs, Skip Jack Tuna, the super rare Rooster fish are around the surf line so be careful. All and all the species in the area, other than some Wahoo at 50 lbs around El Morro can be found in the bay so if you´re looking for or hoping for a shot at a Striped marlin or Sailfish this is the place to be on a shorter day, good luck!

Inside the bay we´re in a holding pattern. Massive amounts of Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs are all over the bay. Massive amounts of bait are in the bay as well so we´re seeing the occasional Sailfish wander around Los Arcos and at La Cruz Marina area. Snappers are here and there, Bonito are everywhere to 35 lbs. Sierra Mackerals are thinning out at 15 lbs, Skip jack Tuna, Needle fish, Cubera Snappers around the river mouth if you use downriggers, possible Snook or Robalo in Spanish… Nothing to get too excited about, but there is plenty of action so we´ve turned into a paradox, go for larger fish and maybe see nothing or go for smaller and more abundant fish and have a fun day….

Big Bad Jacks Everywhere!
Big Bad Jacks Everywhere!

As far as lures go, we always run at least one and this week lures many times have worked better than live bait as long as the lures were Purple and Black in color or Petrelaros of brown, green and purple in color. If these colors miss, then you´ll have to go through the colors systematically. The Bite has been happening now around 9 a.m. so be where you want to be by then. Water temperatures will continue to rise and we´re on the look-Out for La Nina Conditions but for now the water is warm, the currents are still warm and all we need now if more fish and we´ll be smiling again soon!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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