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Marietta Islands Explode With 50 lb Rooster Fish

Written by Stan Gabruk

Well if you´ve been reading my recent articles I mentioned several weeks how the champagne days of fishing were coming to an end. They aren´t dead yet, but the indicators for cold water have arrived with the Jack Crevalls and Sierra Mackerals. Change is in the currents amigos and winter fishing is knocking on the door. But fear not, we still have Yellowfin Tuna and plenty of bait, but say good bye to Cow Country!

50 lb Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands

You can go back years and find how Jack Crevalls and Sierra Mackerals are the first players or indicators that cold currents are beginning to arrive and they´re right on time. Now you may say what does this mean to me, Joe Tourist and my fishing options. Well it means shorter days, lower cost, arm burning action on light tackle and guaranteed smiles. Most stop hunting Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna shortly after the New Year because you can set your watch normally by the currents changing just one day after New Year’s Day! That means everything is on time.

At the Marietta Islands, Rooster Fish have moved in like an army of bad tempered tourist that just had to deal with the timeshare gauntlet at the airport. What´s more, they´re running 50 lbs and they´ll hit anything that is shinny! You don´t have to get fancy with these fish, just get something, they´ll hit your car keys with a hook! Dorado are thinning out quickly and those finding these gold and blue beauties will be lucky indeed. Short season this year for Dorado and they never really hit the sizes we are used to. Something to think about. Sailfish are fewer and farther between, more seasonal indicators. From now until June you can expect this condition to continue. But the Rooster fish are temperamental, they can be here for months, then BAM, they´re gone. Hit it while you can amigos and you´ll be out there mostly alone. Snappers, Skip jack tuna, Arctic Bonito and a host of other players on any given day.

Lots of Roosters at the Marietta Islands…

Corbetena is seeing Yellowfin Tuna Footballs running with Spinner Dolphin. Come summer these Spinners are welcome sights as they ride the bow wave of warm currents. The opposite is the case come fall, they seem to lag behind to catch what water temps best suite them. Just another indicator as we move into winter fishing. Sailfish are still at the Rock, but this will change rapidly. If you have the time and the inclination, you may still be able to boat this bucket list fish! Wahoo have been boated more or less accidentally where the hook hit them perfectly and these are the best tasking fish you´ll find around. They call these fish Ono´s in Hawaii… Cubera Snappers for jiggers, Dorado around 25lbs, again short timers now. Still worth your time and effort, but you better hurry. 

Striped Marlin have shown up at El Banco, another indicator. They will not be hanging here from long, just a few weeks at best, so again, don´t hesitate, the universe is calling your name. Cubera Snapper, Amber Jacks, Rainbow Runners and Spinners with Football Tuna in the 50 lb range. Still on the small side, but on the fun side as well. Remember everything counts in large amounts amigos. Hit em hard, they taste great when they´re in this range.

Footballs running with spinners at El Banco

Soon we´ll have fields of Red Snappers and Jack Crevalls everywhere. For now we are lucky enough to have the lingering effects of summer as we enter January, a treat indeed. But times are changing so for those looking for short and inexpensive fishing trips can have their way and still catch fish.

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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