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Time To Break That Fuel Piggy Bank, Corbeteña Has It All Right Now!

Here in my office on the Malicon or Board Walk in Marina Vallarta, I see and hear pretty much about everything under the sun. This past week the Docks have been alive with action with Sailfish and Dorado plentiful in local fishing grounds like the Marietta Islands. But the story this week, once more is Corbeteña. You name it, it is there waiting for you! Hopefully you’ve been stashing that extra change so you can give some of the best fishing in the season a shot. This has been the strange season for sure and there is no reason for things to get sane now. Water currents change so fast Terrafin can’t keep up with the changes in water temperatures. From day to day the fluctuation can be as much as ten degrees. Now in water temperatures, this is huge. It´s like a cake batter that is being mixed. When you put the chocolate in the white batter, the swirls would represent hot and cold water. Same thing. So satellite readings can change in a heartbeat. Would you like to swim in ice water? That’s the strange news, the great news is there are fish in our world famous fishing grounds. When it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta we have become patient and look for opportunities that spring up in other areas. If you’re looking for Billfish, El Banco has been doing well with Sailfish and Dorado. Not too much when you’re looking for Striped or Blue Marlin. With plenty of bait in the water, the absence of larger numbers indicates cool water temperatures are taking their toll. Right now I wouldn´t hit the bank unless you hear of some changes…. Or call me at the shop and I’ll fill you in on the latest and greatest…. Corbeteña, the famous and reliable Rock as we call it is living up to its reputation. For some reason water temperatures have been holding which is bringing fish and keeping fish in the area. This means if you’re targeting Yellowfin Tuna, this is the only place you´ll find any of size. Hopefully you´ve been putting away your nickels and dimes for these conditions. We knew they were coming sooner or later. With Yellowfin in the 40 to 160 lb range, mostly in the larger size categories. Even the Bonito are running in the 40 lb range. Lots and lots of bullets or baby Bonito as well. So as you can expect, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin of all species, Dorado, Sailfish, Cubera Snapper, all sorts of runners, Jack Crevalls, Wahoo, you name it, it will be in the area. Recently Marlin and Sails have been hitting kite baits as well, so even if you’re seeing Yellowfin, anything can happen. Blue Water and smooth seas have been the norm so don´t miss out on this hot spot in some of the worlds best known fishing grounds. Marietta Islands have been automatic for the last week. Sailfish, a few Rooster fish, Jack Crevalls, Dorado, larger Bonito and the list goes on. The nice thing about this area is its proximity. A 8 hr day in a Super Panga will run you $175.00 usd with Master Baiters. For about the same as a round of golf, you can get four people taking the shot of a lifetime at a Sailfish or some other finned fantasy. With plenty of bait in the area and perfect conditions all around the bay, this is a favorite among tourist of all ages. North of Punta Mita has shown some more signs of life and this will continue into the winter months. Sailfish and Dorado are the main players in this area. Eight hours will do the job, but to be on the safe side, I suggest ten hour trips. You´ll have a shot at Striped Marlin. This area can get hot when everywhere else cools off. The bay has been wonderful lately. Near the Los Arcos area the Bonita are thick. If you’re looking for smaller fish, thirty five pounds to us are smaller fish. You’re in luck if you stay closer to shore. If you head out as little as five miles, you may just fish you’ve got a sailfish on the end of your line. With Roballo moving back in to this area, a four hour day again has some nice appeal! Well worth the money just to get out where the whales are! Master Baiter´s®, I should say we are now selling our world famous T-Shirts online at … We only have two designs up for the time being, but if things go well, we’ll increase the products offered. Hopefully I will have tackle in the name of Master Baiter’s online soon. So check us out. As soon as I can get my web master to respond to a phone call or email, I will have my link put up. For now, go to the site and order away. A Perfect gift for the fisherman in your life as a Xmas present, guaranteed to get a chuckle. Delivery has been quick and reliable so what’s stopping you…? Come be my Facebook ¨Friend¨. You can contact me at MasterBaiter Stan (username). I blog also: for the local inside information on what is happening in Marina Vallarta….. Well that’s about it for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish! Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: or

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