Seasonal Transitions Slow, Spawining Getting in the Way of Fishing

Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta

It seems we are a little slow to come out of the Winter Season, but there have been some encouraging signs lately. Water temperatures have been hovering around seventy nine degrees and that is where they should be at this time of the year. But still, Sailfish are normally thick in the area around Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands around Easter. This year we have been scratching our heads wondering where they were and finally we are seeing some signs of life. For the last couple of days we have seen some, not many, but some Sailfish turning up north of Punta Mita (10 hr day) and around the Marietta Islands. The real surprise here is the Sailfish have moved in the bay, something that is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. With the uncommonly abundant Bait fish it the water, the lure of fast food it just too much to ignore! They have been around the area for a couple of weeks, but they seem to have gotten to the point where they will actually be interested in your bait! But be sure you are using a midsized, silver colored jig or lure. The Sardine type baits are small and anything else will just be ignored!

Rooster fish have been around, but for some reason, just like the Sailfish, they have been less than interested in anything that was being presented to them that was until just a few days ago. Roosters in the 55 to 65 lb range are close to shore, but you will be heading up to San Pancho or San Francisco in English. A long day, but if you’re looking for some arm numbing action, then your money will be well spent. Roosters are also around the Marietta Islands off the reefs between the islands. But remember, these are protected waters, so stay off the reefs, the fish will come find your bait if you are patient!

We find that Corbeteña and El Banco are also showing signs of life, but the pulse is weak at best. Sailfish and Striped Marlin are in the area, but very little is coming in, just a few in the last week. Still, this is better than what we’ve seen in recent weeks. Remember, it is still early for Marlin to amass in the area, so be patient, they´ll be here come mid June if they follow their schedule as they should… cross your fingers.

The bottom line these past weeks with the fish taking bait one day and the next they couldn’t care less is these species are spawning! Yes amigos, love is in the air when it comes to fish city. There are lots of baby Sailfish around the Marietta’s, Rooster fish, Dorado, Jack Crevalls all have other things on their minds at the moment. And if they are like me, if I am in the ¨mood¨ my appetite disappears. Now with fish in the area, yet they´re not taking baits and it being spring, there is little left to explain what is going on. It’s like a fish orgy going on out there! I don’t know why I didn´t think of this earlier. This is the popular consensus around the Marina. So remember, throw the female Dorado back, along with the bay Sailfish and Marlin. The future of fishing depends on everyone doing their part. And lets face it, this is a very simple and easy thing for a true sportsman to do!

The tension of El Nino is not going to be an underlying factor this year hopefully. With currents moving again, at least a little, we are hoping this season will come snap back to normal. One thing for sure, with the tough times these poor boat owners are having a good season full of Yellowfin would be appreciated.

All and all the signs are there, people are coming back after the Easter Holiday and I am more than positive for this summer as we move into Summer. We’ve seen the late afternoon clouds coming already which is an indication that the rains may come early this year. Which would be welcome since that means the water temperatures are coming up and fish follow the warmer currents.. So things are looking up.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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