Spring is Here as Sailfish Move back into Banderas Bay, Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

Well Spring has sprung and we´re seeing the annual return of the Spring Breakers! Along with these hardy souls, the Sailfish have started to move back into the area. In March we can normally expect to see this happen as it has from the beginning of time. This year with the uncertain water and current conditions it is hard to predict what kind of spring we are going to have. But with the beginning of their return, we are optimistically looking towards summer and a hopefully normal season. I guess we can all share that fantasy!

There has been a lot of bait around the high spots at El Banco. Just south, a change in location from the previous weeks, you can hit Yellowfin Tuna in the 100 lb size range. Anywhere from five to fifteen miles south of the high spots anything is possible. The funny thing is, the bait is at the high spots, but the fish are farther out, why, who knows? We’ve seen squids move into the area, which is normally a good early sign to the fishing season. Squid like warmer water, so this could be an indication of warmer water currents starting to work their way into the area. This can only lead to better fishing in the near future, cross your fingers! Dorado are also in the area, running 45 lbs,  some Stripers, but this area is not exactly on fire at the moment. El Banco remains a place for the fanatics for now.  

Corbeteña, with the Yellowfin in the area has been strangely quiet, but again with Yellowfin in the area between the rock and El Banco anything is liable to happen. Although the area has stayed quite for some weeks now, the area should be picking up shortly. Lately there have been lots of bottom fish like Cubera Snapper in the 40 – 60 lb range, Rainbow runner, Jack Crevalls, Amber Jacks, Bonito, and the occasion al Striped Marlin with the possibility of seeing Sailfish. Now not may have ventured out this far with the same fish at El Morro, save the fuel dollar and stay closer in if not interested in larger game fish!

Once again the best bang for your buck is in the El Morro and Marietta Island area with the reefs in between. For weeks now this has been the best spot to hit if you are interested in action. It isn´t exactly slow as some would say, but winter fishing is winter fishing. So the guy telling you that Marlin or any Billfish is closer than ten hours, then you found yourself one of those guys I warn you about. But Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Skip Jack Tunas, Snappers, Needle Fish, the occasional Rooster fish, Sailfish sightings and a lost Striped marlin make things exciting and relatively close to Marina Vallarta! All and all, this is the best bet for your buck.

Inside the bay in six or even four hour days are still productive. But remember, keep an eye open for the bite times so you can target areas when the bite has been happening. Nothing worse than not having the time to look for fish just to discover the bite happened later in the day. For that reason six hours in the bay is affordable and doesn´t eat your day.

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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