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Beer, Boats, Yellowfin Tuna, and a few laughs... Good times on Guerro Atzeca
Beer, Boats, Yellowfin Tuna, and a few laughs... Good times on Guerro Atzeca

As we move deeper into Summer we are finally seeing conditions improve to what we could call normal, but what  is normal?

Corbeteña is coming back to life with plenty of bait in the area and Marlin ranging from 450 to 850 lbs! If there are Marlin there now, it is just a m atter of time before we see the Yellowfin there as well… still, it´s a ten hour day no matter how you look at it….. which is normal for us in puerto vallarta anyway…. 

Yellowfin Tuna in the 150 lb range at El Banco, not outside El Banco, but on the high spots. This marks a change from the last few weeks, so no need to worry about that extra fuel cost. Twelve  hour days return and big fish on the high spots. If you are local, time to call in sick!

Smaller YF Tuna are off Sayulita about ten miles or so out. Only in the sixty pound range, but it’s well worth the effort. Rooster fish are exploding off Sayulita as well…..

Dorado are still very small and should be thrown back….. Give it another month and things will be more normal for the Dorado…..

Hotels are projecting a 17% occupancy rate for  PV this summer, this means deals you may never see again. With the peso heading south and the strong dollar comparitively speaking, Mexico is the deal of the century!

The press is smearing Mexico and Vallarta is as safe as any city in the states. If you are in chicago, then Vallarta is safer… same goes for L.A., N. Y. City, Detroit, and a thousand other cities with high population and high crime rates should be avoided before PV… but hey, I live here, i know the news companies are lying……

The fishing is improving and the weather is warming up finally. You may never see deals like this out of Mexico again, worth taking advantage of….

 Check out: www.thetruthaboutmexico.com for the  details and real story for what is happening in Mexico…. You´ll be impressed by the  people who write for this site…. People you will recognize and trust… get around the Mexico Haters and get the real stories after the sensationalised headlines …

That is all for now, Enjoy your day and the fish pic!


Owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle


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