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                                         Plenty of Bait, Blue Water, Challenging Fishing!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Monster Sized Jack Crevall everywhere!
Monster Sized Jack Crevall everywhere!


These days when clients call or email me asking about fishing I have two basic questions, do you want to go after big fish? Or are you interested in lots of arm burning action? The answer will determine how much you´ll need to spend for a day of fishing that will meet your desires! We have large fish, but they´re moving in then out. We have plenty of Jack Crevalls, Bonito, and 30 lb Snappers with more species on the list, but they´ll be closer in, cheaper to get to and you´ll have plenty of action. For those looking for Moby Dick, well he´s mostly out, but one thing for sure, Marlin are not going to be overly plentiful or easy! So there you have it, go for action or go for larger species, but you could do both!

This week not much has changed from the last article and if you read last week’s article then you know what the deal is amigo. For those that didn´t read the article, we´ve found the roller coaster water temperatures have settled once again in the 79 ish degree level. Bait, nothing changed, bait balls the size of Mc Donald’s, parking lot and are scattered throughout the bay!

Corbeteña, forget about it, well for the next twenty minutes anyway. With so few boats heading out it´s been very difficult to get a feel for what is exactly happening at out deep water fishing grounds. El Banco, I should group them together this week. We´re still seeing warm water temperatures, hovering around79 degrees, I thought by now the warm water species would be moving in, but so far they haven´t. Yellowfin Tuna that was outside El Banco and Corbeteña, well they took a power for parts unknown! With some luck you´ll hit a Wahoo around 80 lbs, Striped Marlin, but you´d be trolling the whole day hoping for a strike, so make the most of it amigos. Cubera Snappers are always at both locations, you may want to bring your jigging rigs or we´ll provide them for you… part of the service! Jack Crevalls, Bonito, maybe Amber jack to 45 lbs. To be straight up, you can get whatever species they have at these deep water locations closer in. Not much reason to hit these fishing grounds until things loosen up. But remember,  it´s the guys that head out to uncertain conditions that we always write about. So don´t be discouraged, be prepared for anything. You can always come closer in and hit the overly available species as a worst case scenario. Not a bad option, take a shot at larger species like Marlin or Sailfish, no bueno, then come back into the Marietta or El Morro area and find plenty of action.

Sailfish Return to El Morro! On GuanaTuna, our 28 ft Super Panga with Capt Scooby
Sailfish Return to El Morro! On GuanaTuna, our 28 ft Super Panga with Capt Scooby

Speaking of El Morro, Punta Mita and of course the Marietta Islands, once again much the same as last week. 35 – 50 lb Jack Crevalls all over the place! Bonito to 30 lbs, Needle fish are still hanging out at 30 lbs, Red Snappers are chasing bait balls and we boated a nice one the other day at 40 lbs, surprising! Sailfish should be around the area, but they´re missing for some reason. Rooster fish are taking a powder it seems, but it doesn´t make sense since we have so many Sardines and Bullet bonito, a favorite of Rooster fish. Still there are a few out there, they´ll be anywhere from 35 to 75 lbs, feeling lucky? Wahoo have been hanging out here for some time now, just remember the best time to hit this razor mouthed white meat fish is in the early morning hours, after that head out for some other species. Striped Marlin are in the area, probably the best location to chase a Billfish for the moment. Stripes have been 15 to 20 miles on the 310 to 320 heading from Punta Mita. Not automatic by any expectation or the imagination, but they´re being boated, it might as well be you! I expect this all to change as we see the warm water species move back in, it does take a little time for this. UpDate: Sailfish are moving into the area as you read this article. The lag between current flows looks to be coming to an end as Sailfish, and not just a few are moving in quickly. Several were spotted in the bay, yes i said the bay feeding on the monster bait balls. Same goes for El Morro, Punta Mita areas. I suspect if we wait a few more days we´ll see fishing improve, hopefully drastically!

More PreHistoric Sized Jacks! They fight like demons!
More PreHistoric Sized Jacks! They fight like demons!

Inside the bay, ditto from last week. At the south end, Yelapa and area, there have been some 20 to 30 lb Football Tuna, but nothing reliable. Sailfish have been seen around the los Arcos area, again. Same goes for the La Cruz area, there one was boated this week. Jack Crevalls all over the place, but in front of Nuevo Vallarta beaches they seem to be thickest as around La Cruz. Bonito are all over the bay as always to 35 lbs. Skippies at 6 lbs, perfect for bait and ceviche! Sierra Mackerals, Needle fish, and all the other regulars in the bay.

So once again your choices come down to if you want to target larger fish and go ¨deep¨. Or go close and catch your fill of action, but nothing that will blow your mind. Well maybe, if you´re used to catching trout, then a Jack will amaze you, and they are amazing! A forty pound Jack Crevall will put any angler to the test and they´re just about as big a you´d want your youngling to have to face! You won´t go wrong in the bay, the rest is for there for the bold!

08 27 2015 Kathleen Moore, Bella Del Mar  6 Hrs 400 pxlsWe´re seeing the bite between 9 am and 11a.m…. Afternoon bite is after 2 p.m.  The water around everywhere is clean, but the water outside the bay is a high visibility blue making baits very visible! Lures: Purple, start there and move to Petrelaros of brown, green and purple colors.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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