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Rooster Fish and Dorado at the points, Marlin & Yellowfin Tuna Thinning Out

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

As we continue to move deeper into early winter we see the fishing conditions changing as colder water takes over our world famous fishing grounds. But this does not mean we are seeing the fishing go south as well as we see the bay explode with large football sized Yellowfin Tuna which continues to be the primary player for short trip anglers. No wonder with the amount of bait in the bay. The bite has moved closer to mid day as you would expect at this time of the month. Deep water locations of El Banco and Corbeteña see fewer anglers as Marlin and Yellowfin move out gradually. Yep, things are changing but if you don´t need to boat a fish over 100 lbs, then you are in for a great day at a more affordable price.

Yellowfin Football Tuna at Yelapa, 4 Hrs on Bella Del Mar, Our 28ft  Super Panga
Yellowfin Football Tuna at Yelapa, 4 Hrs on Bella Del Mar, Our 28ft Super Panga

Normally at this time of the year the water temperatures are still warm so we normally have Large Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna, but with the La Nina Conditions we experiencing in back to back years, this is not the case this year, again. I am not saying you won´t find large fish at El Banco or Corbeteña, I am just giving you a friendly warning that if you have high expectations for these locations, you may just experience the same level of disappointment if you´re looking for Moby Dick amigos! We have seen some strong southern currents and with them comes colder water. Now there are other things that will come with the colder currents as well, bait for one thing. We are seeing very large Squids in the 40lb range at Corbeteña so as you can imagine there are still some Yellowfin Tuna at the rock. Now they may be forty pounds or they may be 120 lbs, it just depends on the draw. Marlin are still hanging around the rock, but they are getting smaller by the day if you are lucky enough to find one! Sailfish who like water a touch cooler are still swarming, but you don´t need to hit the rock to find Sails amigos. Cubera Snappers are large and worth the time and money if you are a mind to head out this way. Remember to keep in mind the local bait! If you are lucky enough to boat a Yellowfin Tuna, check the stomach and see what they`re feeding on, simple tricks from the old timers can save your day, so remember the basics when fishing! Squid, Krill shrimps and squids (whale food), Sardines and more have moved into the area. For those who just have to have a Marlin before they go home, the best place at the moment is the area between El Morro and Corbeteña. For some reason there are warm areas around this area and with the bait being as abundant as it is, there are plenty of reasons for these finned fantasies to hang around.

Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands,  8 hrs Capt. Chema Mi Jenny
Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands, 8 hrs Capt. Chema Mi Jenny

Update: 12/06/2011, well as I sent this article off to press things as you may expect changed for the better at El Banco and Corbeteña. Now the Marlin are still MIA (missing in action) for some unknown reason, but Yellowfin Turned up out of nowhere and are thick around the perimeter of the high spots. The water is clear and clean green, water temps are hovering in the 78 degree range (normal would be 82 degrees) and the Yellowfin Tuna are running anywhere from 60 to over 200 lbs right now! You may expect these Yellowfin (YF) Tuna to be chasing Krill and Sardines like in the bay, but in fact they are hitting bullet Bonitos, another of t heir favorites to feed on! If you are here in Vallarta and you have been looking for Yellowfin Tuna Action, then you better hit it while it´s hot or this will be another ¨You should have been here yesterday¨ story. While there give the Cubera Snappers a shot around the drop off (jigging) the high spots, you may find it surprising!

The Marietta Islands have exploded after a less than exciting summer. Rooster fish ranging from 20 to 70lb s are back being their aggressive selves. Dorado are here as well, yet we don´t seem to see much demand for Dorado unless it´s in the bay and close to Marina Vallarta. Snappers are turning up in the area as well in the 15 to 40 lb range. Don`t forget about the Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Skip Jacks, Sierra Mackerals and the list goes on. For the guy looking t o get some action and still keep some bucks in his back pocket, this is the best bang for your ¨Blue Water Fishing¨ excursions. Leave by 7a.m. and get back before the wife knows you`re MIA! Update 12/6/2011: Roosterfish have surrounded the Marietta Islands and have taken the area hostage! You need 8 hrs, but the action starts when you drop a line amigos. Don´t go there if you are looking to shoot the breeze and drink beer, you will only have moments between between strikes! They are running from small to ¨My God¨ sized… or 25 to 70 lbs. You may want to bring something larger than a Baitmaster casting reel and pole on this trip…. For you ¨Fly Guys¨ nothing under a 10 wt please! Snappers are here as well, with Jack Crevalls, Pompano, Bonito, Sierra Mackerals, and more. It´s OK to dip into that Xmas cash if you don´t abuse it too badly… tell you r wife I said it was OK!

Punta Mita is still smoking with Dorado in the mid size range of about 30 lbs up. Sailfish are still about ten miles off the point and of course the Rooster Fish have surged in both numbers and size. Nothing complicated here, just cast a silver diamond jig, popper or Rapalla and anything is likely to happen. If you are targeting Dorado, go here! Update 12/06/2011: Ok, Rooster Fish have taken over here as well and you get the extra benefit of Dorado in the area as well. Sailfish are still ten miles or so off the points with plenty of bait in the water to keep their attention.

As we move into the holiday season like we are now we see the ¨fishing client¨ change from the guy who wants Moby Dick to the guy who just wants a short day where he or she can catch something they can eat that night for dinner. We all understand that for sure and if you are this person then we have the fishing trip for you. Yellowfin Tuna Footballs anywhere from 20 t o 60 lbs have set up camp for the last few weeks and with more and more Krill and Sardines moving into the bay there does not seem to be much of a reason for them to be moving out. Now we know this is not going to last forever, no matter how much bait is in the water so if you are a mind to, get your lucky butt out there and take advantage of something that is kinda unusual.

The Bite update 12/06/2011: Well the bite has changed and if you are out there thinking the bite is in the morning, then you got stung with bad timing. From the time I wrote this report to now, the bite moved from early to early afternoon around 1 to 2 O´clock. We have seen some days were the Footballs were just think, you could walk across them, yet they did not take any baits. It could be we don´t have anything to offer them that gets their attention, or you missed the bite. Remember, if you are going out for a short day, you have to know when the bite is happening or you may find yourself in the right place at the wrong time… sounds like my last marriage.

Bait: Bait, bait and more bait … there are bait balls the size of simi-trucks of three inch Sardinas as they call them here… Whale food, but smaller fish appreciate them as well. Bullet Bonito are around the deep water locations, drawing in the larger Yellowfins as I discussed earlier. Krill are still in the bay, probably the biggest reason the footballs are lingering by Yelapa. So keep an eye on what the local bait is and mimic it if you find the Google Eyes are not working. Always good to have bait in the water!

While you are in town don`t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with the ¨other Malicon¨ in Puerto Vallarta! It`s the second most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta with Restaurant row and 150 shops of all kinds… I´ll keep an eye out for you! Or  check out the Facebook page or the Village at Marina Vallarta here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Village-at-Marina-Vallarta/113471265373196

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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