Master Baiter’s Forges a Partnership with The Dream Yacht Club, The face of Sportfishing and Yachting Has Just Changed for The Better Consumer Wise!

For those of you who know me, you know Master Baiter’s has been around a long time. Longer than most fishing companies in Puerto Vallarta. Way back in 2000 when Master Baiter’s first started business, prices for boats in Marina Vallarta were a joke. The fishing companies were charging less than their cost of operation, hoping for tips to cover their expenses, which of course never did. We all know this is no way to run a business, hoping for tips!? We came in, priced our boats where we at least made a small profit. The others followed suit saying they were cheaper, but never better! These days the locals still price their boats too cheaply, yet people think they are expensive, yet in Cabo San Lucas smaller boats run for almost triple what we charge here in Vallarta for the same boats. Fishing companies are going out of business every year and yet there are always new companies filling in the gap. I guess the fantasy of living the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle in Margarita Ville is everyone’s retirement dream. It normally takes about two to three years for the owners of these companies to see the light and believe. Not coming from Mexico, these American and Canadian owners never really get a handle on what is being done to them, until they go broke, get thrown in Jail or plain just give up. The reality is never as good as the brochure! For those of us who own boats, we know all about the maintenance issues that come along with a boat. I am sure you heard the old joke about: if it floats, flies or fornicates, you want to rent it (I cleaned that up). The thing that makes this comment funny is the mere fact it is true! Airplanes, racing horses (or regular) and boats all fall in this same category. You just never stop putting money into these things, which is why people say the happiest day as a boat owner is the day you sell the boat. But it seems that after a while we forget the aggravation and go get another boat just to start the cycle again. If you have ever read any of my articles, you know I think there is a lot of room for improvement in the Sport Fishing industry. With the reputable companies trying to stay in business as the corrupt officials take under the table payments to allow this sort of thing, it makes it difficult as a straight up company to compete. The clients looking for affordable boats always wish they listened to the little man in their heads who were screaming no at them. Seems like some things never change. At Master Baiter’s we do alright, considering my competition tells everyone in Marina Vallarta that I am dead, out of business or some such nonsense. Anything that will keep people from finding me or going fishing with Master Baiter´s. They understand my clientele knows I will tell them the real deal on fishing, not what puts money in my pockets. The last thing I want to do is tell some guy who has been saving his nickels and dimes for a day on the water is tell him Moby Dick is in the bay! It hurts him, my business and ultimately the fishing business in Puerto Vallarta (PV). I believe long term customers are more important! So I see this sort of thing daily and it drives me crazy. Combine this with those cockroaches that call themselves ¨promoters¨ or ¨agents¨ or some such thing. They walk around with a book of their boats in hand and will always have a better price and of course they are the best in Marina Vallarta! Remember, there are always cheaper, you just have to draw a line and be willing to pay for what you are getting. Well after ten years of seeing these sorts of things happen to good people I have been trying to come up with a way to get people on good boats, at a fair price. Well I found the vehicle and I am proud to announce that Master Baiter´s has formed a partnership with Dream Yacht Club in Marina Vallarta. I was introduced to a new concept in fishing and yachting charters that frankly will change the industry and put those ¨promoters¨ out of business. At the same time it will make those serious about fishing or Yachting take notice. Dream Yacht Club ( will change the face of yacht ownership. OK, so you may be asking ¨How¨? It’s actually very simple, you buy into the yacht club as a member, just like any other Yacht or country club. Membership brings with it the clout to purchase in bulk, mainly Yachts and fishing boats. We take advantage of the power of group ownership of these yachts making it a co-op type situation where we can offer expensive items like Yachts for a fraction of what it would cost to own on your own. Because we have many boats, you can choose which option you may want for you or your family. In essence it is based on the Costco or WalMart theory of volume selling and sharing the savings. Real simple, very basic and while it may not be a new idea in the world of owning a fraction of the yacht, it is new to Puerto Vallarta. Carlos, a friend who is the owner of the Puerto Vallarta Yacht club came and introduced me to his new project. But he had a problem, he wanted to introduce an exclusive, members only Yacht Club to Puerto Vallarta. The plan is to offer access to our beautiful yachts and professional quality fishing boats for a third of what they would cost on the open market to rent. To put this in comparison, a sixty foot yacht goes for seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750) per hour. Take an eight hour day on an Azimut Yacht or 59 ft sportfisher and you just spent six thousand dollars ($6,000). Enough to make most of us cough and put the thought out of our head. But imagine through The Dream Yacht club, you could have the same boat, on my least expensive membership, for sixteen hundred and fifty dollars ($1,650). I charge that for a day on a much smaller and less luxurious boat, not even a yacht. Now that is more affordable, especially if you have a group of people. Question: Does anyone think that access to yachts or world class Sportfishing boats is ever going to get cheaper? Of course not! Now imagine you lock in the price of the boat, fuel, everything for five years. How would you like to do that to everything in your life? The more usage you purchase, the cheaper it gets per trip! Now if you are one of those people that go fishing with me several times a year or just one time a year, as long as you continue to go out fishing and Yachting, your price is locked in. Now with the market in shambles, the Yachting and Fishing industry is struggling to stay on its feet. People still want to go out, nothing has changed about that. With The Dream Yacht Club® you will get better quality, prices and service and still have some change in your pockets. Or you can still go fishing with Paco the crook on a barely in business company boat. Your diminished expectations will help you swallow poor service, lack communication Spanish speaking crews, poor quality equipment, etc. It is ultimately your choice. You may feel like you got a raw deal and you probably did, this industry has never been cheap and it is not for everyone! With the club, you get top quality Yachts and fishing boats for a fraction of what you would spend ANYWAY! But it still may not be for you, in that case, come fishing or yachting with me. Other than the club, I am still your best option at Master Baiter´s. Everyone likes the idea of having a yacht at their beck and call, but nobody likes the expense. In fact it is the only reason more of us don´t own a boat or a Yacht. But the Dream Yacht club puts a Yachting lifestyle within reach of those who have to live in the real world but still want to enjoy the better things in life, yachting being one of them. Make no mistake, this is not a timeshare, it is a bonafied and exclusive Yacht Club. You don’t just come walking in off the street and think you can lounge around the club without being a member. This has nothing to do with you signing up for an endless program that doesn’t work and was never meant to. Dream Yacht club has been in business for nine years now and we have decided to make our yachts and Sportfishers available to those who cringe at the daily rental rate, let alone own the thing. Now for the first time in Puert

o Vallarta, you can essentially lock up ownership without having to buy the whole boat. And not just one boat, but a whole line of luxurious Yachts and more. The bottom line folks is this, the fishing industry has to change and this is one way to achieve the goal of having a quality of life at a real world price. If you take the Malibu (calif) Yacht club, you would spend more than two hundred thousand dollars to join, and you get access to the club house and its members! I am in the process of building a Facebook page for us so you can see the members’ happy faces as they go out into the bay enjoying their membership. There are no secrets here, no hidden cost, no blackout dates (holidays can get busy), and no reservation problems with thirty days notice. Less than thirty days we’ll do what we can. But we can always do something that will meet your needs! We have the boats and the power to make this a reality in your life. So needless to say, I am excited and now working with my clients, friends and corporations to make the quality of boating in Puerto Vallarta better……. OH, did I mention we have Los Cabos, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta as member locations (we own the clubs there). We will be expanding into Mazatlan, Ixtapa, and Playa Del Carmen in 2010. 2011 and 12 brings even more exciting locations including Maui, St. Lucia, St. Martin, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale and the list goes on from there. So stay tuned, Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle, a leader in the Sportfishing Industry invites you to come take a look at this new innovation and see if it is right for you. As an introductory enticement, we are offering a four hour cruise in the bay for $299 dollars. This is less than half what I would charge you for cruise with food, drinks and great company! Since I manage the Dream Yacht Club, my promise to you is superior service, no hassles and a luxury Yachting lifestyle based in reality. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions. Or go to our Facebook page and see our Newest Members as they enjoy the membership for the first time. There are those who don’t want you to know this option exist. They will say all sorts of things, but the real bottom line here is Yachting and Sportfishing are both out of reach for the majority of those who would love to experience a Yacht or Marlin on the end of your line. This gives affordable options to those who want the lifestyle, yet have to live in the real world. Being one of those people, I am proud to have an outstanding option to present to the interested public. Puerto Vallarta is one of the top ten rated private marinas in the world, come enjoy it as a member! I will be doing a program from the Yachts shortly on my program: Vallarta Fishing Experience so keep an eye on or go to and check out my file of programs.

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