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The oil spill Disaster issue just grew a hundred fold! I just had a friend turn me on to this and I have to say it shocks and scares me to my core. As an owner of a sportfishing company this hits home… that is when it comes to fishing.. But now as a human being and an American I have to say i am pissed off and getting more upset by the day.

 The two addresses I have attached are to YouTube and come to find out the press is keeping this story away from the general public so you will only hear  about this here amigos.

Check out the search engine site:


This sounds like a religious program on the radio, bear with it, for the first few minutes, even with the religious stuff, it  has some very interesting information. The back end of the video the are news broadcast from local television stations…. The govt and CNN is not letting this information out like it should…. Scarey stuff and there is plenty of info on YouTube about this. Just type in ¨Oil Spill Rain¨. This is your food supply amigos…. Spread the word, it’s time the country stood up and demanded the shut down,  and there are ways beyond the relief well, now before the world has even more serious issues coming from this unbelieveable catatrophy….. and yes, this is of biblical proportions. Coming for a non-religious guy, this will open your eyes…. Makes the locost plagues in the bible look like a cake walk!

 The search engine search I used is below. There were several other videos people posted, so you can surf for yourself and get the inside the Goverment, CNN and BP don´t want you to know….

Once you´re shocked as well, make your voice heard to your congressman, Senator, Govenor,  neighbor, anyone that cares about this country…..

It all just makes me sick……

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