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Rooster Fish at Marietta Islands, Spotty Dirty Water, Luck Helps!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

05 11 2015 Capt Aristio, Adrianas, 8 hrs, Punta Mita, Grouper on AdrianasWell it´s definitely May, humidity is up, daytime temperatures are up and of course like every May we continue with the seasonal transition. As normal as currents change, this will stir up the sea floor bottom turning the water into a Coffee colored muck fish prefer to avoid. This is normal, but it´s spotty so you can avoid locations like this in the bay. Outside the bay, the water mostly clear and blue but this doesn´t mean fish are cooperating any more than they did last week. There is plenty of action to be had for the short or full day angler looking for arm burning action in an ¨off time¨.

Starting with our world famous fishing grounds of El Banco, things have remained much the same with Sailfish and Marlin off El Banco about six miles north west. Not huge, Striped Marlin mostly around 200 lbs, you´ll be lucky to find them. A few Blue Marlin over 250 lbs are also out there as well, same situation where it will come down to luck. Sailfish are here also but are being picky when it comes to bait. Twelve hour days for adventurous types can pay off, but you´ll need all the luck you can muster up. Corbeteña is still it´s normal winter self. Cubera Snappers are everywhere at 50 lbs for those willing to Jig for dinner. The water here at Corbeteña has been a little dirty the last few days which of course chases the locals out of the area. Wait a few days things could improve drastically with no warning.

05 12 2015 Snappers on Andele 600Pxls MBTextThe Marietta Islands have FINALLY turned-on with some decent action in the form of Rooster Fish from 30 to 50 lbs, Red Snapper 30 to 40 lbs, Amber Jacks to 40 lbs, Bonito, Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs, Skip jack Tuna, and even the possibility of Pompano right now. We even had some strikes around the rocks of El Morro of Grouper in the 40 lb range that hit trolled baits! Plenty of Sardines in the area but if you´re looking to hit a rooster fish you better be running chorras (Skip Jacks for bait or small Bonito) if you want to get ¨lucky¨. Snappers are hitting Goggle eyes just fine. Eight hour trips are well worth the time and effort. If you´ve been waiting for Rooster fish, they´re still picky just like the rest of the locals right now. Your Captains experience level will increase the ¨luck¨ factor, well worth the time, and fuel dollar, but again, no guarantees!

05 14 2015  Rooster Fish, Andele, Capt Kawie Adjusted 450 Pxls MBTextPunta Mita for weeks has been the action spot has all but stopped action wise, not much happening around the point. But if you slide around the point north to Sayulita the Anclote Reef has picked up with Rooster fish at 40 lbs upward as well and are chasing Sardines. Open water Snappers to 35 lbs hitting trolled Goggle eyes make this about all you can hope for. Regulars like Bonito, Skip jack Tuna, Jack Crevalls fill in the ticket. Beach Pangas off Sayulita Beach would do nicely in this situation. Sailfish can be anywhere from the Point of Punta Mita to El Banco right now, if you´re in the area give it a shot, the fish gods may look favorably on you.

Inside the bay has plenty and I mean plenty of action as long as you´re not looking for monster sized fish. Jack Crevalls are here as well in the 35 lb average range. Skip Jacks, Bonito, Small Red Snappers around six pounds are perfect for your dinner table. Sierra Mackerals from 10 to 20 lbs, Football tuna around Yelapa. There are even Barracuda around the bay, so four hour trips are a great value and producing well.

05 15 2015 Magnifico, Striped Marlin, Corbeteña Adjusted sin MBTextWater Temperatures have been jumping up and down with the current changes. For the most part water temps are perfect for every species as we are right on time for what is happening. Keep an eye on the water, dirty water could spring up instantly and that´s never a good thing. On the other hand the dirty spots are just that, spotty. Even if you come across dirty water, it could be just on the surface so run planers with your baits and lures, this could make all the difference. Jacks will take baits in dirty water for some reason, if they can see it that is. Bite is still around 9:00ish in the morning, so don´t worry too much about getting up before the chickens.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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