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                                               Some Days ARE Better Than Others. . .

                            Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

02 27 2014 Travis Cusimano, Shannon friend 06 Tail wrapped and dead Marlin

¨Some Days Are Better Than Others¨, I think that pretty much applies to just about everyone and everything. In our context this week it means surprising challenges and more abundant summer gamefish species. We´re seeing an early migration into the area, primary reasons are bait and perfect water conditions. Nothing too complicated. At this time of the year we also have seasonal challenges, primarily Hurricanes and Torrential Rains (normally only at periods of two hours or so). For mid June we´ve had our third Hurricane pass us, it was approx. 300 miles out of Banderas Bay, it sent some rain, but not much else weather or swell wise. With the swirling storm pressure, the fish will get kinda funny. They don´t like the pressure so they move out, now they´re moving back in nicely. We are seeing our summer species coming ¨in and out¨, a now you see them, now you don´t scenario.  Bait is plentiful, no worries there. Sailfish are getting thicker near the point of Punta Mita, even inside the bay around La Cruz Marina area. Puerto Vallarta is right on time reflecting my fish calendar, with all the varied species you can now call Puerto Vallarta ¨Fish City¨ starting Right Now!                         

Like I said, I can´t say if Hurricane Christina pushed fish out of the area, but for a few days there we had different expectations than we returned with. You can chalk that up to just being fishing, again ¨some days are better than others¨.  Now if you were in the area of the Marietta Islands, you would have probably noticed that the Sardines are all but gone and so are Rooster Fish. You can find some near Anclote Reef near Sayulita, but that´s about it for now. More positive news is Sailfish are good sized and more abundant daily. Skip Jack Tuna, Bullet sized are thick around El Morro and the Marietta Islands. This is drawing in Dorado as well, still on the smaller side of 25 to 30 lbs, they´re becoming more abundant by the day. Small Snappers to 30 lbs are fun, Needle Fish (some are calling these fish Barracudas) are great fighters and taste great, but they are kinda weird fish. Plenty of Action around the Islands.



Keep Up with weather conditions in Puerto Vallarta and Severe Weather warnings like Hurricanes here: https://www.moonconnection.com/moon_cycle.phtml



Corbeteña and El Banco both this week were the Captains friends with Yellowfin Tuna dropping in size from 70 lbs to about 35 lbs, which is great for bait and Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna are still a little early. But they do run with Marlin, so I am expecting the sizes to inch up in the coming days. Black Marlin, Blue Marlin are running 450 to 600 lbs (fair sized for Marlin), Striped Marlin in the 200 lb range, Sailfish, Dorado in the 35 lb range and just about anything else species wise could come available before your very eyes!YFTuna Football 55 lbs, June 26 Tuna 2


The Deep water locations are sitting on some of the best fishing conditions fishermen and women look for. Super Blue-Blue water with the visibility of a glass of water chocked full of Flying Fish, Bullet sized Skip Jack Tuna, Google Eyes, Small Dorado and what can I say, conditions can´t get any better than what they are now. There are millions of people out there, when they think of days Deep Sea Fishing think of conditions and days like I am now describing in REEL TIME.

Inside the bay, we still have the trash line and will have one for the next months to come. The trash line if reading my previous scribblings know the Trash line is a Fish McDonalds. Just pick from the floating menu before your eyes and pig out! With the leaves, seeds, roots, sticks, bugs, and who knows what else in this fish tofu it´s not hard to figure out this is a great place to catch dinner. Dorado on the smaller side, Snook or Roablo in Spanish, any species looking for free food. Sailfish are chasing these smaller delicacies around the bay now and the pickings are good. La Cruz Marina area has a nice trash line with Sailfish all over the place. So a good, fast and solid six hour fishing trip will get you what you´re looking for amigos. Yelapa at the other end of the bay is showing some nice signs of Skip Jack Tuna in the 35 lb range averaging about fifteen hook-up in a four hour trip. Not bad for the budget fisherman. Well worth a four hour trip in the bay, summer fishing doesn´t have to be thirty five miles out of sight. I suggest taking advantage of the bay and if you´re not looking for Moby Dick, then maybe his smaller cousin will be just fine for the kids, of any age.Trash Line Dorado 6 15 2014

OK, so the water Temperatures are still perfect in the 84 to 86 degree range, Plenty of bait everywhere, Crystal blue water conditions at Corbeteña and El Banco. Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin are there for the taking, again some days are better than others. Smaller Yellowfin Tuna will turn into larger YF Tuna in a few days, so keep clam….wink!

Live bait is king, I suggest making bait at the local area, but get Goggle Eyes in the morning anyway as insurance. Plenty of Chorras or Tuna Tube sized baits at the fishing grounds.

The bite is moving to the earlier side since we´re on the pivot point of the Moon Phase. For now the bite is still early in the morning, before 9 and in the afternoon around or after 2 p.m….. Below is a part of an article you´d like to read, it´s short, if interested how the morning and dusk bite, cross matched with the moons rising and setting all makes a play…

Lures & Baits: Lures are working around the Trash line, we already talked about Rapallas, Diamond Jigs and Silver Spinners are reliable baits! Forget the live bait on the Trash Line, but it can work when the line is picked through. Live bait at the deep water Locations, local baits are best, bring Goggle eyes and if you find Flying fish, don´t miss that opportunity, every fish out there will turn their head for a flying fish! 

 How Does Fishing By Moon Phase Work? 

Every fisherman knows that the best fishing times are when the fish are feeding. This tends to be during dawn and dusk, but what often goes unnoticed are the two periods elsewhere in the day–moonrise and moonset. Because the moon has an effect on a variety of factors surrounding the fish–including the live fodder they hunt–these periods, combined with the moon’s phase, are what trigger feeding.

By understanding this, and choosing times when sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset coincide with new or full moon phases, you’ll increase you chance of a good fishing catch. Assuming there are fish in the area, of course.

Choosing The Best Fishing Times 

There really is nothing complicated about this at all; it’s just a matter of knowing ahead of time exactly when the sun and moon will rise and set. Fish are most active during 90-minute windows surrounding each of these four daily events; that’s 45 minutes before and after these four daily points.
Fishing during these four periods will help increase your fishing catch, but if you plan wisely so as to ensure you’re at the water’s edge on the days of new or full moon, you can use these ‘windows’ to reel in a catch like you’ve never done before. If you have to choose between sunrise/set and moonrise/set, always go with the moon as the moon is the stronger influence.

Hunters have always known that fish and game are most active at dawn and dusk–sunrise and sunset–but their activity surrounding moonrise and moonset is less noticeable because these events are likely to occur without e­ffecting any change in the perceived light. The rise and set of a new moon is invisible anyway, and overcast weather often hides the moon. Without prior knowledge of setting and rising times, two of the best fishing times will be missed every day!


To Read more info on Moon Phase, this is where I got the above text:  https://www.moonconnection.com/moon_phase_fishing.phtml

If Interested in learning more about the moon phases and the terms used, you can learn more here: https://www.moonconnection.com/moon_cycle.phtml


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