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Rooster Fish, Snappers, Jack Crevalls, Skip Jack Tuna Return to the Bay!

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

For the last few years now the fishing has been anything but normal and so far and there is no reason to think things are going to change. Normally from February to mid April the water temperatures are in the mid to very low seventies.  Since we are in another La Nina year, the cold water version of El Nino, you would expect cold water. But this is not the case, especially at El Banco and Corbeteña where water temperatures are hovering above eighty degrees. Basically these are summer water temperatures with currents from Hawaii cutting off the cold water from the north. It explains why we have seen Football Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco and Corbeteña. Find the Spinner Dolphin and the Footballs will be with them. Striped Marlin are still at our world famous fishing grounds, but not many. Sailfish and Dorado are also out there if you have the luck of the Irish. I guess to put things in a nut shell, you´ll have to work a little to find fish and it may take some time, but the good news is there are fish to be had.

Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco, 35 to 75 lbs

Last week things were a little slow and not exactly favorable for heading out to the deep water conditions with ten to twelve foot swells and long intervals, but with the wind chop of twenty mile an hour winds, you got pounded but that did not seem to stop those determined to head out to the Tres Maria Islands. For the fanatics the Tres Marias has been the promise land for those seeking Monster Yellowfin Tuna in the 300lb range. That´s right, I said 300 lbs and hungry! But there is a big, big issue with the Tres Maria Islands, besides being a prison island with some of the worst, hardened Criminals in Mexico, it is also a GAME RESERVE. Protected Waters are protected waters, it is illegal to fish inside the 12 to 15 mile buffer zone/ limit. Those charter companies fishing inside the limit are not only breaking the law, the clients are being put at risk. These boats and companies which are heavily promoted and in some cases owned in part by people deeply associated with the Bloody Decks fishing site online. Be sure if you are heading out this way you make it clear you do not want to be inside the legal boundaries. There are some serious repercussions for you the client if your boat gets confiscated by the Mexican Navy. If you like being a prisoner on these islands, then you may find your fantasy come true. If not, then be warned those fishing inside the limited area are subject to arrest. This goes mostly for the captain of the boat, but they can keep you on t he islands for weeks to months if grabbed. But more importantly these guys are fishing a Game Reserve, they know it and all have been warned to keep out, yet the self agenda to make money at your risk continues. If this was happening in the states the fines alone would put these guys way out of business. The Law would put them away for several years yet these companies are selling trips and risking clients well being and they think they´re doing a legal thing since they are trusting these companies. It just makes me sick Americans are running companies fishing in prohibited waters and risking peoples safety for a few dollars. I can´t stress his strongly enough. For more on this go here (Tres Marias Client Risk Info) look for the Feb.8 posting.

Sierra Mackerals, not a large fish, but great tasting and abundant in the bay!

El Banco and Corbeteña are seeing some blue water and lots of Cubera and Chilango Snappers from 30 pounds up to 60 or so. Dorado are in and out, Striped Marlin a possibility. Plenty of bait in the form of Bonito and Skip Jacks running with Spinner Dolphin. Still hard for me to recommend this area, but this could change soon.

The Marietta Islands slowed down a little for a few days, but the Rooster Fish, Jack Crevalls, Snappers, Sierra Mackerals, Skip jack Tuna, Pompano and the list goes on all running from  10 to 40 pounds. Don´t forget the area south of El Morro to the point of Cabo Corrientes and the area around Chimo which has been strong with varied species.

Inside the bay it´s been slow. For now a four hour trip is not producing well in the bay as you would expect for this time of the year. But for those with six hours, you’ll find Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals, Bonito, Snappers and if you´re lucky a small Dorado.

Right now we have a mixed bag out there. We see a strong bite some days, others are not so strong. But there are plenty of fish at our fishing grounds and if you have a flexible personality and have the notion to catch fish. There are summer species out there now that shouldn´t be. So be sure to get on the water before you head home!

Jack Crevalls and of course the smaller Mackerals in the bay

While you are in town don`t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with the ¨other Malicon¨ in Puerto Vallarta! It`s the second most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta with Restaurant row and 150 shops of all kinds… I´ll keep an eye out for you!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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