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Shocking Cold Green Water, Bait Takes a Powder

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle04 10 2014 Shannon Trahan, Magnifico, 001a

Spring Fishing has its own special challenges. It´s actually a transition period where winter currents turn into summer currents, which means swirling currents. This mixes up the sediment on the sea floor bottom, which in turn means dirty, coffee colored water. Fish hate this, it would be like walking around breathing through an open mouth behind a soot spewing buss! The currents pushing this sediment up from the bottom is normal, but not welcome. Bait fish, just like normal fish, don´t like this nasty tasting water so they leave. So all of a sudden we have breeding fish leaving the area due to cold, nasty water. It normally takes about three days for these types of conditions to settle down. For now Jack Crevalls are the dominant species and will stay in areas other fish won´t. Like I said, challenging…

That right there is pretty much your fishing report. One thing I can say, when you read this article it will have already changed for the better. For now these breeding fish still have Love / Amor on the brain. Some areas have yellow eggs, which look like dark mustard floating on the water surface. Jelly fish have exploded and are breeding in the Yelapa down to Los Arcos area. The good news is Jack Crevalls are still in the area and will take bait if it can see it. In the clear swirls, you´ll find Skip Jack Tuna, Sierra Mackerals, and Snapper in the 10 to 25 lb range. Bonito of course. No advice this week on lure color or choice, so get creative. I suggest purple combinations.

The Marietta Islands are a little better than the bay, but the cold water conditions are here as well. Rooster Fish which have been chasing small sardines have moved out for the moment, they´ll be back. Pompano in the 35 lb range, Sierra Mackerals, Bonito running 40 lbs, Jack Crevalls, Amber Jack 25 to 50 lbs, and the list goes on. Don´t get too excited, the fishing is still challenging, finding a warm streak, with clear green water would be your best bet for the moment. The bite is getting earlier each day as we enter the full moon period of the month. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

The Deep Water Locations are void of fish as well. Yes you´ll always find Cubera Snappers at 50 lbs, Amber Jacks, Rainbow Runners, Jack Crevalls and others. For now your fuel dollar would be better spent pointing the boat in a different Direction. UpDate 4/15/2014: The brown, coffee colored water has already dissipated and now we´re seeing clear green water. Not the perfect conditions we are used to, but still good conditions for fishing have come back. Jack Crevalls are leading the pack in taking bait. Still not much bait in the area, but the water temps are inching their way up. So the negative side is a little less negative.

For now the only real, professional and serious action is happening at the Tres Maria Islands, commonly known as the prison islands. For the casual fisherman, the distance is enough to shut you down. For those looking in the off season for Monster Yellowfin Tuna, then this is the only place you´ll be interested in. Running 150 to well over 250 lbs your fuel dollars will be well spent. Now how many dollars that will be depends on how fast you want to get there. At better than a hundred miles out of Marina Vallarta, those needed dollars will be substantial. Be warned, the Federalies are out chasing those inside the legal ¨buffer¨ zone as some call it. It´s a boundary basically, those fishing inside this boundary will find themselves facing situations they would rather not face. Be smart, have fun, catch fish and stay the Heck out of Jail.04 11 2014 John Gabruk Marlin

This past week my brother John Gabruk passed away suddenly in Jamaica. John and his wife Tonya started Master Baiter´s in 2000 and became an undeniable force in the fishing industry. Master Baiter´s boats won the 2000 and 2001 WBS Billfishing Series world championships and from that time on John was a respected source of information and humor. John will be missed by many of us in Puerto Vallarta, the Captains, the Clients and the local business owners all knew and respected his humor and Abilities. John was happiest when he was fishing and I am sure he is trolling right now in Heavenly Skies with Heavenly blue seas and a never ending bite. John was my only brother and in the end a little part of Master Baiters went with him. Rest in peach John.  

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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