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                             Fishing is Great in Between the Long Liners!                   

                Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

All the way from England Paul Davis was looking to catch a Sailfish! He got a Marlin instead! Not to mention three Dorado and a small Shark! What a day!

With warm days and brisk mornings Puerto Vallarta is once again seeing the return of tourism, especially as the snow begins to fall in the northern regions of the USA and Canada. We’re in the perfect season for fishing. Name a Species, we have it. But like we’ve come to expect the Long Liners, Illegal I might add, have lined up at the fishing grounds which is impeding our ability as Sportfishing charter companies to “do our job”.

Yes folks, we have fish everywhere, but things have changed since last week. We’ve seen the Skippies aka Skip Jack Tuna thin out, which in itself is not too bad. We’ve also seen the water temperatures drop to just under 86 degrees, which is pretty close to “perfect”. Blue water is not an issue and the Seas are smooth. Conditions are actually hard to beat. The time to get on the water is now as the clock is ticking and soon the perfect conditions will transition into winter fishing. Which is great fishing, just smaller fish than we’re seeing now.

Corbetena this week has continued to see Marlin and Sailfish all around the area. Dorado are a little smaller this week averaging 20 lbs. Black Marlin are anywhere from 250 lbs to over 500 lbs, it just depends on how lucky you are. Your best chances will be north of the rock from two miles off the rock outwards. Yellowfin Tuna are still in the 40 to 60 lb range but can be larger, again how lucky do you feel. For now Corbetena is the hot spot in our world famous fishing grounds if you’re up for a ten hour day.

Just outside of El Morro we’ve seen some nice sized Sailfish taking dead baits and lures. Dorado are also in the area but are more spread out than last week so it’s not automatic by any stretch. Punta Mita is pretty much the same but there are some Rooster fish in the shore line and around the Anclote reef just inside the bay. You will also come across Skip Jack Tuna aka Skippies. With plenty of flying fish and bait in the water the fishing is great. We have seen a drop in Skippies in all areas, a favorite bait. Still, there is plenty of bait to choose from in the area so no worries, just get out there before things change. Remember any clump of debris or a stump for instance is a Dorado Paradise, don’t pass it up. The Marietta Islands are still in neutral, this should change soon, cross your fingers and stay tuned.

Inside the bay is still a great value as we’re still seeing some strange occurrences’ of larger Sailfish and even some smaller Blue Marlin chasing baits in front of Los Arcos and points south towards Yelapa. Near La Cruz they’re still boating the freak Sailfish. Jack Crevalls are moving in for some reason in this area as well. And of course around the shoreline you’ll still have a slight chance at Rooster fish. I get questions about Rooster fish all the time, there are always Rooster fish in the area, but they’re so small we don’t mention this as we need the babies to grow into adults, if you know what I mean. Heading out for a four hour trip is producing nicely, six hours give you time to find where they went from yesterday. So six hours is “better” and many times will do better than longer duration trips, keep this to yourself and it will be our little secret.

Ok, the important details are as follows, Water temperatures have dropped a bit to 85.5 degrees, nothing to get excited about. The Bite is happening around 10 am so sleep in a bit, it doesn’t do your cause any good getting to the fishing grounds too early. Late bite is after 2 p.m. Baits to use are simple, Live bait is king, dead bait works with Sails and possible Marlin, Lures of Blue and white, Petroleros as normal of green, brown and purple work well. Cedar plugs are ancient but effective for tuna of all sizes. And of course Iguanas of green, yellow and black flecks will be a good place to start as outrigger baits.

Don’t forget to visit our new store down town on the Malicon at the open end of the Malecon near the arches. We’ve closed the Basillio Badillo site for a better location on the Malecon next to Sr. Frogs! Looking forward to a new and exciting season at our new location.

Update Nov 8th: Yes folks the fishing is great, you know this because Illegal Long Liners are everywhere and they’re screwing up the fishing! They’re all over the place and they’re supposed to be illegal! With the amount of lines out there you’d think this was legal! We’ve complained to the Port Authority, The Navy and they start with the questions. Where’s your fishing license? What is your home address? Phone number? Car license plate number… All designed to intimidate and eliminate any questions of authorities supreme power. Yes folks with two tournaments coming up in one week the secret to winning the tournament is to cruise the line, pull the biggest fish you can find and then go “win” a car! But in between the long lines, the fish that aren’t snagged as yet, well they’re the fish we’re talking about. You won’t find this in my weekly magazine articles, but if you’re fishing in PV and reading this, you’ve got the information you need to know before heading out….

Shared Boats: We are still hooking clients interested in fishing for an eight hour trip. two people max, half the boat: $275 usd… That’s one of the best fishing deals in Puerto Vallarta and you won’t find it anywhere else.

My two locations: Many people have been coming into my Marina Shop asking “where I went”? The answer is I moved our operation once again to a new and better location on the Boardwalk, Malecon in spanish. Just next to Sr.Frogs where the Light House is. Or just check out the map below! Come in, We’re open from 10 a.m to 10 p.m. .. Or is you prefer we’re on Morelos side walk side of the street on short block before the old City Hall!

My New Location on the Malicon next door to Sr. Frogs at the south end of the Boardwalk behind the small Light House…
Marina Vallarta Location and Yes, We’re still alive, still in business and anyone that says different is a liar looking to steal my clients! Don’t be fooled and know you know exactly where to find us! On the Boardwalk / Malecon, south end…











Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish! 

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