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Now You See ¨Em¨, Now you Don´t fishing, Dorado at Distant Locations

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

As unpredictable conditions continue we are seeing some days with fish, others with nothing. There seems to be strong currents constantly swirling pushing fish out. Water temperatures are fluctuating as well. With La Nina not exactly following the ¨rules´ we can´t understand what is happening in our world famous fishing grounds. To have even the possibility of Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco in Late January would be a joke if it wasn´t happening. Dorado outside of the

Cubera Snapper in the 50 lb range at Corbeteña
Cubera Snapper in the 50 lb range at Corbeteña

bay at Corbeteña, you´d call me a liar. I won´t even mention the two striped Marlin at Corbeteña that was boated this past week, they too are not playing by the rules. So what do you have here, frustrating conditions.  For those looking for action, sure we have that, no worries. But if you are hoping to check specific summer species off your bucket list in January, you may just get lucky amigo.

Last week were talking about how these strange warm currents coming in form who knows where would probably not last long and those who can should hit it hard and fast before things change. Many have but we´ve seen a slowing in the areas that were producing trophy sized gamefish.  Don`t worry, what gets good will go through a cycle and get good again. We are still seeing clear and fairly blue water in the Bay of Banderas, but the whales are taking their toll on the fishing. When whales show up in the area the smaller fish think they will soon be lunch so they bug out and I mean quick. If you´re in the area with whales, then enjoy the happy accident, but don´t expect to see any sizeable fish, they are like Elvis and have left the building!

El Banco or The Bank had all but died when it comes to Yellowfin Tuna. I could not tell you why, but for some reason the Yellowfin Tuna have been moving in then out. You never  know what you´ll get t hese days at The Bank, but along those lines, anything is now possible. I was thinking this is a freak warm current and it had to move out or change pretty darn quick. Now I am starting to think that this could be around for a while. Yellowfin Tuna are here and they can be anywhere from 40 lbs to 200 lbs. Dorado are here as well in the 25 to 40 lb range. Striped Marlin in the 250 lb range have come in for pictures with more that have been released. The Tres Maria Islands like normal have YF Tuna for the taking, but the eighty miles or so just to get there is enough to make most people look at the other options if you know what I mean

Jack Crevall or Torro as they are called in Spanish

Corbeteña on the other hand has seen some strange yet welcome Dorado action. Yes I said Dorado and who knows why. Running from 30 t o 45 lbs you can have a great day with some arm breaking action. Some days are better than others, so roll the dice. Lures and Google eyes are doing the trick so no need to worry too much about bait, there is plenty now, not like last week. If you are just a touch inward the area between the Marietta Islands and Corbeteña has seen some Striped Marlin as late and since they like colder water temperatures it may be worth it to take a run out this way. Dorado and Striped Marlin are there as are Cubera Snappers for the bottom guys with a host of other unexpected possibilities.

The Marietta Islands and El Morro have lately hit the skids for some reason. For about three days last week things just came to a halt and it left us all scratching our heads. Bait, clean water, favorable water temps, but the currents could wash away a ship wreck. Rooster fish thinned out drastically, Dorado are here as well in the 25 lb range. Sailfish are still in the area and they have been known lately to take what is being offered bait wise. The secret for the Islands are the currents and they have been changing, almost violently causing rough water as tides change. This should settle down the next day or so, so keep an open ear and get those fuel dollars ready to go amigos… Still, Jack Crevalls to 30 lbs, Sierra Mackerals t o 25 lbs,  Snapper, Rooster Fish, Bonito and the list of regulars goes on, just check the latest conditions before making a decision.

Inside the bay for the last two weeks has been weak at best . Small fish for the most part if you got any. Jack Crevalls are not even around as the whales are invading the bay of Banderas as they normally do at this time of the year. We did have a few days where those Yellowfin Tuna have been hanging around Yelapa and began taking baits! Just remember to check  the latest conditions before heading out as things can change before this article hits the newsstands.

All and all the fishing is good, not fantastic or horrible, but good fits at the moment. Those venturing out are getting the target fish they seek, but be ready to be disappointed since things change faster than my ex wife maxed out on credit cards

While you are in town don`t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with the ¨other Malicon¨ in Puerto Vallarta! It`s the second most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta with Restaurant  row and 150 shops of all kinds… I´ll keep an eye out for you!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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