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     Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Big Jacks Everywhere

This year it seems the seasonal rains are slow in arriving. We’ve seen rain, not the heavy, all night type of pours we’re used to s we’re getting trash lines. This of course means the water in the bay is clean for the most part. What was encouraging last week, has trickled down to finding Spinner Dolphin and hoping they’re running with Football Tuna. It’s a 60 / 40 thing, with vs. without. Other than that there are fish in our fishing grounds. You’ll either want to go for a shorter day or ten hours. Eight hours is on the thin side right now with few Dorado and Stripers in some areas. The bottom line is it seems the fish are swimming freely with no real issues with too many fishing boats in our fishing grounds for the moment. If you’re here in PV this is a great time to be in a boat!

Corbetena as mentioned last week has Spinners or Spinner Dolphin, they run with Yellowfin Tuna in the 35 to about 60 lb range, but not always. That’s the sticker, find Spinners and you’ve got a 60% chance of being lucky, it’s the other 40% that bites you! But even then there are Sailfish, Striped Marlin, fair sized Dorado at 20 lbs, bait is plentiful in the form of Skip Jack Tuna, Bullet or baby Bonita, Flying fish, Blue Runners, not too many Goggle Eyes for the moment. Yellowfin Tuna very possible, seems some days are better than others. Feeling lucky?

The area surrounding Punta Mita to the Marietta islands are full of Jack Crevalls, some Sails, possible Striper off a 310 heading out six miles. No Dorado sighting but I am sure they’re in the area as they were there last week. We’re still suffering from a lack of people heading out to this fishing area for now. Stay tuned, things change quickly.

Inside the bay it’s wonderful fishing. A four or six hour trip will put you on some strong action and you’ll be able to save a few dollars. Jack Crevalls are still large at 35 to 50 lbs in the whole area, Bonito are at 15 lbs, Skip Jack Tuna at 6 lbs, Sierra Mackerels and a possible baby Dorado too small to keep. Sailfish have been roaming La Cruz and the channel off Los Arcos as are Striped marlin. Near the Yelapa area there could be some football sized tuna, you never know over there and if they’re in the area, there is a good change they’re there as well…

The bite the last few days seems late at 11:00, so sleep in a bit, but this will change soon enough. I’d still be heading out about 07:30 anyway. Water temperatures are a warm 83 and a bit warm for Striped Marlin so they’ll be moving north as the Blue and Black Marlin will be taking their places. Still being early for Yellowfin Tuna, the fact they’re out there is encouraging so stay tuned on that one… Bait is plentiful, but a little scattered with no Goggle eyes in the water, kinda strange. But in its place are bullet Bonito, Skippies, Flying fish and the list goes on of course.

Striped Marlin at Corbetena

FYI, for the California guys coming down to PV in the winter months. The Tres Maria islands now have had the Navy take over the patrolling of the islands. This area is considered a world preserve or some such thing. It’s listed as the same as the Galapagos islands so you can understand the concern. Fishing for Tuna now is a minimum of twelve miles. Six miles was being tolerated for a while but with so many boats taking to the area I am sure this has been the concern. The Navy has fast boats they chase drug types with and you won’t be outrunning them at all. So the winter month trips to the Tres Maria islands will be tough as you have to be closer to the islands to boat any Tuna. The good news is this area is the right season even sixteen miles off the shores is a fish wonderland. Some boats have been boarded, some boats have had their equipment taken away. Make sure you know what is happening before you spend the money. Just Saying….

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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