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It’s been an interesting week with some frankly strange fishing conditions. For now we’re still seeing Stripers aka Striped Marlin anywhere from 40 to 175 lbs, but mostly in the smaller ranges. Water temperatures are moving up as they should be. Air temperatures are still on the cool side for May, but this will change soon enough. Bait is moving into the deep water locations and inside the bay as well. Massive bait in the bay keeps the fishing great and the expenses down! 

You know these day with El Banco being the furthermost “full” day fishing area we’re not seeing much action, well reports from this area at any cost. El Banco is now a place you stop at on the way to or on the way back from Puerto Vallarta’s northern fishing grounds. For that reason most people are heading to Corbetena, that is when the conditions are right. Closer and more versatile these days, it’s the “go to” fishing grounds locally for larger gamefish. For now we’re seeing Striped Marlin, last week no. Sailfish are roaming around and then there’s Football Tuna at 40 to 60 lbs. With billions of baby Skip Jack Tuna roaming the area it’s better than having a McDonald’s in your back yard. If you’re in the mood to jig there could always be larger YF Tuna in there as well, or you may hit a Cubera Snapper at 50 lbs, you never know.

The area from the Marietta Islands to Punta Mita is still a little slow when it comes to action. Still at El Morro there are Stripers, Maybe some Sailfish, Sierra Mackerels, Bonito to 25 lbs, Jack Crevalls are coming back towards the islands again at 35 lbs. Fun Fishing for the family and if things seem slow you can always come closer in toward the bay and see what’s happening. One thing for sure you’ll catch fish and you don’t need to go too far. From Punta Mita north there is always a good chance at Sailfish! With fuel cost at what they are, roaming can be expensive, nobody ever said fishing was cheap amigos.

Massive amounts of Trumpet fish in the area and the “Locals” are stuffed with them!

Inside the bay once again is the place to be. Stripers seem to be on tap with most boats getting at least three hook-up a day. Many of the Stripers are just too small to keep, but you can catch and release these babies and send me your pictures for my reports. My suggestion for those looking for some great action in close is a six hour trip. You’ll hit Striped Marlin in the bay which in my book is freaky, but you’ll also have Sierra Mackerels for a short while longer. Not seeing much action around the river mouths for Snapper or Grouper this week, with water temperatures warming up they could have already taken a powder. With fish in close like this there’s no reason you can’t have a world class fishing experience for about as inexpensively as you’ll ever get. Six hours, give us a call, you’ll be glad you did. 

The bite this week has inched into the 9:30 to about 1:00 P.m. time frame. After 1 p.m. things get a little dicey so be where you want to be around this time. You can even sleep in a little amigos. The bait conditions are a little strange now as well. The Sardines in the bay are massive and that’s the primary reason for Stripers in the bay. Skip Jack Babies, about 3 lbs are thick and quite a draw to these species as well. We’ve seen Trumpet fish, long and thin, look like long Sardines in the area and everything is feeding on them. You can’t catch them and you’d think they’re Sardines if in the water, but they’re Trumpet fish and they’re delicious to fish. The water is mostly blue, inside the bay it’s clean. But at the edges of the bay it’s a little dirty, that’s normal with currents changing. But six miles out from Punta Mita the water is warm and blue again. FYI the area at the points is not exactly all dirty, most of it is this cold, clean green color. Avoid these areas and conditions and you’ll do just fine. And as always please share these articles with your friends and family.

Tuna Bite: We’re still seeing a fair to moderate bite with Yellowfin Tuna averaging between 175 to 250 lbs depending on what you come across. Bait conditions in the area are always good, but there have been Trumpet fish in t he area so there has been a bit of surface bite, not just jigging around Structure… Water temperatures are coming up, but this area is never sensitive to water temperatures actually as these are “Island” fish, they don’t do the migration thing for the most part. If you’re interested in Boating Monster Yellowfin tuna, I can put you on a 60 Sportfisher, luxury all the way per person, with six people, less than ( ) the bargain “High Density” boats… that’s right, you can have a luxury bucket list type of trip for less money than a cattle car boat where you’re stacked in like Sardines…. Check out “Our Boats” 

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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