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Almost every day people ask me about getting Fishing Licenses for Mexico and what are the regulations? For the most part they are unknown, there is nobody enforcing them and for the most part only the socially responsible have licenses. But north of us in Puerto Vallarta there has been a

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surge to check fishing boats at the fishing grounds by the local officials. If you don´t have a license,  then they will give you a ticket…. But the ticket  is only six dollar equivalent in pesos… So the 13.00 dollar fishing license per person seems like a joke on some level. And of course they will try and get more out of you, this is your call if caught. But there are laws regulating the catch and species you can target, so again, a little information can go a long way….

Mexican Fishing Regulations, Yes they do exist but for some reason most are not  informed of what they are.For those of you out there that  have been running four to six lines and only have one or two guys fishing, you are breaking the law when it  comes to fishing here in Mexico! Now I know this seems silly, but  the deal is, one pole per person fishing at  any time! So running multiple lines with only one person with a fishing license is illegal. I bet you didn´t  know that now did you??

There is also a point system amigos… fish points if you will.  Billfish, those are ten points, Dorado, Sailfish, Rooster Fish, Tuna all come with different points. So it´s not exactly ten fish, it´s ten fish points and each fish is weighted.

You still need to get your Mexican Licenses from San Diego if coming down from the west coast. Or  like most people they do this on line…..

Looking for a Mexican Fishing license and all the related information, then follow this site: http://www.sancarlosmexico.com/fishregs.html

That is all for now amigos…. book mark this page so you have it  handy if fishing here in Mexico…


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