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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

Well friends,  with the rain and the agua dulce or sweet water at the surface the Yellowfin Tuna have moved in as they are chasing bait. They´re arny where from twenty pounds to seventy pounds and full of sh-t and Vinegar! At Cabo Corrientes they are around 50 to 70 lbs….

This will be dinner for a year…


You want to catch fish and spend a for tune, Guanatuna II is only $425.00 dollar for up to four people… Time to strike is now…. I now return your control of your life back  to your WIFE… Hahahahahaa….take care and go fishing already…. standing by…Here´s a pic or two for your viewing pleasure…..

Happy 4th of July to Everyone who sees this post…. Fight for your freedoms,they are being taken away without a fight!

Remember, We´re an  All American Company in Mexico, so you know you´ll get the truth and the quality you´ve come to expect from Master Baiter`s…..

Yellowfin at Cabo Corrientes …. Time to take a sick day amigos!