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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

01 11 2016 Striped marlin on Mamasita 8 hrs, Punta Mita, 500 pxls MBTextWhat a difference a week can make and this week we´re seeing what we probably shouldn´t be, thank El Nino for this amigos! Sailfish, you bet, Marlin are all over our world famous fishing grounds. Dorado increased in size and abundance, Wahoo return, Football Tuna all over the deep water fishing grounds of Corbeteña and El Banco. The bay is boiling with action and frankly if you show up,  you´ll catch fish. Short days smaller gamefish, longer days, more expensive I might add, bigger fish. Summer fishing in High Season, YeHa!

01 12 2016 Dorado, Mamasita, 8 hrs 500 pxls MBTextWith high visibility blue water just four miles of the Punta Mita Point, we have a list of species that is definitely impressive, especially since we´re seeing summer species on a Winter Calendar! Punta Mita, El Morro, and the Marietta Islands are all finally working. El Morro: Dorado and Wahoo are around the area. Remember Wahoo have a razor mouth so you need to run wire leader if targeting this non-schooling fish. Sailfish a real possibility around El Morro. Punta Mita is Dorado city and you can pretty much count on two per trip right now. Head out a little farther towards El Banco and you have a good shot at Striped Marlin. Now when Stripers show up we normally consider then an end of the summer fishing season indicator. Not this year, with water temperatures in the 79 to 80 degree mark we don´t expect things to change quickly. With California getting hit with cold weather storms we´re seen a push of these warm water species south to our corner of the fishing world! Marietta Islands, you are seeing smaller Rooster fish in the 15 lb range, small I know, but don´t be surprised if your forearms get crampy fighting these demon fish. Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito 25 to 40 lbs, Sierra Mackerals, Larger Needle fish to 45 lbs and the list goes on. Get in the area, catch fish, it´s just that simple!

01 18 2016 Naven Gidwani, Sailfish at Los Arcos, Nofa, 4hrs 600 pxls MBTextCorbeteña and all areas in between, emphasize all areas and you´ll be at the right place. Huge area you may say and you´d be right. Starting with Corbeteña Marlin or the Blue or Black variety are running anywhere from 350 to 700 lbs with the average being around 500 lbs, not a small fish! Yellowfin Tuna are in the football range of 40 to 60 lbs, not Monsters but we´ll be happy with what we´re seeing in late January! Dorado anywhere from 35 to 50 lbs and they´re picking up in numbers, go figure. Sailfish of course and Cubera Snappers in the 55 lb range for you Jiggers! Sometimes they´ll take trolled bait, so be ready. Plenty of bullet Bonitos around, favorite bait. Flying fish everywhere, Goggle eyes and who knows what else. Ditto this for El Banco and for those with the fuel, the area almost exactly in the middle has deep channels and spikes to check out so put those expensive electronic to the test. Oh, the Bottle Nose Dolphin have moved on for the most part, so the rock is happening!!

Inside the bay is a fisherman’s wonderland and I haven´t said anything close to that for some time. Down between Yelapa and Los Arcos you´ll find Dorado in the 30 to 40 lb range, nice sized Sailfish in the 75 to 90 lb range, average sized I guess you ´d say. Jack Crevalls 35+ lbs near Nuevo Vallarta with more Sails in the area. Needle fish are weird looking but great tasting with some nice action. Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito to 30 lbs, Sierra Mackerals everywhere to 15 lbs. Plenty of bait, the water if beautiful, we´re finally firing on all eight cylinders.

01 14 2016 Dorado on Mamasita, 8 hrs, 500 pxls MBTextThe bite: is happening around 8:00 a.m so get out early. Water temps are around 80 degrees, but a little cooler in the bay. Plenty of bait in the form of Goggle Eyes, Flying fish, Bullet Bonito and Skippies. Plenty of Bonito for Chorras (a basic term for bait sized fish under 35 lbs normally). Lures: Petrelaros of course with purple and black and pink lures with blue skirts and black dots are a good choice to start with. Remember always run one lure, the Wahoo are hitting these colors as well, good luck amigos!

Shared boats for 8 hrs targeting Dorado has been very popular! Just fire me an email so I know when you´ll be here and we´ll do the rest. The Downtown Store on Basidillo Badillo and Insurgentes is open for High Season. Call Chris (El Centro Mgr) at (044) 322 112 9558 for fishing, tours or T-shrts amigo.  I am still in Marina Vallarta so take your pick. YeHa!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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