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                                     Marlin Return in Style at El Banco / Corbeteña!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

06 10 2016 Misc Photos for Fishing Reports 650 Pxls MBTextAt this time of the year we normally get a transitional period where the cold water fish move out and the warm water species like Sailfish and Marlin move in big time. Water Temperatures have jumped dramatically as we see warm southern currents doing their job. But this year we´re faced with the possibility, I should say probability (NOAA 70% chance) of a la Nina, So we´ve seen funny things happen with water temps, especially up north around Cabo where the fishing reports are less than exciting as their water temperatures are ¨chilly¨. We´ve also seen a slight drop in water temperatures which is going the wrong direction. Somehow with these changing conditions Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin and some Black Marlin have found their way in the area around the deep water fishing grounds. Right now we´re 70% sure if you go out for eight hours or more, you´ll boat a Trophy Billfish! I suspect that since the water in Cabo is in the 74 degree range we´re getting the benefits of that. And since PV is only 350 miles or so south of Cabo so we will most likely see this ¨migration¨ continue.

It´s nice to finally report something other than the same old cookie cutter reports where I take conditions and focus on the positive. This week we are seeing some real action. I got reports around last Wednesday from Capt. Cesar of Magnifico that there were many striped Marlin strikes just to find everything changed the next day to a fish ghost town! Well, that has changed once again, frankly I was expecting what is happening now last week. So Much for Life in Fish City!!

IMG-20160108-WA0001The funny thing about our deep water fishing locations is they´re about twenty five miles apart, we´re referring to Corbeteña and El Banco, aka The Bank. You would think that with them being in fairly close proximity, these fish would be bouncing back and forth like pin balls, but that´s not the way it works amigos. For the last several weeks I´ve been reporting them both as if they were the same animal, this week there´s a difference. El Banco, where if there are fish, the chances of them being larger than other locations is pretty good. Bait conditions are unchanged from last week and the ¨locals¨ are eating everything they can find. With Bullet Bonito (more like small bonito) all over the place, it´s one of the favorite baits for all species. This week it seems Blue Marlin and Striped Marlin have finally followed them to the high spots! Blue Marlin in the 400 to 600 lb range (possibly larger) are in decent numbers and you´ll get strikes, if you boat them is up to you Senor Angler! It seems everyone heading to El Banco is coming in with a Marlin, so get your butt in gear because things change quickly around here. Sailfish are also in the area as well in a decent size range of 45 kilos or around 100 lbs. Cubera Snappers are a no brainer at 55 lbs, some are chasing surface baits. Jack Crevall of course in the 45 lb range everywhere. Bonito to 35 lbs, Wahoo in the 60 lb range and with some luck a Black Marlin, may sighting, one boated here this week at 575 lbs. So there are fish at El Banco and it´s about time. If you´re going to take a run at Yellowfin tuna they´ve been hitting just about anything, but cedar plugs are working very well, feathers also… now use this information wisely!

Corbeteña has been a little different this week, Sailfish are getting thicker by the moment, and Blue Marlin for the moment seems to be a little smaller in the 250 to 400 lb range. Naturally we have Cubera Snappers, Rainbow at 45 lbs, Jack Crevalls of course 40 lbs, Bonito 35 lbs, you get the idea. Definitely worth your time and money amigo, but you need to be here first!

06 08 2016 Bella Del Mar, Stan & Friends 650 pxls MBTexxtAround the point of Punta Mita we´re seeing many Striped Marlin coming in. This is an eight hour day to get to this area and now it´s a great deal. Sailfish are getting thicker as we would expect. Jack Crevalls of course, Bonito, not too many Rooster fish around the surf line but with so many Sardines especially in the bay it surprises me we´re not seeing Rooster Fish more abundant, stay tuned. Wahoo around El Morro with the possibility of Snappers 10 to 25 lbs around the area, especially the Marietta Islands. The whole are is close enough to check them all out, just make sure your captain has a radio to hear the other captains calling out where the fish are. Remember we all try and share information like this so we all do well and help the industry as a whole. Something to remember on these illegal and cheap fishing boats!! Not to mention the safety angle of not having a radio, cell phones don´t cut it! Plenty of bait and blue water, time to hit it.

Marlin at the GaffInside the bay, for what has been the best fishing in weeks is still great and for the family guy looking for smaller fish for the younglings then a four to six hour trip will be short enough to be interesting and action enough to make the trip seem too short in length! With Jack Crevalls, Bonito to 30 lbs, Sierra Mackerals to 20 lbs, Snappers of all sizes from very small to larger, freak chance of Sailfish around Los Arcos and La Cruz Marina still has me scratching my head. The fishing is great in the bay and it looks like we´ll be moving into some better fishing days as the weeks go by.

The bite is early, be where ever you want to be before 9 a.m. in the morning, Afternoon bite is around 2:30 p.m to about 5 P.M. Water Temps: well they´re in the 78 to 81 mark depending on the location. The area around Punta Mita was 78 degrees, so this is a little strange and we´re looking for strange as we have a strong possibility (70% chance) of La Nina as reported by NOAA for this year. Cabo has lower than normal water temperatures and this could mess with their fishing. It will affect us also here in PV, but we´re farther south and we normally have warmer water than Cabo, only time will tell but keep an eye on Cabo as an ¨indicator¨. Bait: We have bait, every kind of bait you could hope for so no issues with bait at all. Lures, same as before, Petrelaros of brown, green and purple should be the first lure you try, then go to purple and silver. We have blue water everywhere so water is not an issue. Cabo is plagued with the clean green water so we´ll be looking to see if this condition moves this way.

In summary the fishing has improved dramatically and conditions couldn´t be better. Perfect water temps, perfect bait conditions, blue water, fish, and it´s all improving daily! So if you´re in PV and you´re a fisherman, take advantage of the deserted fishing grounds and improving action.

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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