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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Blue and Black Marlin moving in at Corbetena

One thing about living and fishing in Puerto Vallarta is you’re a slave to the weather. Hurricanes passing, high pressure zones, dirty water and strong currents. We have to deal with these situations and more. Sometimes things come up short for fishing. But we’re past that now and after two weeks we have fish at our world famous fishing grounds!

First thing we have to say is there is a ton and I mean a ton of floating obstacles and debris to deal with. I mean it’s massive and you have to account for this leaving in the morning with time as your payment. Slow going keeps from prop damage or worse. But once you’re out of the bay the fishing at Corbetena has snapped back. Black and Blue Marlin are in the area but it seems like all the species out there right now things are hit and miss. With Tuna in the 60 to 100 lb range feeding on the surface after the recent rains you have options. Black and Blue Marlin from 250 to 450 lbs, Sailfish are roaming the area between the rock and Punta Mita as well. No Dorado to speak of, but the water is High Visibility blue with cooler water temperatures of 84 degrees which is a god send. But for now the rain water has cooled the surface water temperatures down so the Yellowfin Tuna are surface feeding. There is plenty of bait in the area in the form of Skip Jack Tuna, flying fish, Goggle eyes and more. But they’re being strange, they’re jumping all over the place, but you have to catch the bite just right and I suspect there are squids at the deep water levels and this could be the reason. Kites, trolling seem to have limited effects. Good luck and welcome to fishing again.

The area around Punta Mita has a pulse again, plenty of trash lines that are young and not worth much attention or now. Sailfish have been boated off the point and there are Rooster fish in the 30 to 40 lb range in the Sayulita Area. Not much word on Marlin farther out but it makes sense they’d be out there. For now this is not your best options, but if targeting Sailfish this is a good place to start.

Inside the bay it’s still summer fishing. With the rains and the debris in the water it’s the color of coffee and that’s the challenge. Currents have calmed down now but the water is a mixed dirty water so running planers will just get you deeper into more dirty water. It’s been storming here and in the area so as I said, this is normal, yet frustrating. Amazing Jack Crevalls are running the area around Nuevo Vallarta and at the river mouths, but I don’t know how they see the baits. Summer is not Bay fishing season so your fishing fantasies would be best used for the deep water locations.

After 2 years Rooster Fish finally return to Puerto Vallarta

The bite is still a moving target and with the debris in the water it’s a good idea to leave early as possible. Right now I’m putting boats out at 06:00 to go slow on the way out and make sure we don’t fowl a prop or shaft. Water temperatures on the surface are down to normal or preferred ranges. But this condition only last for a day or two after heavy rains. So the sooner you can get out the better. As we come into October the fish will increase in numbers and then we’ll be solidly in the middle of high season for fishing in PV. For now we’re dealing with the conditions, but stay positive, things improve daily from this point forward into the season.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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