YF Tuna Bite Better Now Than Last Summer, Out of Season Species Lingering, Opportunity Knocking

I know I knock the wealthier guys on occasion, but right now it doesn´t hurt to be a fat cat. The reason being that you’ll need to burn a little of that extra disposable income to play in this arena. Yellowfin Tuna have exploded in out of season Sportfishing in PUERTO VALLARTA. You’ll be looking at close to an 18 hr day to hunt these beauties. Best option would be an overnight since these fishing grounds can be up to eighty miles one way. Now I know, I hear it all the time, why is it so expensive, well this is why amigos. You’ll burn up every bit of 1200 liters on a 32 ft. Cabo in the trip alone, flat out, four hours, do the math, 90 cents usd a liter. But, if you can cover the fuel, running live bait anywhere from five to twenty miles outside El Banco, including westward directions, you will hit Yellowfin Tuna in the 100 pound or 45 Kilos range. It is as close to a guarantee right now as you are going to get. Now if you make it out on the water within a day or two of this being written, then you are indeed the lucky ones. But if you read this fresh off the press, you will be a few days behind the curve, so check things out before getting to excited….. No divorces please!

Back to fishing, the Yellowfin are also north to the Tres Maria Islands. If I was heading out, I would go straight to El Banco, turn right, look for birds, drop baits, and get the harness on. Bait has been a little bit of an issue, so make sure you have plenty in your live well. Lures won’t hurt either. Remember the flouro carbon leaders under 125 lbs, use stingers on your hooks and you will get your money’s worth amigos. For those that live here all year long, this is why, you can hit it big and be in the right place at the right time!

The Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta this year has been noticeably odd. We are not seeing the northern currents coming down from cooler waters. With warm water in the area, summer time species are lingering in the area, Like Yellowfin Tuna in ranges larger than what we saw in the summer of 2009. You can talk El Nino, and global warming, but being able to react and take advantage of market (fishing) conditions is where living begins. Hope you make it out there before you read this article.

Biggest bang for your buck this week is still the Marietta Islands to El Morro. The reefs out there have been reliable with several different species setting up house, Rooster fish (35 lbs), Jack Crevalls (40 lbs), Needle fish, Snapper (30 lbs), Bonita (20 lbs), and the list goes on. Lots of action and an eight hour trip is less with Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle. Live bait is still king, but make sure you have enough. If you hit a large school, you´ll be glad you had it. Reef is your best bet right now.  

Puerto Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas is alive with action right not. Still tons of Roosters in closer to shore. So those interested in flipping poppers off the end of the rock jetties or Diamond jigs in the surf, fishing on the cheap. Boca Tomat lan area from boat are seeing Roballo, or Snook in Spanish, Rooster fish Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna taking bait in the areas where the fresh water comes into the sea. Lots of Sardines, don´t forget a six pack!

Look for my article on our Bomberos or Fire Dept. elsewhere in this issue. They need your help, so they in turn can protect the community. If you would like to support our growing team of involved citizens, we need money, food, house hold items like blenders, toasters, dishes, blankets, towels, working fire engines and completed, construction wise, Fire Stations and living quarter’s items. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will be directed to the local and surrounding area Bomberos. Thank you for your support, together we can make Vallarta safer for everyone!

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish….

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