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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle


Nice Dorado at Corbetena, Punta Mita… Right Now!

If you’ve been fishing in Puerto Vallarta back before 2007 you remember when heading out to Corbetena was thrilling. It would get your heart pumping as you drop baits coming on to the “rock”. You didn’t know what you were going to catch, but you knew it was going to be big, powerful and draining. 

Right now we’ve got some incredible fishing. I don’t mean good, I mean incredible.

Marlin, Black or Blue take your pic, running from 250 to 600 lbs. Five boats yesterday, Six Marlin boated.

Dorado from 20 to 40 lbs! Sailfish on tap. Yellowfin Tuna 40 to 100 lbs plus, finally!

It’s on fire amigos.. Water temps are 87 degrees. The water is as blue as you can imagine. 

Plenty of bait in the form of Skippies aka Skip Jack Tuna, Green runners, Goggle Eyes, Flying fish and it’s just incredible. Flying fish lures of Blue/Silver are working well. Guyacamayos (I spelled that badly) or Green/orange and some yellow flecks. Live bait, dead bait, it’s all working. 

Captain Cesar with his Mom boating a nice Football Yellowfin Tuna around Yelapa, 4 hr day!

Bite can be early so be sure to leave at day break…. 

Yes Folks, We’ve got fish, High season is coming and we’re all excited. The only thing missing is you amigos. 

Until next time, don’t forget to kiss your fish. 

FYI a few years back Mexico in an attempt protect consumers of fishing charters and tours made it necessary to get a second business license allowing them to sell these products to the public after you’ve been thoroughly checked out. It’s not easy or fast to get this permission. Two years later i just discovered that I and Mikes fishing are the only companies either online or in Marina Vallarta that has this specialized permit / License. This means that if you are dealing with anyone like timeshare, various offices and especially web pages you are working with people who are working under the radar and have not been approved to sell these products, Period!  So you might ask if they’re Illegal how do they operate? Well they have a regular business license if they have a “local” or shop. If they’re online they don’t even have a business license (think about that one) you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Soon the authorities will be roaming the Marina closing these locals down until they can get this license.  

 I am Master Baiter’s and We’re legal, insured, documented and service oriented. If you don’t see this license in their window, ask for it. This is what it looks like and  you can check it out if you like. The Mexican Govt saw it necessary to require this license in an effort to protect you from unscrupulous types as there is a long history of pirates stealing deposits and worse, timeshare especially. This is for the consumers protection and if you don’t have this information, you’d never know. With no license from Sectur for Tourism, it doesn’t matter how nice they are, they’re not legal. Use this information well as it’s for your protection….. Enough Said

The Sectur Required Tourism license for selling Tours and Fishing charters looks like this. If they don’t have it, proceed at your own risk. It’s now the law to have this in Mexico as a extra security factor for the protection of tourist from shady types including the guy in the timeshare arena.