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                  It’s Perfect, Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Dorado in PV, Can You Come Out & Play?

                  Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


Hello everyone and welcome back! It seems about twenty minutes after I posted my last fishing report things exploded. We’ve had massive amounts of every kind of bait under the sun last week, with decent results, but you had to really work for it and move a lot of water. This week Sailfish, Big Marlin, Dorado and Tuna have moved into the area. I was a little worried with so much bait in the area that it might be tough to turn a world class pelagic ‘s  head!! But that’s not the case, in fact it’s the complete opposite. Marlin are now hitting live bait, lures, dead bait, if you put a hook on your car keys they’d probably hit that! Fishing in PV is always great, doesn’t matter what season it is. At this time of the year you can increase last week’s factor by three times. But the simple fact is we’re moving into the absolute best time of the year for Anglers looking for that “Bucket List Fish”.

Quite a lead-in huh? Before we get rolling think about this: As an example, boats heading to Corbetena could expect at least three hard strikes per day for Marlin alone! Even with massive amounts of Skippies, flying fish, and Football Tuna, they’re hitting everything! So the balance is perfect. There are Black and Blue Marlin well over 600 lbs, 40 to 65 lb Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish of great size, Dorado 15 to 25 lbs around any debris or stumps or whatever, they’re there. The Dorado are a little small, but hang in there, in another “twenty minutes” you’ll see some real bulls! Plenty of bait, no Porpoises stealing your Chorras (or bait in English). Blue water and perfect! So it’s happening now, if you’re coming down or already here, don’t miss it. El Banco being at fifty miles out is 25 miles or so north of Corbetena. With fuel prices what they are here in PV, about five dollars a gallon and increasing daily, you’ll understand how Captains go with the flow. Now here’s the deal, El Banco could be just as good if not better. El Banco could have Yellowfin Tuna and we wouldn’t know it since most boats are heading to this area since it’s firing on all eight cylinders now. It could be great, but you have to roll the fuel dollar dice! Feeling lucky?

Punta Mita is coming to life as well. Sailfish are picking up in numbers and they’re right on time. They normally move in about mid-October, but FYI most of the year you can find Sailfish in this area. From Sayulita, the Anclote Reef to the Marietta Islands there is some great arm burning action amigos. Blue and Black Marlin starting at 450 lbs, Sailfish to 13 feet long and in the 100 lb range. Yellowfin Tuna in the 25 to 40 lb range or larger! Dorado, you bet, not too big but they’re “keepers” at 20 lbs and up. Dorado in some days are hard to entice, so be prepared it might not be easy catching Dorado, then again things change quickly here. Logs, debris, any clump of anything will be a “Disneyland” of fishing.  Tight budget, get me your information, we’ll do our best to get you on a shared boat. You don’t need to miss out, enough said.

Inside the bay we’ve had some dirty water, it’s to be expected with the rain we’ve had lately. Find clean water and you have action. At Estiladeras there are the range of different fish. Again, stay away from the rivers unless you’re targeting Snook. What’s there? Dorado, Yellowfin tuna footballs to 50 lbs if lucky, Dorado in the smaller ranges, throw them back please. Jack Crevalls in low numbers, Sailfish and Football tuna at los Arcos, anything is possible in the bay. Los Arcos has small Tuna to 15 to 25 lbs and possibly larger around Yelapa. At this size the flavor is amazing and super fun to catch. A four to six hour fishing “safari” will be fun, affordable and well, a great value with all the professional equipment and crews that you’d expect from Master Baiter’s!

So the fishing is great, but the real story is the bait. Yes I said bait, not fish. No bait, no fish, comprende? I touched a bit on this earlier but we’ve had massive amounts of bait in and around the bay and the deep water fishing grounds. When you have massive, what makes you think they want your bait? Thankfully that is not the case now. Live bait, dead bait, Goggle eyes, but surprisingly the big Black and Blue Marlin in some cases prefer lures to live and yes dead bait. So what lures should you be running? If running lures start with 12 inch skirted Black head, black upper “body” and blue lower, looks like a bullet Bonito or Skippie. Lures of Blue on top and green body have been working well so start there. Don’t forget to run Cedar Plugs and old, old reliable. Good luck and keep this to yourself! The all-important water temperatures are perfect at 84 – 85 degrees and “high visibility blue” water, I’d call that perfect! But I’ve been wrong before, just ask my ex-wife… Yuck, yuck, yuck. 

200 lb Plus Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands

We’re starting our Tres Maria Fishing Charters heading out soon. This is a world class fishing trip targeting Yellowfin Tuna in excess of 200 lbs with world record possibilities! 2.5 day trips, luxury accommodations, super service. We also will hit all the areas in the bay and beyond, Corbetena, El Banco camped out on the high spots, it’s all on the table. Contact me for our affordable pricing.   

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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