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After weeks of making what feels like making excuses for the local fishing, fishing explodes! All of a sudden the water outside the bay turns blue! Massive bait moves into the area, hopefully they’re eating Krill and Dorado turn into the dominant species off the point of Punta Nayarit. The increase in water temperatures last week, has snapped back to previous lower temperatures. It’s a water temperature rollercoaster, but for right now it doesn’t seem to be affecting much. Yes the fishing is out of the ordinary, but does that really matter when you can get Dorado at will off Punta Nayarit? For those willing to risk their precious fuel dollar, Striped Marlin and Sailfish are running at Midpoint. And now even more and varied baits are entering the area, giving fish even more reasons to hang around. Hopefully that doesn’t mean ignoring Anglers bait in favor of all that tasty Krill. For now there is no trouble finding plenty of arm burning action for those whose drug, is the tug!

This was a Sunset Cruise, we dropped some lines and this beautiful Dorado was boated after 5 P.M. Remember there are two bites daily and many times the afternoon bite is the best bite of the day! Just ask Mike Jackson!

Corbetena is still much the same, but the water is now blue and the Jack Crevalles are thinning in numbers, but they’re still bait thieves. A few miles off the rock there are several Spinner Dolphin pods with football Yellowfin Tuna at 40 lbs running with them! With the water temperatures dropping again to 74 degrees, the Cubera Snappers could be looking for “some action”. Hard telling exactly what’s happening at Corbetena since the area for the most part is being ignored due to those darn Jack Crevalles taking anything eatable in front of them. Blue water or clean green water, if there’s bait, it doesn’t matter to hungry fish living and swimming in a fish smorgasbord! Also tiny, mostly transparent Sardines have moved into the area once again and the locals are chowing down. The bottom line is, the fishing in the midpoint area is your best bang for your fuel dollar. Dorado are all around 20 lbs or larger. Sailfish are still in this area as are Striped Marlin. But again they’re all spread out roaming the area in a lazy way chasing the closest bait balls!

For the last few weeks the fishing grounds off the point of Punta Nayarit is where the fishing explosion is happening. Last week finding buoys or debris hoping there were Dorado has changed. Those with the gumption to head out to Punta Mita or its new name of Punta Nayarit, will find larger Dorado of 20 lbs or larger have taken over the point. In my experience this sort of action will only last a few days, but then again, they shouldn’t even be in the area in these kinds of numbers. Another surprising development is Rooster Fish 35lbs or larger have moved into the same area off the point of Punta Nayarit. We haven’t seen this level of Rooster fish in more than two years. So for all you Rooster Fish junkies, it’s time to get your fix. Sailfish are also running the area. But here’s the secret, drop baits at the three mile mark off Punta Nayarit on the 300 or 310 setting on your onboard compass. Keep this to yourself amigos! Throw in Jack Crevalles, Bonito and the list continues. For now those heading out of the bay should give this area a hard look.

Dorado Explode at Punta Nayarit!

Inside the bay it’s improving like all of our world famous fishing grounds, but when fishing explodes, it’s exploding evenly for the moment. What does that mean, well some smaller Dorado in the 10 lb range are at Los Arcos. Bonita are super plentiful and we had a client boat 40 large Bonita with burning arms and a smile pasted permanently between his ears. Sierra Mackerels have moved back in and are as Capt. Caesar calls “Dinosaur Mackerels”! Jack Crevalles are huge up to 50 lbs. Bonito are in the 20 lb range and a Sailfish was lost off La Cruz Marina. With water temps down again, Grouper, Snapper and Sea Bass will be in their favorite areas which include in front of the Ameca River. An experienced Captain will have some tricks up his sleeve. If fishing the bay, use light tackle and maximize your fishing pleasure. But be warned, you may have trouble raising your arms the following after. All and all the fishing in the bay is perfect for families and those with a goal to have fun. The Rooster fish off Punta Nayarit are taking live bait and poppers. When Rooster fish move into the area, the Cabo Corrientes area near the light house is largely ignored, but shouldn’t be. You’ll need a ten hour day to hit this area that’s still in the bay, but barely. Worth a look amigos. Four hour trips are producing much better than last week. The water is still a clean green in the bay, but is a light, almost blue color. With blue water outside the bay, this will change quickly.  

Big Bonitas in the bay!

Details, the bite is still at 08:30 so leaving at 07:00 is a good idea. Rooster fish are hitting Poppers and live bait. Water temperatures have dropped again to 74 degrees. The water is turning blue again slowly and of course we still have massive amounts of bait in and around the bay. And there you go amigos, thanks for reading!  

Bay Fishing at it’s best …. 6 hrs later, tired arms and happy people!

Thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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