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Puerto Vallarta is Fish City, Rooster Fish, Marlin, 65 lb Dorado!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Normally at this time of the year I am writing cookie cutter reports about huge Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin and Dorado on Tap, but that has not been the case. So it´s a pleasure to tell you we have once again turned into Fish City as we normally do for weeks and even months before October, normally. We have seen an explosion of species returning to our world famous fishing grounds in increasing numbers. You want to catch something that will be a lifetime memory, then now would not be a bad time amigo. For the locals, you waited for it, it´s time to jump and get out there. Visitors, well you will catch fish, I guarantee it in writing amigo. Time to take action or it´s just going to be another season before you boat that Finned Fantasy you have always dreamed of! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This week the real story is about the changing conditions, water temperatures and the rains. Water temperatures have been a real issue this season and have dropped considerably changing the fishing landscape. Water temps in the 79 to 82 degree range is just perfect. Yellowfin, Tuna and Dorado are loving these changes and with the abundant bait in the water, they´re hitting anything shinny. Bait, doesn´t matter, Google eyes, Bonito, Skip Jacks, all are working well. Lures are working well also, so you don´t need to be rich, just have a few tricks and you´ll be coming in with ¨bucket list life desires¨ in the form of finned fantasy. For the record, Moby Dick is out there now, are you up for the challenge?

Corbeteña for your fuel dollar, from my stand point is the place to be.  Blue Marlin, you bet, not crazy abundant, but out there, same with Black Marlin running in the 750 lb range and downright hungry. Dorado, of course and they´re in the 65 lb range, I MEAN  they´re big! Sailfish in the 110 lb range, tournament winner sized will take anything shinny, lure, bait, car keys, you name it. Cubera Snappers at 65 to 75 lbs are taking surface baits. Yellowfin Tuna, for the most part they´re small in the 60 to 100 lb range, most in the 60´s though. Strange, but we had a 365 lb Monster boated out there a few days prior, this is not the norm, but possible. Rainbow runners to 50 lbs, you name it, it will probably be there waiting for you. Worth the time and money, you bet. One thing you should know, the water is dirty until just about five miles before the rock it turns sapphire blue. So no worries amigo, you´re going to catch world class game fish. This is Deep Sea Fishing at its best, it would be a shame if you missed an opportunity like this! 12 07 07 Gus Huynh 1 Bella Del Mar 111 inch Sailfish Paper 600pxls

El Banco has been left behind a little. Black Marlin in the 600 to 800 lb range are roaming the high spots. They are anything but abundant. Rainbow runners, Sails, Dorado, Cubera Snappers etc. you can copy much of what is happening at Corbetena and paste it here. For the fuel dollar, the high spots historically are better for Monster Yellowfin Tuna, so if you´re targeting that fantasy, hit El Banco. If you´re looking for reliable fishing, no guessing, Corbetena is a better bet for now…

The Marietta Islands, not much to speak of for weeks has now turned into Fish Central. Dorado in the 35 lb range, Skip Jack tuna in the 35 lb range (bait), Snappers, Sailfish, and Rooster Fish up to 80 lbs. Now we´ve been wondering where the roosters have gone and they´ve return to the Marietta Islands. Again, no special tricks of the trade, get there, cast a bait, get ready, it won´t be long before your arms are burning and your face hurts from smiling! Light tackle or fly fishing types, you have no clue what you´re missing. Capt Hector from Pecositas has fly fishing equipment, great quality stuff, lures, etc and the experience. So if you want to fly fish, Master Baiter´s (not masterbaitersfishing) has you covered.. make sure you´re contacting us not the bogus site online for now.

Punta Mita, Black Marlin about ten miles off the point to the High Spots of El Banco, Rooster Fish around the north end, north of Sayulita, surf fishing for Roosters there is working well also. For the surf fishing guys, use a popper or some iron in the form of a heavy spinner or diamond jig. Have fun and be ready for a hella strong fish for their size.

Find a trash line, you´re got fish. Enough said, just get out there already!11 10 08 Mi Jenny 10 hrs Capt. Chema, Jose 350 lb Marlin 001a

By now I am sure you understand that everywhere is perfect. The bay is worth whatever trip you want to take, you will catch blue plate specials all over the bay. The situation is such that the fishing is so good, it really doesn´t matter where you head out to, you´ll have the time of your life. These are the times of the year where Puerto Vallarta got its reputation to begin with. Now with tourism just starting to pick up, you can have fishing ground to yourself. This is a luxury that only a down American economy can create. For those with the means, enjoy your day(s) on the water, you´re living the dream. The stuff life is made of. It´s so much better out there right now than I can hope to express, I thank my lucky fishing stars every day for living in Puerto Vallarta, my paradise. What about you?

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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