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Giant Amber Jacks at Corbetena for Kal

Plenty of Fish, Empty Fishing Grounds, It’s Low Season Fishing

As we inch our way slowly, but surely into summer, the change in seasons have been slow indeed. The game fish like Dorado and Sailfish are slowly inching there way close to the normal fishing grounds for this time of the year to the Marietta Islands. Yellowfin Tuna are getting larger by the day, that is if you are up for the distance and the Challenge of a long day with no guarantees.

I always get people walking into the shop asking me if Tuna are in season in the ¨off Summer Seasons¨. I always answer that Yellowfin Tuna are always in season if you are willing to do what it takes to get them. Most are not willing to spend the time it takes in May to find them. Right now if you are lucky, and I do mean lucky, you could find a herd anywhere from ten to twenty five miles off the high spots. Now since we all know Yellowfin Tuna move in all directions and rapidly, where to tell you to head out to comes down to one reliable location and that is the Tres Maria Islands commonly known as the Prison Islands. Day in / Day out, you can boat YF Tuna anywhere from 60 to 200 lbs. Of course this is not a trip every boat in Marina Vallarta is willing to make for the short money so many people are carrying in their vacation budgets lately. This trip with a reputable and capable captain is going to run you $1,600.00 usd and frankly, this is cheap! You will use up every bit of 1,200 liters of fuel (300 gallons roughly). That is roughly twelve hundred dollars in fuel amigo at 10 pesos a liter. So, you still want that YF Cow you’ve been fantasizing about? If the answer is yes, I will hook you up amigos.

For the more middle of the road fishermen El Banco is about as far as you’d be willing to venture out to. This week there have been Striped Marlin and larger Dorado. That is if you find clean, Blue Water. Yes, believe it or not, dirty water is a good sign. It means the currents are changing and the upwellings are signs of this. Plenty of bait in the area and when the ´Agua Sucio¨ clears out anything will be possible. Now this condition has probably already changed by the time you read this article, so be sure to check conditions daily. If you are looking for YF Tuna, then they will be running football sized from 35 to nearly 60 lbs if you are lucky enough to be at the right place and time! May 27 Update: We seem to have some upwelling going on at El Banco and Corbeteña. Customers had to go 15 miles past El Banco west and north west looking for clean water. If you find it, you´ll also find Yellowfin Tuna in the 100 to 200 lb range. But if you can´t find clean water, don´t waste your time, closer in is clear and clean.. but with smaller fish. Still in the San Pancho area you can get Sailfish, Rooster fish and Dorado. Use this as a fall back plan if clean water is hard to find.    

Corbeteña is having the same issues, dirty water, few fish and even less fishermen visiting the rock these days. With May coming to an end we should see this change soon. Normally in the first few weeks of June we see a nice run of Blue Marlin for about a week. Then things will kinda fall off until July when the Blacks start coming in. If you are in town and willing to take the chance, you could get lucky. I know the lucky few with the fuel budget and inclination may come in winners! Then again, you may want to wait until later in July before risking those precious fuel dollars. May 27th Update: Same situation at Corbetena.. Dirty water conditions continue, but can chage in a heartbeat!  

North of Punta Mita in the San Pancho Area we are seeing Dorado, Rooster Fish and Sailfish. Roosters are closer in, Sails are mid way or 12 miles out and Stripers are five to seven miles before you come to El Banco. For those with the time and the money, this is where the Dorado are. Sayulita is still churning Rooster fish, but it’s still hit or miss. At the point of Punta Mita Snappers and Jack Crevalls are taking over the point. Some small Dorado and closer in the bay there are tons of Bonito in the 30 -40 lb range… Plenty of bait in the water and no issues with the full moon!

The Marietta Islands are their usual self, Rooster fish are starting to take the bait, finally. Dorado not around, but this should change any minute now. Sailfish have also been in the area, but too much bait for them to pay attention to trolled lures, this too will change any minute now. If you are looking for a reliable location where you are assured to catch fish, the point of Punta Mita and the Marietta Islands will do the job for you. Update: Snappers and Bonito have gotten into the 35 lb range with Sierra mackerals coming in bigger numbers. Again, this is the place to be.

Inside the bay near the La Cruz Marina the Jack Crevalls and Bonito have taken over. Great for those looking for action without having to go too far out and trying to keep a few dollars in his pocket. Great day for a panga looking for smaller fish with light tackle!

We’re still in low season and the number of charters are still stagnant but this will change shortly as well. So the limbo season will come to an end with Memorial day and lets hope the season this year will be one to remember….

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Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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