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Sailfish, Striped Marlin Finally Find Puerto Vallarta Fishing Grounds!

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

Finally, I have something to write about, Sailfish and Striped Marlin have finally made an appearance in Puerto Vallarta fishing Grounds. Finally we have a reason to head out to Corbeteña and actually have fish that are ready and anxious to attack a Google Eye!

OK, first things first, the water temperatures are in the 76 to 78 degree mark and have increased rapidly in the last week. The humidity (79%) in the air is thick and the temperatures are only about 81. We are on the verge of an early rainy season, yet we are late for Sailfish by about a month and half. From this point forward we will see some rapid changes in air temperatures, water temperatures and water clarity. With the current changes and the soon to come seasonal rains there may be some dirty water issues, like we all have learned to expect. But for now the water is a kinda clear brown / green color. Not blue, but clear enough to see your bait! With plenty of Google Eyes on hand you will catch the early season billfish off Corbeteña. In fact 7 miles off the Rock you´ll find Sails and Stripers! Just find your way out there and you´ll catch fish right now! If you are looking for Blue water by the way it is about 100 miles out. This is good news even if it is a little on the far side.

Sailfish at Corbeteña, five more like this were released
Sailfish at Corbeteña, five more like this were released

El Banco is a different story, nothing but a few Jack Crevalls out there for the moment. No real reports coming in from this area, but one thing is for sure, this condition will not remain the same for much longer. Keep an eye on my articles and blog (www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com) to keep up with the latest and greatest.. Things may change rapidly in the next few months!

Off Sayulita we are finally seeing some Dorado, that’s right I said Dorado, but keep calm they´re very, very small of six to nine kilos or under 15 pounds…. But again we all know this will improve quickly!

Update May 11:  Suddenly Dorado have appeared around the point and at Sayulita. These beauties are running anywhere from 30 to 45lbs and it was a real surprise to see Dorado turn up in this size range since we have seen nothing of size to speak of. 8 hr day will get you several species these days with more coming…..

Skip Jack Tuna have turned back up in the bay near Yelapa! Now when the Skippies return, this is the first sign the water temperatures have changed direction and as an indication, this is a signal we are on the door steps of summer! YeHa!! Lots of Jack Crevalls as well I the area, but this will change because these are cooler water fish which means they’re probably uncomfortable as it is right now. But when there is plenty of bait in the area, why leave? If you are around Los Arcos, the two large rocks in the bay past Conches Chinas, there are larger schools feeding on the surface, so a short day can be productive with small Tuna! This is bait for larger Yellowfin Tuna, so that can’t be bad!

If you are still looking for Large Rooster fish (30-70 lbs) and Snappers (25 – 40 lbs) then the Marietta Islands

El Morro, the same. For what seems like forever, the fishing in these two locations has been saving the day for fisherman for the last few month s and frankly if there weren’t any fish in these areas I would have had almost nothing to write about. I know my articles and blog have been a broken record, but this is changing and I couldn’t be happier. It won’t be long now before I turn into a broken record talking about Sailfish and Skip Jack Tuna hanging around the area. The question is what is going to happen to the Rooster Fish. We know they like warmer water and tolerate cooler water when there is plenty of bait!

It looks like we are about two weeks away from having some major billfish action at the usual places. When the Stripers show up, they like the water a little cooler than Blue and Black Marlin. So the Stripers will probably continue their trek to Cabo where the water is cooler and more to the Stripers liking!

With tourism in it’s slowest time of the year we are slow to be sure. High Season for tourism is gone, we will get the summer travelers who melt in the sun and humidity. On the other hand we will start to see the serious anglers looking for Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Sailfish and the list is endless.  Hopefully May won´t be as bad as we expect and possibly the month ahead of us may be a super surprise for the better, keep your fingers and toes crossed!

For those of you looking to come to Puerto Vallarta for a fishing vacation I would like to remind you that summer can get busy here. Reserve early and keep your ear to the wind. If you would like to get on my Yellowfin Tuna list let me know. I will send you an email directly when we see our first ¨series¨ of Yellowfin Tuna. Once there is enough consistency I WILL post these facts in the articles as well. So you will be informed if you come back weekly amigos!

I strive to make these articles and blogs entertaining as well as informative. Share them with your friends and look for me as MasterBaiter Stan, invite me as a friend, I have over 2,400 now and growing every day!

That’s about it for now, until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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