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11 15 2013 Sailfish released 600pxls

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Warm days, cool nights, blue skies and bluer seas make the conditions perfect for the fisherman looking for trophy sized gamefish with a minimum of effort! If this is you, then Puerto Vallarta is the place to be. Water Temperatures are leveling off, Plenty of bait, I mean if you´re here in PV now, count your lucky stars amigo, Paradise is boasting some of the best fishing in the world in our back yard!

For some reason the fishing at the deep water locations has gotten a little weird. Dorado are becoming hard to find for some reason as Sailfish and Marlin are taking over the point at Punta Mita. For weeks now this has been the ¨go-to¨ spot for guaranteed Dorado. The Sailfish numbers here are through the roof since it is Sailfish season. But the Dorado have thinned out and while there is still nice sized Dorado to be had, it´s not going to be automatic like it has been. If you have a mind to, Blue and Black Marlin are hanging off the point as well.

Where, ten miles off the giant rock off the point is Marlin of the Blue and Black Variety looking for a free lunch. Now again, not exactly abundant, but fishing always comes with its challenges. You´ll see them out there and they´ll take baits as well, so if you´re in the area, give it a try!11 15 2013 Monie fishinc Ceviche

Corbeteña, for the last few days it´s been a little strange here as well. Sapphire blue water and perfect air temperature don´t do much for the fish under your boat. For them, they want comfortable water temperatures, plenty of food and good visibility so they are happy fish for now. Now the question is what´s out there? Well, as the resident expert, you could say I am lacking in my predictions for the moment. Sailfish are very large in the 120 lb range. Dorado (35 lbs and up) are still here in the area, but you may have to roam a bit off the rock. Blue and Black Marlin are always in the area, you´ll have plenty of spotting for sure. Cubera Snappers are a no brainer these days at 60 lbs. Wahoo are getting sparse for the moment, but they come and go anyway. Yellowfin, mostly ¨out¨ for the last week are still out there in smaller numbers from 60 lbs to over 200 lbs, pray to the fish gods and you may get ¨lucky¨. El Banco, Marlin, Sailfish, that´s automatic. Dorado, maybe if the fish gods smile on you. Yellowfin Tuna, of course, but you may find yourself circling outward from the high spots up to twenty miles or so. Do keep the cost of fuel in mind, like that will be hard to do, and use your best judgment.

The Marietta Islands, it´s Sailfish City. Pretty much whatever you are trolling, the Sails won´t let anything else around you. Rooster fish, who knows, they were there a few days ago, for now, kinda iffy at best. Dorado in the smaller sizes (25 lbs or so), Snappers, Bonito, Skip Jack tuna. The usual players with no surprises. Worth your time, but for my fuel dollar, hit the Punta Mita area. 11 16 2013 Pecositas 8 hrs

I have to take a moment and express my displeasure this year with the 58th Pez Vela Tournament. This makes the second year our PV tournament has been taken away from Marina Vallarta by the Club De Pesca. Now there can be a million reasons, and I have heard many. All of them to me don´t hold water and in the name of greed, you will now pay to enter the gates to see the weigh-ins. But the weigh-ins are now in the cruise shop marina. Frankly, it takes the one great yearly events we had for fishing in Marina Vallarta. This of course hurts business in the Marina, it alienates the locals and in the end it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. To me, there is no good reason, security or fees or whatever the excuse is for taking the tournament out of Marina Vallarta was, it was a bad decision and I now find it hard to promote a tournament that is not in Marina Vallarta. Enough Said.

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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