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 Massive Bait, Cooler Water, Marlin & Dorado in Bay

            Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

After all these years of writing articles many consider me an expert on the fishing world of Puerto Vallarta. For the moment we’re seeing some interesting conditions, primarily cold currents coming up from the south, not north. This is changing the water conditions and the species we’re presently seeing in the area. Yes we still have Marlin of all varieties, but we’re also seeing cold water species like Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerel’s and Needle fish mixed in with our normal summer species. The added “plus” side is that we have even more fish to choose from for your daily fishing list. The down side is this indicated the early arrival of winter waters. Stay tuned!

This week we’ve seen cold currents drop the water temperatures to right at 80 degrees, another significant drop and the second in two weeks. This hasn’t stopped the fishing any and Marlin are finally to be had at El Banco! Yes, I said El Banco as there have been some big Black Marlin in the 600 lb range taking live baits and sometimes ignoring your bait. Sailfish are also in the area as you’d expect, but the numbers are picking up as well. Dorado are also hanging around the “High Spots” where there are peaks that come as close as 60 ft from the surface. Normally a prime fishing location the whole summer has been less than interesting at this world famous fishing location. For now there is ample reason to head to El Banco to try for that Finned Fantasy you’ve always dreamed of. For once I can say that Corbetena is following El Bancos lead. Corbetenas main advantage as always is that it’s closer and cheaper to get to. With fuel prices and “time” always being too short Corbetena remains my first choice. Once again I should emphasize that the area between these two fishing ground is fertile as well. Many a Marlin has been boated in the deep canyons and channels in between, a fact the locals know all too well. Throw in some Cubera Snappers for the jiggers and the possibility of a Wahoo and cross your fingers! One interesting thing, the Skippies aka Skip Jack Tuna are all full of eggs. So for the next week or two you could find it difficult to get Skippies to take your bait, so you have bigger bait, make sense?

The area around Punta Mita to El Morro is alive with Flying fish. As a result there are 25 lb Dorado and good sized Sailfish cruising the area. Rooster fish are around the La Cruz Marina area north chasing Sardines that have been increasing in numbers for the last few weeks. Throw in the Jack Crevalls at 25 lbs that are increasing in number. Include a dash off Sierra Mackerel’s and 30 lb Needle fish then you’ve got a fun day ahead of you. Figure eight hours with the possibility of a rouge Marlin and a smile that won’t go away!

Needle Fish, they have a bill and they’re great “fighters” .. but they look a little weird… Great Tasting!

Inside the bay it’s just plain weird! We’ve seen water temperatures hold a little warmer than the deep water locations, an invasion of bait like Krill Squids and Shrimps. This means that most of the locals are stuffing themselves with this abundant food which can make it difficult to get them to pay attention to your presentation. Then there are those that take the bait quite easily and readily. I guess it just depends on if you get to them before they find the equivalent of a fish McDonalds! Dorado are hanging out at Los Arcos as are Sailfish. Dorado are not unusual, Sailfish are and they’re at La Cruz Marina as well, go figure. Buddy our Panga released a 250 lb Black Marlin four hundred years off the beach in front of the Sheraton and last week there was a 500 lb Black Marlin boated off La Cruz! Rooster fish off Estella Dera, between La Cruz and the point. For now many times the bay fishing has been better than the longer durations. But of course fishing is 70% skill and 90% luck, to use a Yogi-ism. For the recreational fisherman fishing in the bay is perfect. For the person looking for larger species the longer durations hold the possibility of a bucket list fish. Decisions, Decisions!

We’re seeing Red Snappers in the bay and around the area. Great tasting, but they are stuffing themselves with Shrimp and Krill Squids!

Water temperatures this week have dropped at the deep water locations to 80 degrees with swirling currents. But in the bay things are still on the warmer side of 83 degrees, this explains the warm water species of Marlin and Sailfish moving into the bay. Normally this is very unusual but for the last year we’ve seen this happen more and more. With bait on the constant increase, which is one reason the Whales are here, fishing if great. The bite for some reason is on the later side about mid-morning around 10:30 a.m.  So leaving too early will not help your cause amigos. For now live bait is king. With so much Krill Squid and Shrimps you may find making bait difficult as these fish are full! With Skippies getting ready to lay eggs they’ve been in a feeding frenzy but looks to have stopped as it’s time to now lay eggs. If you can make bait then fill those tuna tubes, even if it’s closer in, make it, could be difficult at the deep water locations!! As a reminder, the holidays are coming soon and we’ll be out of boats to book early. If thinking of going on a boat for any reason, reserve early so you can guarantee a boat during the holiday period here in Marina Vallarta. I always run out of boats to book and the best captains always go first, so keep that in the back of your mind.

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish! 

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