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Written by: Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Flying Fish!

We’ve had an interesting year so far, and it will get even more interesting! The seasonal rains have not been what we hope for, so the trash line, which draws in larger fish feeding on smaller fish, has been hurting with no rain. But that’s the only thing that is strange, we’re still seeing Yellowfin
Tuna at Corbetena and El Banco, Black Marlin are picking up in numbers and size. Blue Marlin aren’t far off the Punta Mita shoreline. Dorado is around the area, but not in large numbers like we’re accustomed to and of course we have Sailfish everywhere. As we enter the “Fishing High Season” we’re seeing conditions and species coming together right on time!

As we look to the deep water locations of El Banco (aka The Bank) and Corbetena things are inching better by the day. Black Marlin at 500 to 800 lbs are getting bigger and becoming more abundant. Blue Marlin are averaging at 500 lbs, Sailfish are picking up in numbers as you’d expect as well. Dorado from 20 lbs will be found around any debris or trash. Yellowfin Tuna are running anywhere from 40 to 80 lbs with many over 120 lbs, but they’ve been taking surface baits during the bite, but are running deep during the day. With the warmest water we’ll have this season, Yellowfin Tuna will go deep or “sound” to level their body temperatures out. Normally between 130 to 160 feet, so use your electronics to see what depth to set your downriggers to. With blue water there is plenty of Skip jack Tuna as bait along with flying fish and Goggle Eyes. Normally the entire area between El Banco and Corbetena is also alive with action. Most head to Corbetena and El Banco since these locations are reliable places where the fishing is great. The downside with “wide-open” fishing like this is the fish are spread out. Many a tournament winner has been boated in this 25 mile long area. Fuel cost is a limiting factor, but the bottom line is there are fish to be had. Those skimping on fuel is like putting one quarter in a four quarter machine in Vegas. You could win, but it won’t be the “Jackpot” you’re hoping for.

Closer in around El Morro to Punta Mita we’re seeing some Blue Marlin at 500 lbs. 3 to 10 miles on a heading of 320. Sailfish are roaming the area and seem to be in greater numbers in the Gaviotas area north of Sayulita. Dorado are also in the entire area, but they’ll be around floating debris or a trash line running 20 lbs and up. There are also some Jack Crevalls at 40 lbs and Bonito in the smaller ranges.

Paul lost a 800 lb Black Marlin this day, but was very happy with this 40 lb Rainbow Runner… Paul is coming back in October, remember his face….

To be straight up, the bay is the perfect place to go fishing in the winter months. The summer months up until mid-December is for family fishing, water sports, touring and fun. There are always fish in the bay. Many times you’ll hear about freak Sailfish, but this not the norm and you can’t plan for this. Having said that Jack Crevalls are back in the bay, normally a cold water species they will chase bait into warm water conditions. Bonito from bullets or babies to 30 lbs are all around the bay and plentiful. Skip Jack Tuna, considered a bait fish is great tasting and fun to catch if they are only at 12 lbs max. Sierra Mackerels are thin in numbers but great tasting and fun to catch. Of course there are many different species that are great tasting around any structure and that’s the secret. Be open to any species that’s fun to catch and you’ll always have a great to wonderful day. But the promoter that tells you differently, walk away from this guy.

We’re still seeing the bite at 10:00 in the morning for weeks now, afternoon bite is around 2 p.m. Water temperatures are up and hovering at 90 degrees and with high visibility blue water it’s hard to complain too much. We’re moving into the peak fishing season and things will become incredible in the following weeks. Sailfish will become a primary player anywhere from El Morro to El Banco. Tuna are thinner in numbers than we like, but those taking the shot at Corbetena and El Banco will not come back disappointed. Overnight trips are your best option giving you your best chances of boating a “finned fantasy” bucket list trophy!

Another “small” Yellowfin Tuna aka Cow! But not a Monster over 300 lbs!

Once again we’re seeing Cow’s and Monsters at Puerto Vallarta’s World famous Tuna Fishing grounds, The Tres Maria Island area is on “Fire”. It’s peak season now in this area, not like the California guys would have you believe. Hurricanes are not an issue, water conditions are perfect and the Yellowfin tuna are bigger by the day. Peak Tuna season in PV is from Now, Sept to the end of January. At any moment between those dates, you can have a realistic chance to boat a world record Yellowfin tuna every time your line hits the water! Big Talk I know, but again, this is peak season. Not March like you see certain boats pulling 200 lb YF Tuna out of the less than peak fishing conditions. But a 200 lb Yellowfin Tuna makes a nice “sellable” picture. But the seasoned local knows these are “small fish”. Yep, I said small fish. Now we know a 200 lb YF Tuna is not a small fish, but it’s at the low end of what they’re at now in peak season. In March this is a big fish, In October it’s on the small side. Let that sink in…You all get excited on those 2000 lb tuna being promoted, and the locals here know what the deal is. Well I’m going to tell you differently, I want you to boat a world record Tuna! I want to get the word out that you all have had your chain pulled. And I want to get the word out that for less money than these boats like the Constitution out of Southern California per person if “off season”… Well I can put you on a super luxury Yacht Sportfisher like you used to see in Marlin Mag on a multiday trip… Well we can make the luxury trip for less money per person than those Sardine Cans with too many people, in PURE LUXURY. This is a bucket list style trip for less money which makes this area a “No-Brainer” for a serious Tuna enthusiast….

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