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Ready or Not, Puerto Vallarta Fishing Explodes, Yellowfin Tuna 150 lbs, Blue Marlin Moving In Now

Written by Stan Gabruk

Ok, the month of May is behind us now, water temperatures are moving upwards a little bit each day, bait is also more abundant. The water is now clean and blue, not so for the last few weeks. Dorado moving into the bay, Sailfish at the Points and Chemo at Cabo Corrientes is seeing fifty pound Football Tuna. Conditions are moving nicely into summer fishing.  Tourism is down, which of course means we´re kinda empty in PV for the moment. This also means empty fishing grounds, cheap hotels, great air fares and even the Dollar is very, very strong to the peso. Everything is coming together nicely for the start of Fishing´s High Season to begin. Even with the press stories about Mexico, tourist are returning and taking advantage of the exchange rate, lower prices and the safe environment we have here in Puerto Vallarta. People have over reacted to the slanted news reports creating for those who see the opportunity a chance to basically ¨own¨ Puerto Vallarta. Those who have visited Vallarta are still coming back for a reason, they know what others refuse to ¨hear¨. It´s time to take advantage of the overcorrection while you still can amigos. Those looking for a Monster Season will find it this year with no unusual conditions like El Nino and La Nina like we´ve had for the last three years. Yes Friends, World Class Fishing has returned to Puerto Vallarta.  You may never have a chance again at uncrowded fishing at El Banco or Corbeteña our world famous fishing grounds.

150 lb Yellowfin Tuna At El Banco Now!

Just a week or so ago we were looking to the south to see the second hurricane of the season here close to Puerto Vallarta (PV).  It was an announcement of sorts about the coming of summer as it pushed warm water and gamefish into the area from the south. As a result we´re seeing Dorado in  smaller sizes (15 to20lbs) and 50lb Football Tuna in the Chemo area near Cabo Corrientes or the Light house area. For now if that was all we had it would be enough for this time of the year. But Bonito, Skip jacks, Snapper around the structure, still some Jack Crevalls (surprising) and other small fare in the bay. Things have improved to the point where four hours is still a short day if looking for decent action. Four hours around the rocks or in a bait ball will make your day. So if you have the inclination, take a shot and get something for the table tonight!

Marietta Islands are still rocking with Sailfish increasing in numbers a few miles past the islands (don´t forget El Morro). Snappers are hitting surface baits, Jack Crevalls for some reason are still around. Pompano, Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Dorado, thinning Rooster fish. Lots of bait, blue water and warming water temperatures are all working in the Anglers favor right now.

Yellowfin Tuna Explodes at Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Grounds

Punta Mita is still rockin like last week. Dorado(25 lbs) getting more abundant by the day, Sailfish a little farther out on a western heading, and Striped Marlin (25lbs) are a little farther out still. Rooster fish (30lbs) at the reef off Sayulita.  If you are in Punta Mita area, take a boat panga, with good equipment, etc. and give it a shot.  Beach pangas in this area will many times do the job, but be selective, beach pangas sell ¨Cheap¨ not good.

Ok, El Banco, Corbeteña have been seeing clear, blue water. Plenty of chorras or live bait in the water.  Water temps are creeping up nicely by the day. What does this mean, well there are Big Yellowfin Tuna at the moment in the 150 lb range. You could bank into a Dorado in the 40lb range, Sailfish, Cubera Snappers (60lbs) and who knows what else is possible. Wahoo, not a schooling fish, but ever present in these two world class fishing grounds. If your bait looks raked or if your broken line is a little chaffed, find you wire or cable rigged lures and go for it. Dorado is a special fish with a milky white colored meat that is incredible when it´s on the table.

That is about it for now. Remember with the rainy season, rain is good. Fish get excited when it´s raining since the rain drops hitting the surface of the water looks like bait coming down from a bait ball leap. There are some tricks you can use when there are fish also, but not taking baits, ask your captain. But the Dorado trick of using the wash down hose to sprinkle the water, then cast a Google eye in the middle of the ¨sprinkle¨ and you will have a trick that can work nicely when fish are being fickle.

Suggestion: Keep an eye on the Peso. As the stock market  takes a nose dive, the peso gets weaker compared to the dollar, it doesn´t make sense, but there you are. At this time when  this article is being written you can  get close to 14 pesos to the dollar. If you wait until just before you are coming down you probably won´t see that good a rate anywhere! So get your pesos in the states when the peso is down or you basically get more money for your money! For those who come to PV or Mexico in  general a fair amount, this is how you make your life less expensive.  Also,if you are here, the exchange rates for you dollar are always better using ATM´s. You get the bank rate, not the commission rate.

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That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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