Mahi Mania at Corbeteña
Mahi Mania for Brian and Ann Stewart, Sea Sick and all....

The days continue to be warm and the nights are pleasant with light breezes and tropical surroundings. People are coming back slowly as cold weather patterns in the States nudge people into escaping for a short while. With the values at the hotels and around the city, Marina Vallarta has never been a better value. Those interested in Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing still have a chance to hook into a finned fantasy like a Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna. Sailfish, Dorado and even Wahoo are available to those with a full day to spend on the sapphire blue waters in our world famous fishing grounds. Remember ¨tomorrows have a habit of turning into ¨I should have yesterday when I could have(s) ¨. For those who do decide to take advantage of our Big Game fishing, Corbeteña right now is the place to be. Everything is just percolating out there. With plenty of bait in the water, you’ll find birds diving into huge bait balls like Kamikazes. As you pull up to a bait ball like this, the action can be intense, and everyone has their part. As you look out over the water, you see the Yellowfin Tuna hurling themselves through the center of this boil like missiles! Then you hear the reels as they scream for attention. You get the harness on, and you’re in the game. Other Players include Blue and Striped Marlin (275 lbs), Sailfish (80 inches), Dorado (30-50 lbs), Wahoo (40 – 65 lbs), Cubera Snapper (35-65 lbs) and the list goes on. Live bait is king right now, but remember you’ll have big Yellowfin hit hoochies as well, don’ be afraid to mix things up a little. Put yourself in the picture and live a little amigos! Marietta Islands are alive with the invasion of Jack Crevalls, Toro’s, Mackerals, Dorado, Sailfish and Needle fish to name a few. Of course this is a very flexible location and with some warm water there is always the outside chance of a Striped Marlin. It’s a great place to head out to, especially with those not willing to spend ten hours on a boat. Oh, buy the way, I have a new panga that is heading out to the Marietta Islands for $250.00 usd, two people comfortable, and three max. So there really is no reason to let the chance at some great sport fishing pass you by. Even less expensive for shorter durations. You may even see a whale out there! The shore lines from Cabo Corrientes to Punta Mita all have potential. Lots of Spanish Mackerals have moved into the area, in the middle of the bay you’ll find Jack Crevalls. River mouths have Snook and the structure and rocky areas have snapper. Be careful though, the baby Manta Rays will eat baits bouncing off the sandy bottoms around here! North of Punta Mita is still keeping anglers in action. Rooster fish the last couple of weeks have turned up at the Sayulita area and hopefully will hand around for a while. We were looking for these guys all summer, they had other ideas I guess. North of the point from ten to twenty five miles is one of those areas that will always guarantee results. Dorado and Sailfish are the main players here, but Striped and Blue Marlin will be in the deeper water. If you’re in the La Cruz Marina, this is a close and valid option for small dinero amigos! Remember I have an online store now at: I only have two styles for now, but if it has a decent response, I will increase the product line. Maybe get into serious tackle, stay tuned. Until Next week, don´t for get to kiss your fish. I have finally gotten my web page up to sell T-shirts to you in the United States and not have to charge you an arm or leg to get them. They are priced to sell at $19.99 (Cheaper than in PV). Go to: and you’ll see the one or possibly two styles of shirts we’re starting with. We will be adding more and more items as we see what kind of response we get. The icon is not up quite yet on the web site, webmasters….. My Blog: Facebook: www.facebook/ and look for me on Twitter as: MasterBaiters ….. Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle ™ is a registered trade mark and is protected under Mexican and international law. Unlawful use of this trade mark will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law in the applicable country We have World Famous T-shirts, Hats and other souvenirs items to choose from. We’re recommended in Fodor’s Travel guide, Trip Advisor and others for Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. For T-shirts, Tours and plain information Phone from Canada / USA: 011 52 322 209 11 28.. In P.V.: (322) 209 11 28

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