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Off Season Species Hangin-Out at the Marietta Islands

Written by: Stan Gabruk02 10 2012 Snappers on Andele 600Pxls

Spring like temperatures continue here in Puerto Vallarta which of course is very welcome to the locals and tourist as well. Fishing is incredible as Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin have made their minds up to hang out for a while longer. Plenty of bait in the water and perfect fishing conditions means you can still have that finned fantasy in an eight hour trip. The good news is the fishing is great and while the warm water will eventually turn chilly, for now, it´s time to go fishing!

If you´re looking for smaller fish and a ton of action, then Jack Crevalls are just what the doctor ordered. Inside the bay Jack Crevalls have turned into the dominant species along with Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna and the occasional Snapper. In front of Yelapa there are still Yellowfin Tuna Footballs in the 35 to 45 lb range, but they shouldn´t be there. With the rivers and the structure near the shore and under the water, the fishing is great and to be frank this will be a cookie cutter paragraph for the next few months.

The Marietta Islands are the place to be for the time being. Those who missed the Sailfish this summer have a second chance off the islands with the warm currents that are keeping them in the area. Dorado can run anywhere from 15 to 35 lbs, Rooster fish have moved out, but they were replaced by Jack Crevalls. Not exactly good tasting fish, but they fight like demons and the crew will make good use of them. Some Snappers at 25 lbs, Plenty of Bonito and there are just too many fish to list here. With these strange currents from who knows where we´re seeing some interesting possibilities. Me, I want the Rooster fish to come back. For a 8 hour day, you can have fun…01 17 2013 Magnifico Sierra Mackeral

Corbeteña and El Banco are still sporting Striped Marlin to 250 lbs, Dorado to 40 lbs, Jack Crevalls to 45 lbs, Wahoo of 60 lbs, Sailfish around the rock. I mean it´s like summer, but better with the perfect weather and sea conditions. Yellowfin Tuna from 60 lbs are still running the rock and the high spots. This is a twelve hour day, so you have to weight your options. At the Tres Maria Islands the YF Tuna are still running in the 200 lb plus range, not cheap, but there you are you fanatics!

Punta Mita and off the point is still producing Stripe Marlin, around 175lbs, Dorado at the Buoys running 25 lbs, Rooster fish possibilities around the reef off Sayulita. I mean it´s like summer fishing…

Just a simple reminder, there are a lot of Mexican owned boats now putting very low end products out to people who are only conscience of price. Ask specifically if the the crew includes a captain and a first mate, who both speak English. Nothing worse than wanting something and the crew pretends to speak anything but English, not good.  Make sure you´re moving at a decent pace when heading out, many boats charging going out of business pricing go eight to ten miles an hour to the fishing grounds, not acceptable for anyone who knows fishing. My boats go twenty five miles an hour. You are paying for time with your line is the water, not a tug boat ride to china. This can mean as much as three to four hours more fishing on an eight hour trip. So if you start trolling out of the marina, you got screwed. Make sure you have a radio on the boat, many of these illegal captains and operators are using cell phones as communication tools. That may be great if the captains wife wants to reach him, but it falls short if there is an emergency on the boat. Now imagine the boat is sinking, what are these guys going to do, call the wife and have her send someone thrity miles out to find you?? Sounds stupid doesn´t it, but it is happening all the time. If some guy sporting neck tattoos walking down the street or boardwalk wants to show you his twenty five boat fleet, ask him the captains name, the owners name, and don´t pay any more of a deposit than you have to. This way if the boat that shows up is not what you wanted or they raise the price, walk away and kiss the money goodbye. If somebody rips you off on tours or boats in Marina Vallarta, come by and I will tell you how to get your money back and how to make sure this never happens again. But just use common sense when doing things in PV, it´s safe for sure, but it´s still Mexico, a different culture and a different way of thinking, believe me I know. So be safe, have fun and make sure your greed doesn´t cloud your common sense. For those who think this is sour grapes or trying to squash my competition, that is not the case. I have peole come into my shop everyday and tell me Horror stories. So beware, be safe and have fun, just don´t be stupid!

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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