First Striped Marlin of the Season, winter is coming now!Just When You got it all figured out, Everything Changes!

Last week my article was telling you that finally everything had changed, the Yellowfin Tuna were in and waiting for you to show up. But the moment the article was published, everything changed! Currents shifted, Water Temperatures temporarily dropped and the bait left the building. The Yellowfin Tuna dropped in size from 150 lbs to average around 50 lbs. You had to jig, chum and pray to get a Yellowfin Tuna this week. Black Marlin has all but disappeared and it’s getting harder by the day to make a recommendation to potential clients when the conditions are constantly flipping.

So now what? El Banco is not the place to be going today. Water Temperatures have been fluctuating for just at 75 degrees to 84 degrees. The other day there were 15 boats here and only one came in with Yellowfin Tuna, and nothing else was boated. Now things can change again before I finish writing this article. You’ll just have to keep your ears open for what is happening out there or better yet, send me an email if you’re in town and I will get you the latest and greatest! Lately the bottle nose Dolphins have been making it impossible to fish as they eat the bait you’re trolling. Kinda cute the first couple of time, but not so cute when you realize you’re not going to get a chance to run this bait in front of a Gamefish any time soon.

Now Corbeteña is another story. At the rock there has been a lot of action, but it will make you pull your hair out. Tuna Jumping, Sailfish and Marlin are all over the place and they may not bite. You see there is a ton of bait in the water and we never know exactly what they’re eating, that is unless you can get a fish to see what he’s eating. One of the frustrating factors this week has been the type of bait in the water. The Krill shrimp right now are the preferred food for Yellowfin and Dorado. There are these tiny little Yellow Fin ¨bullets¨ as they´re called. They’re about six to eight inches in length and are perfect bite size morsels for every fish near Corbeteña right now. Now if you were going for Cubera Snapper this week, now that was a different story. Cubera in the 45 to 60 lb range this past week was very common and if you had a smart captain who wasn’t being a ¨Macho¨ Captain, you came in with something for the table. Dorado and even Wahoo have been boated here this week. So Corbeteña is still your best bet for deep water fishing. Conditions for the most part have been calm, with some mornings being a little choppy with some unexpected breezes in the A.M. hours. The bite has been happening lately in the early morning hours, so you may want to check with your local fishing authority as to what the real deal has been. As long as the blue water conditions exist like they are now at Corbeteña, this is still a great fishing area and should always be considered. If you’re targeting larger fish, this is where you have to start. But remember, the area north of Corbeteña has ridges and gulley’s to troll across and should always be considered if things are not happening near the rock itself.

North of Punta Mita about fourteen miles off shore, the Sailfish have been setting up house, Dorado also. With the fluctuating water temperatures, closer in to the shore has been a better place to spend your fuel dollar. As we settle into a winter pattern with water temps and currents, this area will continue to get more attention and will ultimately be the place to be for larger game fish after Mid January.

Same conditions exist around the Marietta Islands and El Morro. Always dependable and with the Jack Crevalls coming into the area in big numbers, you can expect the 8 hr days to continue to be productive.

Inside the bay this week we’re seeing larger Dorado in front of the Los Arcos rocks all the way up past Yelapa. Dorado in the 20 to 35 lb range makes a perfect blue plate special. So don´t be discouraged about in the bay fishing. It may not be a Marlin, but it will be fun to catch and eat. Besides, with all the Sailfish caught in the bay this past summer, anything is possible. Again, Jack Crevalls, Dorado, Snapper, Bonito, Skip Jack Tunas, and more are here waiting for you now!

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Well that’s about it for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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