We are still waiting for the Sailfish to take their eyes off the women, but I guess all us guys have the same problem. A couple of Striped Marlin were boated yesterday, but I didn’t see them…. still, this is a good sign if it continues … stay tuned.

Dorado are still missing as well. But at the point of Punta Mita, we find we have lots of Pargo or Snapper to those who speak english. They have been running 35 lbs and are surface feeding. Six or eight hour trip will get you fish!

Roosters are north, but again, hard to get their interest…..

A few Yellowfin Tuna have been comeing in, but if you will still need to head out from El Banco north so you might as well either stay closer in or bite the bullet and be prepared to head to the Tres Maria Islands. Not cheap and the Yellowfin are too small to justify the fuel or charter cost presently….

We are seeing some strange weather patterns, mornings can be cloudy, then burn off, then in the early afternoon the clouds find their way back in… Guadalajara is supposed to be like 31 degrees celcius. When the interior land masses warm up, the heat goes up, sucking in the marine layer. Same thing happens in California in June.

Tourism is slow like it always is just after Easter. Great time to get good deals on hotels and air fares…. something to think about.

Peso is creeping up again, the Euro is taking it in the shins so I guess the Dollar will be back in favor. Makes yoiur money go even farther….

Inside the bay, same old story, smaller Bonito, but lots of them. Baisically bullets as they are called, but they draw fish in and make great bait. Jacks are still takeing the bait.

Not too much to report, but there is bait in the bay.. Remember, if you are in Mexico, May 1 is a huge holiday for the Mexicans and the banks will be closed Monday and Tuesday of next week, keep this in mind.

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If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta and would like to have a fishing program about you and your guest, let me know and I will put a professional filming crew onboard … naturally you get a copy and I get to go out with some new friends….

Enjoy your week-end…..




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Fast Food for Fish
Came across this in the bay, a fishermans fantasy....

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