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 Finally, there are signs that the late winter fishing condition in Puerto Vallarta Fishing Grounds are starting to crack !!

Rooster fish: Lately they have been on and off again at the Marietta Islands to El Morro. Some have been boated in the seventy pound range (70lb). But they are on again / off again feeders. But with the way they were hitting yesterday I believe we may be coming out of spawning season. For some reason the Rooster fish have been taking baits at the San Pancho area. This is a ten hour distance day and if you are looking for larger Rooster, this is where they are. With the Marietta Islands so full of fish, this is a productive area that is always active. So you’ll need to make a decision on whether or not to risk the fuel budget.

Striped Marlin: Well, Stripers are out there, but with the low number of fishing trips, there have been very little to see or hear about from the docks. The day before yesterday (5/9/2010) twenty seven miles North West off the point of Punta Mita, just past El Banco, there are Striped Marlin in the 250 to 400 lb range. There hook-ups and releases there on Sunday. We’ve been seeing some football Yellowfin Tuna here as well, and this is exactly as it should be for this time of the year. Another sign of cracking conditions. Still not worth heading out for twelve or more hours, be patients, summer is just around the corner.

Dorado: There are some nice sized Dorado for you amigos. But it’s the same old story, you´ll have to go find then at the Grayovitos area or twelve hour day no matter how you slice it. You will also find more Sailfish in this area as well…. With not many Dorado in the area, if you want it, this is where you will find it!

Water Temperatures: We are seeing the humidity climbing up the scale the last couple of days. Now while it will make visitors sweat, it is very late for these weather patterns to be finally changing. With winter slow to go, we have been on hold waiting for the warmer water temps to tempt fish in the area. It looks like things are loosening up weather wise. The days are inching warmer and with the humidity raising it is a good sign that currents are finally changing and heading in the right direction, which would be north. But with the currents changing violently with tides, it can be work finding fish closer in. So avoid the extreme tides where possible and you may have a day to remember.

I appreciate you all reading what I have to put out there in the fishing world. I suggest several locations / sites to choose from for a variety of articles on fishing in PV or elsewhere. Many are free to post articles on, but all are professional and worth your time. For those of you looking to find more useful information, check out these sites: www.Tidalfish.com , www.ReelReports.com, www.InTheBite.com, www.Sportfisherman.com, World wide fishing guide (www.worldwidefishing.com) , Western Outdoor News (www.won.com), www.banderasnews.com for articles of information on fishing and Puerto Vallarta in general. These are professional sites, many you can post on for free as captains or enthusiast. You will not find content you would not want your twelve year old reading!

Me, I am in the fishing industry, you all know that. But what you may not know is any boat in Marina Vallarta that rents and many times doesn´t rent I can get for you. The boat is the easy part, the captain / crew / and equipment is what the day of fishing is all about, it’s an equation that adds up to fish. You can have a beautiful and expensive boat come in with no fish. You can have a beautiful and expensive boat with a good Capt. / crew / Equip and catch fish. The Moral of that story is the fish could give a shit about the boat. No matter how much you spent on that boat, if the bait is uninteresting or you are in a dead location, it’s the captains experience makes the difference. So in turn this means cheaper or less expensive boats can be equipped nicely, have great captains and crews. They come in with fish when others don´t and they´re professionals that show up sober in the morning and will bust their asses to get you fish. Now this boat and crew will cost you less than the expensive ones and still get you fish. Now me, this is the sort of boat I am looking for. Large, expensive, fancy is all nice when I am with the girls and I need to bribe them on the fishing day. But when my friends and I head out, we fish ugly! If you are not some Rolex wearing rich guy, then we need to figure out how we can head out fishing on the money we have, and still come in with a trophy? Now there, I can help.

One thing that is almost impossible to find is information on Captains and Crews. If you read about a captain owned boat, that is another thing. But if you are looking for a great boat, not beautiful, with a good crew and is well equipped, how would you find it if all you could do was ¨trust¨ the guy you´re talking with. If that agent is speaking broken English and things just don´t seem right, they aren´t. If they are trying to use timeshare to make your fishing charter cheap, then you have a decision to make. Me, I know what I would say. By the way, Master Baiter´s has no involvements with Time share hotels or vacation ownership programs of any kind….. Even reading articles can leave you wanting for information on which captains are catching fish and which wish they were catching fish. Not all captains are created equal or think like a professional and they don´t post articles after long day fishing. If all you are is a pay day, you will feel it….. There are plenty of those out there. Protect yourself with specific questions like captains’ name, boat name, experience, etc. They weed themselves out quickly if you have a few questions you know the answer to. Also, just a small warning, if you deal with any fishing company and they won’t give you a specific boat name, run…. Do not walk from those people!

Again, knowing a thing or two, informed with whatever information is out there on the net, you can call bull… on their statements of Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin in the bay. Man, I saw that the other day at my competitors and had to laugh. If you can´t get business on reputation, lie! For me, this makes the hair on my neck stand up. You see, I was one of those guys who used to watch the Wide World of Sports (aging myself) and watched the Marlin Fisherman boat a Monster Black Marlin. I thought to myself that ¨someday¨ I would be in that fighting chair. I also learned a lot of lessons I will never forget and will do all that I can to help you avoid them as well if at all possible.

My bottom line as a Sportfishing Company in Puerto Vallarta is this: I see people everyday looking to catch that ¨bucket list¨ fish. The one time this person may ever have the chance to catch a trophy gamefish and he is looking for real, heart-felt advice on conditions and what he could best do to get that finned fantasy of his dreams. To tell this person a story to get his money and forget about what he had to go through to get here is not what Master Baiter´s is all about. If there are no fish, I will tell you to save your money. If there are fish, I will tell you what the plan will be and what the latest and greatest information is. If you have the forethought to contact me, I will give you an idea of the best time of the year to plan your trip. But at Master Baiter´s ¨We Don´t Jerk You Around¨ is more than a slogan. It´s our promise for quality, service and met expectations. When I see this sort of thing happen, it makes me mad and it’s a shame I could not have saved this guy from himself.

Right now we have summer coming on, that means that soon there will be Giant Black Marlin, Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and Dorado all over the fishing grounds. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the cheap hotels and air fares, now would be the time to start planning. When August comes, fishing explodes. As we enter September the tourists go home leaving Puerto Vallarta to the Sport Fishing fanatics, magazines and film crews. High season for fishing in Vallarta is in full swing and will continue into late January. So keep reading, researching and learning. If you ever have a question on anything related to fishing or Puerto Vallarta in general, feel free to ask…..

My name is Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and tackle. Don’t be fooled by pirate companies using my name In Mexico, this takes years to stop, so don´t be fooled, go with the original and never look back…. www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish……

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