Can U Come Out And Play?
Can U Come Out And Play?

Would you know an opportunity if it big you on the butt? Lets see….

If you don´t know me by now, My name is  Stan Gabruk and I am the owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle. I am one of the oldest Sportfishing companies in Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta. I write for several online magazines associated with fishing, Puerto Vallarta Newspapers, local Magazines etc. I just signed on with to do a bi-weekly fishing program / show called Vallarta Fishing Experience and I’ve  just finished my first show. I will let you all know the link when it´s up,  should be a day or so. But keep your eyes on the site things will be added often! 

Anyway, I have this special opportunity that I think those who are coming to Puerto Vallarta (PV to the locals) and thinking of fishing, might be interested in. If this is enticing then you may want to give me a few minutes of your time.  

Like I said earlier, I have this program, pretty cool stuff and I´m having a lot of fun with this. But I have a real problem, I need people to go fishing! Now I am not going to be giving away any free trips, but I will make you and your group the subject of a show!  

If you book a fishing trip with Master Baiter´s, depending on when you´ll be in Puerto Vallarta, I will off you a reduced price on a charter, put a professional film crew on the boat with you, then film your day on the water! You will receive a copy of the finished product and it will be posted online for you and your friends to see. It will also be downloadable so everyone you know can have a copy and be the STAR U ARE!

The video has a $200.00 usd value and is what I would charge for the same, but lesser qualit product.

So there you´ve got it in a Nut Shell Amigos! This is a for real offer, During the best time of the year to boat a real Trophy and have it on film forever and ever!

Now if you look in my eyes of this picture, I am asking you… Point Blank… Can You Come Out And Play? Or do I need to ask your mother first?

Those responding to me Via Facebook as one of my friends will have a leg up since you´ll be the first to hear of this. Early bird and all that….. I am MasterBaiter Stan on Facebook, or invite me via and it´s a done deal….

This isn´t going to be an open ended offer, so get on it or get left behind!

Stan Gabruk

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle®   Email:

011 52 322 209 11 28 Shop / Central Time

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