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High Season Starts With Marlin, Sailfish & Tuna!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

10 02 2015 Lisa Frick  Sail, MBText 650 PxlsEvery year we wait patiently for October to arrive as this is when High Season for tourism begins. But we´re in the middle of High Season for fishing and the fishing is great. Lacking Dorado, we´re seeing Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, yes I said Yellowfin Tuna coming in nicely. Water temps are perfect, the water is blue, the fish are here the only thing missing is you!

I don´t mind a ¨Cookie Cutter¨ fishing report when they´re like this. Much the same as last week, we´re lacking Dorado, which seems to be vacationing nicely in Southern California. In fact there is all kinds of strangeness out there, currents are off, weather is off, everything is off. One thing that is normal is the fact we have more Sailfish by the day and that goes for Marlin as well. We´re finally seeing some rain, but the trash line is soon to be a thing of the past and it never really happened this year. My expectations are that this winter, we´ll be seeing summer species around Corbeteña so this El Nino year, the worst ever as stated by the guys who would know. It´s going to be a world weather rollercoaster for sure. We´ll have to see how things rack up as we go along.

This week Corbeteña is more alive than it has been. We´re seeing Yellowfin tuna in the perfect size for the normal person of 40ish lbs. Just look for the Spinner Dolphin and you´ll be in the action.  Marlin have also found their way to the ¨Rock¨ running on average at 350 lbs. Not bad, not ¨huge¨ but we´ll take them any way we can get them. Black Marlin are in and out, so mostly Blue Marlin for the time being. Cubera Snappers are at 60 lbs, Rainbow runners, Sailfish and when you have these species to choose from, then you can´t really complain. Fishing is great at Corbeteña and the fishing grounds are deserted!

10 03 2015 YFTuna, Corbeteña, MBText 650 pxlsEl Banco is almost the exact same report as last week. Black and Blue Marlin to well over 400 lbs are all around. Yellowfin tuna are in the 60 to 100lb range, it just depends on what you run into. The Yellowfin Tuna are a bit north of the high spots, Head north by about ten to fifteen miles and you could hit the Tuna Mother Load! Sailfish, yes of course, Rainbow runners in the 35 lb range, Cubera Snappers to 60 lbs and who knows what else you´ll come across. Fishing at Corbeteña and El Banco are great, it´s a crap shoot as to which to choose, so choose well!

El Morro, the Marietta Islands and Punta Mita are all doing very well with abundant Sailfish! There are some Dorado, not too many, but the ones you´ll come across are in the 25 to 30 lb range. All our Dorado are vacationing in Southern California right now. Funny thing, when the water temperatures up and down the west coast are very close, even bait doesn´t matter, these fish just kinda cruise and don´t have a care where they are as long as they´re comfortable and eating. That is no problem for now so we´re waiting for cooler water temps up north and we´ll have the full array of species we´re used to. Punta Mita is strong with Sailfish, no two ways about it. El Morro, the same and outside the Marietta Islands, well ditto! Throw in the normal players, Bonito, Skip jacks, jack Crevalls 35lbs, Smaller Snappers to 20 lbs, Mackerals, needle fish, the list is endless. For now, if heading out for eight hours, spend the few extra bucks and hit Corbeteña or El Banco, you´ll be glad you did!

Snappers MBTExt 650 pxlsInside the bay, well forget about the trash line, we only get that when it rains heavily in the local mountains. It has been raining heavily inland so the rivers are full of fresh water dumping into the bay of Banderas! The locals know that when there is a lot f this fresh water, they call it agua dulce or sweet water, they know Robalo or Snook in English, Snapper, Jack Crevalls, Rooster fish if around, every species in the area will be hanging out for the easy and fast food the fresh water brings with it. Also around Yelapa you could find some larger football tuna with a little luck in the 35 to 45 lb range, not normal for now, but it happened the other day so why not give it a try! And finally, Sailfish are being boated all over the place, Los Arcos and in front of the La Cruz Marina area we´re seeing unusual action on Sailfish. No complaints, clients love it! So who knows, you may get a chance at a billfish without even leaving the bay.

The bite is starting to inch its way a little later every day now that we´re coming out of the full moon. We may see some rain and this can mess with a fishes head! Experienced Captains know what to do when it rains. You can´t beat experience when it comes to fishing, experience cost. Water temperature are still at 85 degrees, the water is High Visibility blue and any light colored lures of Blue, Green, or Brown will get immediate attention from the locals! So sleep in a little, hit the later bite, catch big fish, take pictures and have a permanent smile on your face until you realize you have to go back to work in a couple of days!

09 26 2015 Dorado, Magnifico, 8hrs, CaboCorrientes Trash Line 600 pxls MBTextIf you´re coming to Puerto Vallarta and you´re looking for a shared charter let me know, I´ve come up with a system to hook people up and get them fishing for the cheap. If you can find a person that meets your desires, then it´s Yatze! It seems to be very popular, I have manually hooking people up for now.  I have several people looking to share a super pangas and larger boats for the next couple of weeks. Fire me an email and I´ll do what I can to get you matched up! It´s a great way to go fishing, save the family budget for fun on vacation and in the end, everyone is saving money and still getting in the fishing trip. When you are in one of the world best fishing locations, you have to go fishing! It´s like going to France and not seeing one painting or going to a famous French restaurant. If you´re there take advantage of the opportunity, I´ll make it as affordable as possible…. Looking for people from now until and after October 20th or so for people looking to hook up….. Again, fire me an email with your dates, I´ll publicize it and get you ¨Hooked-Up¨!

Until next time, don´t forget to ¨Kiss Your Fish¨. . .

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