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                           PV Fishing High Season Arrives with Huge Dorado

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

09 26 2014 Shaun Fieldler, Magnifico, 8 hrs, 650 Pxls Txt
30 lb Dorado Return to Banderas Bay, El Banco, Corbeteña and Punta Mita

Well it´s finally here, High Season for fishing here in Puerto Vallarta which coincides with October 1 which is the official beginning of High Season for tourism in PV as well. The summer is all but over, the kids are back to school, Tourism is picking up as you would expect and the fishing is incredible. Yellowfin Tuna have pulled back a little, less available these days, but the Black Marlin are filling the void. Dorado have moved in at all the fishing grounds and not any too soon. Water Temperatures are perfect, the water is as blue as you could ask for, when it comes to fishing in Vallarta, if you´re lucky enough to be here, then you´re in the right place at the right time amigo. Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is as good as it will get and if you´re a serious fisherman and this doesn´t excite you, then you´re dead!

Those looking for Yellowfin Tuna right now missed the boat from last week when they were circling the Rock and the High Spots. For now it looks like they´re ¨somewhere else¨ but they´ll be back. With bait thinning out in the area with Bonitos and Skippies at the deep water locations the larger fish will be in these areas. That is how the fishing cookie crumbles, but we´ll be ¨baking¨ more shortly… stay tuned.

Trash Line Dorado HangOut 001 600 pxls
Clumps of organic earth, leaves, branches etc are all Dorado Hangouts

Inside the bay, the Trash Line is doing it´s job. Now that we´re seeing rain again in the evenings there are Trash Lines all over the place. Just pick a river and head in that direction. Dorado in the bay are in the 15 to 25 lb size range and taking anything shinny trolled in the clean water near it. Snappers, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Needle Fish and others are all taking part in the Organic Trail mix smorgasbord we call the trash line. Just look for debris, or a log or a branch. Anything that can cast a shadow will have fish around it. Four or six hour fishing trips in the bay are worth the time and money, so have fun with the kids!

09 26 2014 Shaun Fieldler, Magnifico, Bay Dorado 8 hrs, 650 Pxls Txt
Trash Line Dorado, Show up Action at it´s best!

With evening clouds and rain most evenings the bite has been kinda all day. Water is blue, the bait is thinning out. We´re seeing plenty of Chorras (baby Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna) near El Banco and Corbeteña, but inside the bay the bait has pretty much taken a powder for some reason. Yet there are still Sailfish reports for inside the bay near La Cruse and Los Arcos, a little surprising but we´ll take it. As far as lures to run, Petrelaros are still king, brown, purple combo colors are working well as they always do. Live bait is working well also, make sure you hit the bait boats in the morning or you may have trouble making bait at the fishing grounds.

Black Marlin at Corbeteña and El Banco, 500 lbs plus

All and all the fishing is great and as you would expect at this time of the year your best option for now is ten hour trip where you can actually boat some world class Gamefish right now. With Cabo taking it squarely on the chin, Puerto Vallarta is seeing an increase in tourism we normally don´t see until November. A back handed windfall if there ever was one, but they have to go someplace and PV is a logical option. As far as fishing report this week, it´s simple and short. For those of you out there that may want to help some people who are truly in need you can donate whatever you can to these folks through the Bisbee´s Fishing Tournament Organizers who for years and years have supported Cabo with a world class fishing tournament. Bisbee´s is a trust worty organization that will make sure those who need help will get help. It´s been a tough time for these people who are lacking in food, water and electricity. Many people are sleeping in the streets as their homes were destroyed and any help is appreciated. You can donate here at the Bisbee’s Tournament Site: https://bisbeesconservationfund.org/donate/CaboRelief . .    

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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