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Large Rooster Fish Invade Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter ´s Sportfishing and Tackle

Well we are now seeing some great weather in Puerto Vallarta as the tourist / Snow birds begin their annual trek back to our little corner of Paradise. Whales are moving in and getting thicker by the day. Water temperatures are still on the downward slide, but not cold. Rooster fish (30-65 lbs) invade the Marietta Islands and off the Reef at Punta Mita. At Corbeteña as we move into winter fishing conditions does not mean the fishing is tapering off, for those still interested in Big Fish, we still have them, but  don`t  delay if you´re looking for Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna.

Corbeteña is still doing well with Sailfish, large Dorado in the 45lb range. Black Marlin are thinning out a little and a little smaller in the 400lb range. Cubera Snappers to 60lbs, Yellowfin Tuna in the smaller ranges from 45 to 160lbs if you can get them to turn their head with all the Krill Shrimp in the area.  This is the favorite food for Yellowfin Tuna and when they are in the area, if you are not running squid or Shrimp, then target something else. One thing to remember is the bite is happening in the morning hours around 7 a.m. if targeting YF Tuna.

Capt Chema Holding Butchs Rooster fish and Bob Drake with his Dorado
Capt Chema Holding Butchs Rooster fish and Bob Drake with his Dorado

The bay is smoking and a six hour trip is a great value and there is plenty of action for your fishing buck amigos! Off Yelapa, Los Arcos and north near Nuevo Vallarta there have been Yellowfin Football Tuna for weeks and right now for those catching the bite right they are in the 35 to 60lb range. Probably the best fishing deal in PV for sure. Sierra Mackerals, Jack Crevalls, California Bonito that are great eating, Snappers and the list goes on.

As we move deeper into winter we are seeing an invasion of Rooster fish at the Marietta Islands and at the Reef off Punta Mita this week. For those interested in taking a shot at some Dorado, then you are still in luck, but again, don`t doddle amigos, you may find yourself wondering where they went. Sailfish are also around these two locations as well, so take 8 hrs and go have some fun! Money is tight, no worries, I have options! Bonito, Sierra Mackerals, Sailfish and more are here at the Marietta Islands and around El Morro as well. After months of slow action at the Marietta Islands it´s great to see some action here!

All and all the fishing is still great, but we are moving into a transition period from summer to winter fishing conditions as we speak. Moby Dick and his brothers will be moving out shortly, but his cousin will be in the area all winter in the form of Sailfish some Striped Marlin, but not many up north near San Pancho.

Jake Robbins, Bella Del Mar, 8 hrs
Jake Robbins, Bella Del Mar, 8 hrs

Now that I have the report details finished I want to talk about why it is important to remember seasonal weather patterns and water temperatures. When we come into the winter, one of the first signs we are seeing winter currents and weather conditions are the arrivals of species like Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals and of course the Whales. Another thing that happens is the arrival of Krill Shrimp and Squids, Tuna and of course Whale food. When we see these colder water conditions coming into the area you have to be aware of what is happening and then improvise and adjust to take advantage of these changing conditions. If you are a boat that is not equipped to take advantage of these conditions, then you just paid too much for the boat you´re on. I am sure you expected a well equipped boat for the money you paid. Now being well equipped means having squid rigs or squid lures on hand. It means running light line on these lures or you´ll scare away a line shy Yellowfin Tuna. Small or large, they are Yellowfin!

Now when you are talking about YF Tuna like we are, Fluorocarbon leaders are a basic necessity if you are targeting Yellowfin Tuna of any size as I just mentioned. Many people know to ask for it, but asking for it seems simple enough and the answer will automatically be yes. But in Mexico you have to ask the second question that seems like it is unneeded like ¨How heavy a line are you using?¨ Now this is the correct fluorocarbon question, because the answer is most likely 400 lb leader. Now this is like running a telephone cable expecting it to be invisible in the water and do the job when it is impossible. So the follow-on questions are important and nothing should be taken for granted when negotiating a price. Or  use your regular guy if you are satisfied he is looking out for you and now only the money he is going to get!

The reason I am mentioning this is because I forgot, yes I forgot to tell you all this is important and noticed some clients heading out on a boat I was surprised they paid to get on.  They were heading out to Yelapa with reels that were WAY too big for the job and I notice heavy fluorocarbon leader. It was leaving the dock and it was too late to help them. I never burn people at the docks as they are going out. But when you are the only boat in the area not catching fish, then there is a reason and in this case it can´t be the fault of the captain, or is it? It is their responsibility to fix you up with the correct equipment, the correct bait and all the other stuff you pay for which is expensive any way you look at it.  So if you are focused only on your bottom line,  this that is where you will feel it, in the bottom as you kick yourself later!

Another very import ant question is when the bite is happening. Now every single captain and first mate that is heading out fishing will be able to tell you this with no hesitation at all, they know! Agents who are out for commissions only and don´t give a flip will tell you anything that will sell you a boat. This is why I mention the bite times in my articles along with other important information. Why, because if you are on a small boat for four hours, you at least want to make sure you are on the water for the correct four hours, don´t you?? Of course you do. If you put out clients for four hours and they come back to the dock before the bite happens, they will think there are no fish. No fish, what, this is Puerto Vallarta, there are always, always fish in PV.  So ask these questions and be a little more informed than the other guy and that happens by keeping your ear to the wind and eyes on the dock. If you can´t do that, then read my articles and I WILL give it to you straight amigos. My promise to you is to tell you when the fishing could be better. I will tell you when a short trip is a better deal than heading out fifty miles, like now! I hate the idea some ¨joker¨ who is such a ¨nice guy¨ sells you a bucket list dream just to be scammed. It reflects badly on a business made mostly of honest people who want to help you have a once in a lifetime experience. So listen, learn and be informed for your own sake and keep the wife off your back, which in some ways is the real pay off!

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One more thing, they tell me this is not a good thing for me to do, but screw who ever had this attitude… If you are looking for a great  source of local information in English, I have a couple of sites I would like to recommend to you. First, The PV Mirror (www.pvmirror.com) , a local paper in the summer and an internet publication in the summer. They have local news and information along with interesting articles when it comes to what to do, see or go in Puerto Vallarta.  The other site is  The Banderas News site (www.banderasnews.com) where local events, news, services and just about  any thing else you could imagine is available on their site. B ot h publications have a heart and  support the locals in charities and benefits of all kinds around the area. If it is happening in town, you´ll find it in a refreshing format and in English, which helps with the language barrier amigos… !!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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