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                                      It´s Black and Blue at Corbeteña, Marlin that is!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


11 27 2015 Sailfish wFreddy 650 pxls MBTextIn the world of Big Game fishing Puerto Vallarta is in the middle of Prime Time Fishing! Conditions couldn´t be better. Blue Water, Plenty of bait, but we´re still a little warm on the water temperatures, but this will be changing soon, the sooner the better! The rain has continued inland so the rivers are full and dumping dirty water into the bay. This has resulted in dirty water near the coastline presenting bay fishing challenges. Daytime temps are starting to drop slowly but surely as we are beginning to see a change in the seasons, finally!

Once again Corbeteña is the place to be. This week, once again, it´s Marlin City between the Rock and El Banco. The area directly between there is full and alive with action. Those with a locked in mind set need to expand their consciousness and have your boat captain use some fuel. The problem with cheap boats, they don´t move to where the fish are. Many can, but they don´t because it will cost them more fuel, which means more money, which in turn means the fish you could have had, you´ll never know about it, because that is what you paid for. Just remember, these boys are not going to be losing money to take you fishing, they´re business men, not stupid. Anyway, Sailfish are thick, Marlin are getting bigger by the day ranging from 300 to 750 lbs. Cubera Snappers are there for the taking, the wounded bait trick works well. Plenty of bait in the form is Skip jack Tuna, Bonito, Bullet Bonito, Flying fish, Goggle eyes, you name it, no shortage of bait. Plenty of high visibility blue water and frankly, if we had some more Tuna it would be perfect conditions. El Banco is the same as last week. Sails all around, no Marlin to speak of, not much of a reason to be in this area for the moment. Your best bang for your fishing buck is at Corbeteña for the moment.

10 30 2015 Corbeteña, Guanatuna, 650 pxls MBTextThe area around the Marietta Islands is still not producing as we would like. Still Sailfish are everywhere, so they´re here as well. El Morro is alive with Sailfish as is the whole area over to the Punta Mita point. Ten miles off the point of Punta Mita you will still find Blue and Black Marlin in the 500 lb range. Dorado are still pretty much a no show, having said that, you could run into a rouge Dorado in the 25 lb range. They should be all around the area, go figure. Nothing much more to say about this area. UpDate 11 04 2015: Dorado have moved into the area finally. Anywhere around the Marietta Islands, El Morro to the point of Punta Mita has all sorts of trash, logs, stumps floating and ¨coagulating¨ forming perfect little ¨hideouts¨ just past these islands.  Nothing fancy, show up, toss a bait, catch a 35 lb Dorado! Sailfish are thicker the last couple of days, many not taking baits with almost too much bait. With Dorado in the area you can expect to see the whole are improve action wise. Again, nothing fancy, just show up. I have boats out so hopefully we´ll have some nice photos of ¨Fish City¨ . . . 

Inside the bay we´ve seen some changes. The Hurricane Patricia left its mark with just massive amounts of water flowing into the bay. Dirty water I should ad so as you´d expect the bay was very dirty for the last week, yet the areas around the river mouth has been active with massive amounts of Jack Crevalls. Normally a winter fish, they´ve been hanging out. The rains are still happening in the middle of Mexico so we´ve still got some heavy rain happening, so plenty of water in the rivers, but the dirty water is moving out slowly. So the fishing in the bay is bound to improve. With Yellowfin Tuna footballs around the Yelapa area, Sailfish have been seen and boated off the Los Arcos rocks and around La Cruz. Then of course the regular players of Bonito, Skippies, various baits, Snapper and Snook around the river mouth, but they can be tough to convince…

What we´re seeing is warm water and fish that move without the restrictions of frigid currents and cold water. It´s wide open we´re seeing many of our fish in San Diego, Catalina and even Ensenada. We´re here with perfect conditions, but for some reason the currents that took our fish north will soon change and things will be different. When we see the water temps drop a few degrees, we should see some major Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado start to move in. So cross your fingers and keep informed.

10 30 2015 Football Yellowfin tunaComing off a full moon, the bite is still early so make sure you get out there before mid morning. Water Temperatures are still in the 85 range, but warmer below. In fact there were some strange and strong currents blasting their way north, so we saw some warmer water temperature days. Lures: stay with the brown, purple and green combos. Rapallas are working well, remember the blue and silver combo with a white belly. Don´t forget a nod to the fish gods and you should be good to go amigos!

I have been publishing my weekly fishing report in video form. Nothing fancy, no editing, very underground, hell I may even do it as a selfie type report if I have to. But the information is great, I normally post on Friday so now you´ve got ¨Reel Time¨ information designed for locals heading out, professionals like concierges to pass to clients and those coming down on vacation or planning a fishing trip. So check it out.

10 27 2012 yellowfin, guanatuna 650 Pxls MBTextWe´re still doing shared charters, just contact me with your date and we´ll see if we can hook you up. Naturally the more that are interested in shared pangas, the better it works. So tell your friends and share this article, could save you money amigos! Those on a budget you can still catch world class fish on vacation with this option!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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