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Rainy Season Begins in PV, Dorado and Football Yellowfin in the Bay, Blue Water at Corbeteña

Written by Stan Gabruk

May is a month when things start to happen. We are nearing the end of May now and we have already seen two hurricanes form and fizzle which seems unusual, but in reality it is right on-time. Water temperatures continue to inch up to about 78 to 80 degrees now as the days are warmer and more humid. Bait is moving into the bay which of course attracts larger fish. The Trash line will soon be a daily thing for those short trip days when you´re looking for action, but time is an issue. Blue Water ten miles before Corbeteña is a wonderful sign with Striped Marlin and a few Blue Marlin sightings. Sailfish are increasing is numbers and the fishing grounds are deserted. That´s right folks, summer is knocking and spring is stepping aside. Fishing from this point will be nothing like it has been for the past six months.  Those looking for fresh information regarding fishing in Puerto Vallarta have come to the right place and here it comes….

Jimmy´s Sailfish on Magnifico, www.masterbaiters.com.mx

Ok, straight up, fishing has gotten just this side of great. Good fishing exists now in the bay which for once is a pleasure to report. Dorado of the smaller version of 20 lbs or so are moving in closer to shore and building in numbers. Skip Jack Tuna, Football Tuna, whatever  you call them they are moving in nicely into the bay ranging from 20 to 30 lbs with an appetite. Bait is also moving into the bay more heavily as we expect this time of the year. With the rainy season knocking on our door the trash line will be forming which means you can mostly plan on catching something for the dinner table. The down side in the bay is the water is still a little dirty and if the fish can see your bait and then there are fish. If the visibility in the water is down, hit the trash line, if there is one as yet. Remember with the rain comes debris in the bay. Stuff just under the surface of the water can cause real issues with props, supports, shafts, you name it. So keep your wits about you in the morning hours before the sun comes up, MORE ABOUT this later in this report…

Capt Tory with a Thrasher Shark at the Marietta Islands, www.masterbaiters.com.mx

Outside of the bay or rather in the opening  to the mouth of the bay lays the Marietta Islands.  The Islands are always good, with reefs and plenty of small bait fish in the area there is always decent fishing here. When we come into these transition times we see the species change and it can seem like overnight. For now we´re still seeing some Rooster fish in the 30 lb range. Dorado are still increasing in numbers, but the sizes are still on the smaller side. Just remember to throw the females and babies back for another day. Sailfish just a little farther out, with Skippies, Snappers, Bonito and Jack Crevalls in cooler currents, Pompano moving in a little and a host of other species available on any given day. Well worth the eight hour day and expense.

At the northern end of the bay Punta Mita is still alive and rockin. Rooster fish at Anclote (Sayulita), Dorado at the point, Sailfish in the same area, with Striped Marlin heading out to El Banco. Ten hour days gets you on the bite mostly mid day right now. Head north to find larger Dorado and more abundant Sailfish around Guyavitos (I know I spelled that wrong).

James King´s Dorado, 2 Punta Mita

Now as I mentioned earlier, dirty water has been the norm with this clear green to coffee colored dirty water. But ten miles or so before Corbeteña we have Blue Water. That high visibility blue color where baits and actions are visible from distances by Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, you the players. For now with these Footballs moving in it is just going to be a short matter of time before hopefully we see something of size like Tuna and Marlin wise. It´s still very early to see Marlin and Monster Yellowfin at places like Corbeteña but the conditions are ripe and anything is possible. Footballs are in the 30 to 50 lb range at the Rock, Right Now! Preferred bait for Monsters and Billfish alike.  It may still be a little early for the season to start for now, time will tell. Cubera Snappers have been surfacing as well. Wahoo a possibility while trolling the jutting finger, wire leaders and jig rigs recommended.

05 27 2012 Andele 60 to 80lbYellowfin tuna, www.masterbaiters.com.mx

El Banco, insert Corbeteña report here. Nothing of any real size here. Blue water here is a positive thing. Bait moving in. Sails, Striped Marlin, Dorado (45lb) and the usual players.  For the moment if you´re heading out to the deep water locations Corbeteña would be the better choice for now. Then again I´ve been wrong before, just ask my ex-wife so always make those last minute decisions with the latest conditions and information available or off the docks in the morning.

FISHING 101:  When it rains, crap comes down the mountains and runs off into the bay, anything imaginable and many times unimaginable is floating in the bay amigos. Have high powered lights facing forward blaring as bright as possible when heading out in these obstacle laden waters. I have seen refrigerators floating in the bay, dead horses, and Red wood sized tree roots (Dead Heads) six inches under the surface of the water, essentially invisible. Your rudder, prop, shaft, supports, they will let you know there is a problem in the most expensive possible terms. It is best to leave as dawn is breaking, which of course is not always advantageous when fishing. Manta Rays, who knows what else is possible in the bay come the summer rains.

Economic Facts of Life: Puerto Vallarta has the same issues as the rest of the world. Fuel prices per gallon are about $4.25 or Marine Fuel. Then this boat yard called Opequimar charges a ten percent dock charge on top of that. There are even more fee´s if you use a credit card and the exchange rate for dollars should be criminal. But you eat this crap because you can do nothing about it. The days of subsidized fuel are over and Mexico has decided to let the fuel price chips fall where they may. Well with higher fuel cost, everything gets more expensive as a result. Naturally here we will relate this to fishing. So make sure you take into account the price of the charter or fishing trip. If you find a cheap trip in your budget on Paco´s Panga and you have very low expectations then you will be happy. Me, I have never been the kind of guy who wants the cheapest ANYTHING on the market. Clothes, shoes, tools, tires, you name it, I want good quality stuff. When it comes to fishing there are providers of all levels of fishing product. Sometimes a Panga off the beach is the right boat for the job. Other times you´ll want to look in a different direction. Most people do not want to be over sold or undersold. North Americans want a good level of quality without being over charged. They also don´t want to get more than they need to pay for when talking about normal folk. What most people are looking for is value and not feel dinged. For me, it´s a no brainer. Master Baiter´s is now the ¨Last Man Standing¨ when it comes to fishing companies in Puerto Vallarta. I am also the last American who actually runs his shop first hand. Charter Dreams is now a real estate firm. Peter Vines place is a timeshare joke. PV Fishing is not selling timeshare and tours.  The rest have closed up and given up on  a market that is stacked against the boat owner. Charmers Fishing is a small, but honest operation. Mr. Marlin is now a ATM Booth selling whatever they can to make ends meet.  It´s an amazing statement for sure. But Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle is the only fishing company I know of in Marina Vallarta, Possibly in all of Puerto Vallarta proper that is not pushing Timeshare or ripping people off. Huge statement I know. Prove me wrong…. Please! When in Marina Vallarta some guy shows up with his book of twenty five boats, yet no office, run from this guy. If he offers you a super low price, then ask for a deposit, run! You won´t have a boat showing up the next day. What are you going to do, call a cop on some guy you can´t even find? Or the guy at the restaurant that tells you his cousin has a boat that he can get you cheap, run. The restaurant is not licensed to operate boats and this is a timeshare guy selling ¨cheap¨…  This is not sour grapes, this is a warning.  Don´t do anything you would never do in the states, don´t trust Joe Stranger with a couple a hundred bucks and a slip of numbered paper with a cell phone number.  DON´T DO IT, you just got ripped off. I am going to write an article on this in detail.

What a boat looks like is an indication of what the equipment, maintenance, and crew quality is. That´s right folks, the guy who takes care of his boat, paints it, cleans it, keeps it maintained and working well has pride in his product and is targeting the guy who knows what he is not getting with the guy who lets his boat go and throws ¨cheap´ at you as your greed kicks in gear. Crap condition boat, don´t expect maintained or adequate equipment. Two poles and five lure may be all you need along with five baits, but going out underprepared is throwing your money away, but it´s ¨CHEAP¨.  The thing is quality is not really more expensice, but you have to know who and where to go to get it straight. For now there is not many of us in Marina Vallarta as the Timeshare Pirates continue to bleed the industry with their tactics and criminal activities. Not Dangerous by any means, but a liar with a nice smile and great sense of Mexican humor is not your friend. Go look for what you want, if it finds you,you don´t want it. Oh, and you just won a Bizillion Dollars, all you have to do is give me 90 minutes of your time…. Again, if you wouldn´t do it back home, don´t do it here in Mexico.

Master Baiter´s is putting together three and four day packages where lodging and fishing are included for an unbelievable price point. You will get more on this as I put it together.  But the boys at www.Fishhound.com are putting together some affordable deals for the normal guy who isn´t rolling in money and still has a mortgage to pay.

Master Baiter´s has changed its location to a larger shop located directly in front of Dock D in the shops behind the grassy area in the Puesta Del Sol complex half way between the Oxxo and Las Palomas Restaurant. Come in and get your PV Mirror there and say hello to Stan. Please tell your friends where they can find the Mirror and of course Master Baiter´s.

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That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is located in Marina Vallarta on the Boardwalk in front of Dock D. Facing the water turn to your right and we´re down four doors or so from Las Palomas the Restaurant. Come by and say hello!  Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask at my email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Web page:  www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

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