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Large Dorado Take over Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Ground!

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

In February we always think about how different winter fishing is and how much better it is in September. Now that we are in September the fantasy of larger fish and warm days are a reality. The fishing in Puerto Vallarta right now is great!  Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Rooster fish and now larger Dorado or (aka Mahi Mahi) have finally picked up in numbers. With weather and sea conditions  about as good as you could hope for, you are looking at prime time for fishing in Mexico! The fishing grounds are uncrowded and when was the last time you remember September at the Rock (Corbeteña) uncrowded?

Right now we have seen an invasion of Dorado in all the fishing grounds Puerto Vallarta has to offer. At Corbeteña we have seen these golden beauties in the 45lb range and possibly a little larger. No worries on bait, surface poppers, Rapallas, diamond jigs, Plastics, they all work. It is one of those times of the year when you don´t need much to entice a bite. Yellowfin Tuna are here as well running anywhere from 60 lbs to 200lbs, it all just depends on what you run into. Remember a 60lb Yellowfin Tuna is still bait for a larger YF Tuna. Amazing I know, I once had a 75lb  Yellowfin Tuna almost at the gaff just to have a 600lb Black Marlin swallow him like a trisket cracker! I had never seen anything like it up close. So 60lb Yellowfin are very welcome sight in my book. Sailfish and Blue Marlin have set up house here at the rock for the moment. They love your bait as well. With water temperatures and blue water in the perfect range, there are no real obstacles to boating large gamefish amigos. Keep an eye on the phase of the moon, remember a full moon is a very early and late bite.  Sailfish and Marlin have been taking baits for most of the day so if you are targeting Yellowfin Tuna, keep this in mind.

The point of Punta Mita has exploded with Dorado as well. What was smaller last week, say 20 to 25 lbs, the Dorado now are running much larger with some surprising sized Mahi pulled in the 35lb range.  But nothing new for this area, now that the fish have picked up in abundance. Sailfish are a little farther out and can run up to 100lbs or so. Large for sure. Rooster fish are still at Sayulita, not many targeting these striped arm breakers. Well worth 8 hours of your time amigo. Look for a trash line or log the way out, anything is possible out there and it could be your lucky day….

Dorado Invasion with Magnifico Capt. Cesar with Mom at los arcos in the Bay
Dorado Invasion with Magnifico Capt. Cesar with Mom at los arcos in the Bay

It seems the only place to catch fish is either Punta Mita, Corbeteña or Yelapa there is no reason to go anywhere else for fish. Frankly that is not bad thinking. But this does not mean there are not fish at El Banco. When I hear something positive I will write about it. But I had a couple of boats head out that way and come in empty handed. Strikes yes, but no hook-ups on small marlin. With the extra time and fuel money, El Banco is not the best choice on the list of fishing grounds right now. Of course this can change in the next twenty minutes so don`t be afraid to hit me with an email and ask for the latest and greatest.

This week Capt. Cesar from Magnifico, our 31ft. Bertram classic took his family out fishing and kept it in the bay. You can see from the posted pictures that he and his parents along with the kids had a wonderful day boating several nice sized Dorado running up to about 30lbs. There is also the occasional 40 pounder. In front of Yelapa there are still nice sized Football Tuna in the 30 to 40 lb range. Snook at the river mouths, Bonito, and the list goes on. Most of those agent types are telling people there are no fish in the bay with dirty water. But the rainy season this yes is not so rainy so the water is clearer than we normally see making a four hour trip in the bay very, very productive! You and three of your friends can hit the bay for four hours for fifty bucks a person on a well equipped boat ready for action with Capt. Tory! Nobody beats that price for a good and professional boat!

Dorado, Mom and Dad.... They´ll be eating well tonight....
Dorado, Mom and Dad…. They´ll be eating well tonight….


The nice thing right now for those who are here in PV is the fishing grounds are deserted. Not many boats at all are heading out these days which means the up side is you get these performing world famous fishing grounds to yourself.

With most of the areas firing on all eight cylinders, we finally have trophy sized game fish out there. The water temperatures are a surprisingly perfect 82 to 84 degrees. Blue, Blue water with favorable swell conditions. Plenty of bait in the water and plenty of fish, especially Dorado right now. The elements are all there, the only thing missing is you! Master Baiter´s is offering special pricing on Magnifico and our Pangas for the month of September which is out slowest month of the year for tourist. Of course this changes in October as the tournaments for Cabo, PV, Mazatlan, etc get into full swing bringing more fisherman to our docks. Check my blog for further details on upcoming tournaments at: www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com and get the stuff I don`t put in my web site, the daily type of stuff…..

Until next time, don`t forget to kiss your fish!

As the oldest fishing company in Puerto Vallarta and the only company with any World Recognized Fishing Championships like the WBS Billfishing Series Grand Champions (2000 and 2001) under our belt. Nobody, but nobody in Puerto Vallarta can come close to us in quality or price when it comes to world class fishing boats. Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask!

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