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Rollercoaster Conditions, Rollercoaster Results, Yellowfin Possibilities

You´ve heard the old saying; ¨what goes up, must come down¨! When it comes to fishing, truer words were never spoken. With the rollercoaster conditions we´ve been seeing of  clean water, then dirty water, then warm currents, bait issues, strange tides, and no consistency it can make your head spin! While water temperatures have not changed much in the last week.

One thing we always want to know as fisherman is what it the bait fish situation. There are times when there is too much bait in the water. At those times it is impossible to get fish to pay attention to your bait, no matter how you are presenting it.. Other times there is not enough bait and the fish move on…  Right now we are a little heavy on bait, but other areas around the area are also heavy on bait. And when the ¨getting is good¨ why move on, it won´t be any ¨greener¨ down the road! In the bay there is plenty of bait to attract fish, so that is not our problem right now. Our problem is getting them to come in our direction. Of course we will be waiting for them, but for now it´s best to focus on what is at hand and available.  So nobody should be expecting to catch Moby Dick inside 75 miles. If anyone tells you otherwise, walk away….

Like in recent weeks the big fish are still out 75 miles. Now that is really not that far, but when you´re looking at three hours of travel time one way, unless you are dedicated (fanatic) to boating a 200lb Yellowfin Tuna, then you will be settling for smaller game fish. But no worries, for those interested in some arm straining action! With Jack Crevalls in the 25lb range, African Pompano to 50lbs, Cubera Snappers if you’re lucky just off the reefs. Sierra Mackerals in the 10 to 30lb range with 15lbs being the average. There is a mix of smaller groupers, small Snappers and several others to choose from closer in. So if you hear the fishing is slow, this is what slow is when it comes to fishing in Puerto Vallarta!

Now I need to warn all of you out there about the Tres Maria Islands. I have been writing a lot about this location lately since there have been so many boats heading out to this protected area. One thing to remember when heading out this way, the limit is fifteen (15) miles. Any closer than that and you are risking being arrested and taken in. When you are on some of the popular bulletin boards on Puerto Vallarta you will see them all puffing their chest up about the Monster Yellowfin Tuna and then proceed to tell the world how cool they are as the guy in his living room is reading this crap. Now the Yellowfin Tuna are out there, but look at the Maximus. A newly operating long distance charter boat that can handle up to ten people was caught the other day with no insurance, no fishing licenses and a forged permit to fish the islands. Now this boat gets more than $1,500.00 per person for a three day trip. That is top dollar for anywhere, especially here in Mexico! The guys onboard all read their articles, they all believed this operation to be first class and they all found out that they got duped! The boat was too close to the PRISON ISLANDS withe phony documentation, then missing necessary documentation, the passengers were all mad as hell! One of the boats I warned you of previously, The Anna Maria was grabbed by the Navy and the captain Steven Torres was held for four days along with his boat. He was held for four days where they shaved his head and then they put him with the general population. This guy is promoting himself all over the place and he looks legit until you have an incident like this happen.  Take Care!

Now that you have that information under your belt, twenty to twenty five miles west of The Bank or El Banco, there are just herds of Yellowfin Tuna. It´s amazing how we have a current running by the islands that is really warm. This is an indication that the seasonal current changes are in flux. This also means an early summer, something most of us would welcome. If you are looking for Yellowfin Tuna and are willing to pay the price, you can have what you want and not get arrested in the process! Striped Marlin are nowhere to be found unless you are up north or south a hundred miles or so. But these fish move and they will find their way to pv SOON.

As has become normal, the Marietta Islands are still cooking with  Snappers in the 35lb range, the occasional Rooster Fish of 35 to 60lbs, Pompano to 50 lbs, Sierra Mackerals everywhere to 25 lbs., Jack Crevalls are plentiful, but in and out. For the most part this area has been one of the two 8 hr trip locations that are worth heading out to for the time being. There is a lot of small baby Mackerals in the water and it may be hard to turn a fishes head so bring your bag of tricks, you may need everything you own !North of Punta Mita in the Sayulita area there have consistently been Rooster fish, but a whole lot more African Pompano and this area is probably the best bang for your fishing buck right now. A super panga can handle this destination nicely and save you a few bucks. Six inch rapallas with spoons about ten inches off the tail is working nicely. Now the color of the Rapalla is the question here. I suggest Yellow and black or black and purple if the water is dark in color. Snappers are also around the structured areas and may be a little on the small side, but they still taste great amigos!

As we approach March, we will see water temperatures creep up slowly, this is when we should start to see the Sailfish start to come back in to the area. Something to look forward to.  So if by chance you will be on a boat near the Gaviotas or San Pancho area, keep this in mind and bring the right equipment for the task!

That’s about it for now, until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

Smaller Game fish, Lighter Tackle, Lots of fun!
Smaller Game fish, Lighter Tackle, Lots of fun!

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